VIDEO: Round Two, Wanderlei Silva Blasts UFC Over Pay and Treatment

November 7, 2014
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(Video courtesy of Wanderlei Silva)

Wanderlei Silva on Thursday issued his first video since the retirement video he put out in September, but time has not healed any wounds for the former UFC fighter. He once again took aim at his former employer over fighter pay and treatment, calling them playboys that had no right to talk about “the warriors” that put their lives on the line in the cage.

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  • Seth

    “The fighter is blinded with their love for the sport. (…) He doesn’t even think about profiting from it”

    Said by someone who DEMANDED PPV points and place on PPV card headlined by GSP in order to accept a fight that FANS wanted to see for years. Wandarlei at least admitted he wasn’t a fighter, which is only good thing that came out of his mouth in a long time.

    Then he goes to say without fighters there would be no show and no fights…Ok, point taken. But without promotors, there would be no events too, so cut this bs that fighters are more important than promotors, because you guys are equaly needed for the sport. You need big money from people like ZUFFA or Viacom to make it work and you need fighters to fill those cards. Neither fighters, neither promotors are more important.

    He also accuses UFC of being greedy…but can you really do that? UFC is NOT charity organization. As EVERY organization/business created on this planet it serves one purpose – generating profit. That’s normal. Wand is doing same thing whenever she runs seminars or commercial trainings in his gym – he builds Wandarlei brand, making money on it. He doesn’t care if people attending the seminar are able to pay the price for it. No one cares about it, no matter what sport, business – not a damn thing changes. Whoever runs a seminar, wants it be worth his time. It’s smaller version of a business. ZUFFA and UFC are making good job business-wise, generating profit and that’s not them being greedy, that’s them being smart and doing what they should as business-owners. Go back to early days when they were 40m+ in a hole and fast forward to modern days – those guys did amazing job bringing this thing from the underground to the op of the world.

    And he went full retard with saying “To make this sport grow, it will take investment”. That’s total b***chslap to Fertittas. Like they don’t know. They invested WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more in this sport than Wandarlei did and ever will. He shouldn’t even speak about that, because if it wasn’t for Fertitta’s risk and investing THEIR PRIVATE money to buy and grow UFC, he wouldn’t have a job after his pro-wrestling promotion ran by yakuza folded.

    “The best p4p fighter fought these days and is unhappy with his pay” GOD DAMN! DID I MISS Jon Jones’ fight?! Oh…wait…he talks about Aldo…But then again, why he said best p4p? O.o And we know Aldo is always whining about money. But here comes the fun part – he’s not as big of a draw outside of brazil as he should be, based on his previous wild and crazy fights. Why? Because he turns into decision-machine designed to win and grab as much money as possible. It’s not completly bad thing, good for him if he gets more. That’s the point of having a job, right? Making money. I don’t blame him for that, because I would most likely do the same thing. But he is useful only to headline cards in brazil, so he won’t get paid as for example JBJ – because JBJ can headline PPV wherever UFC wants and he is still a draw. And with him being satisfied…well, you will never be satisfied with your pay to be honest. Because there will ALWAYS be someone making more than you and you will ALWAYS want to make more yourself. That’s natural human behavior.

    Market isn’t free? Bellator proved it is, with Melendez’s case. They showed they are able to pay more than UFC, but…yes, you know what I want to say – But they won’t pay more than UFC. Especially for prelims fighter. You aren’t entitled to 6figures pay only because you are a fighter. You HAVE to draw and you HAVE to bring money to the company, in order to get paid better. That’s why McGregor is paid more than others. That’s why JBJ is paid waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than others. It’s really simple. You make money for company = company will pay you more. Simple, isn’t it? And it’s not UFCs fault that there is no competition – Wandarlei wants to “free” fighters, so they can fight wherever they want…and what then? They will go where? To Bellator? To WSOF? To RFA? To Legacy? Im sure those guys will pay them more. Outside of Bellator no one else IS CAPABLE to pay more, only because they have limited budget due to size of the promotion and way smaller profits than Bellator and UFC are making. Bellator can’t pay more, because Viacom doesn’t want them to “waste their money”, so they would pay more only to guys with a pretty big name. But it’s not UFC fault that Bellator doesn’t want to pay more to fighters either.

    He isn’t afraid to speak up now and he never was? Well…that explain why he was talking about that stuff for years, eespecially when he was under that “oppresive” contract with the UFC…wait, what? What are you saying? He kept his mouth shut and kept collecting paychecks? Owww! Now it makes sense! As long as he was making money, it was all good. Now, he’s suspended for life for being an idiot and he thinks he’s tough, by calling out other suspended fighter? Legit dude…

    “I promise”, “Count on me”, “Mission was given to me”…he sounds like politician, nothing more. Im curious how exactly he wants to “fight for the warriors”? He can do s**t now and he just wants to buy love of the fans again, after he lost it when he ran away from drug testing and made a fool out of himself during TUF.

    One thing he had right though (Incredible, he actually was right about something) is that fighters have to stand up for themselves. Because of lack of voice during negotiations, UFC can dictate the contracts and say “take this or leave”, so fighters can either give up on their dreams or take smaller contracts. WORST – ABSOLUTELY WORST THING – that you can do to UFC or any other fight promotion – is fighter’s union. GSP was talking about it some time ago and he would make pretty good first leader for that. People love him and fans would get behind him, to support it. Then UFC would HAVE to react to it and fighters would get better negotiation position. But as long as fighters themselves won’t do something to have an impact on the negotiations (besides UFC champions and guys like McGregor, that UFC needs), nothing will change. As I said – UFC is business. It has to be profitable, don’t expect UFC to throw away money if they don’t have to. Its same thing as ANYONE running ANY business, no matter if its gym, shop, bank, private school – whatever. People are creating their business to make a profit and make a living. They wouldn’t throw away money for no reason, so don’t expect UFC to do that.

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    • Matte

      You do make some valid points but you’re pretty much describing how it is and saying that is fine.

      I do think the UFC could take better care of their fighters. Fighters live a very uncertain life, career could end very fast. And in comparison earn quite little.

      And you are allowed to question and ethics of the UFC. People should not just accept how it is.

      • Seth

        I didn’t say its fine. I said its normal and common for any business to do that – to look for max profit. Like I said at the end, worst thing you can do to UFC now is to create Fighters Union. That would give them chance to really negotiate with UFC and they need SOMETHING to use as levarege. Its not fine and I don’t like the fact that fighters risk so much for us and UFC and they are still underpaid. But you can’t blame UFC for not wanting to give up their profit – because that’s how business operates. Fighter have to standup and do something, but if they expect Wand to do something – nothing will change, because that idiot will do nothing besides talking.

        • Matte Matte

          It’s “leverage” not “levarage” and you misspelled it twice, each in different post, which would suggest to me that the word is not in your vocabulary, which in turn suggests that you are not well-educated.

          To Matte –

          Put yourself in the shoes of a 10% minority shareholder of Zuffa who acquired his interests three years ago (yes, this did happen). You paid a hefty premium to Lorenzo & Co. based on your expectation regarding the return on investment.

          And now…all of a sudden…Dana White decides to give every fighter a 2% cut of the PPV just because he decided that it is all about the fighters (after being inspired by the above clip from Wandy).

          What will you do as the minority shareholder? Sue Zuffa? Try to fire Dana? Sell your shares at a discount? Or….join Wandy’s new cause and pay fighters 90% of the revenue?

          Not a trick question.

          • Seth

            I misspelled it because its not my native language and I may make mistakes. Even british guys and americans (who basically stole the language, because they were too lazy to get their own) do language mistakes, so you are pathetic poiting that out.

    • Wandywandy

      Even with the top MMA fighters like JBJ, the UFC profit cut is unheard of in other sports.

      • Seth

        But you see JBJ, Cain, Pettis or even Melendez negotiating with UFC. They ACTUALLY CAN NEGOTIATE, instead of taking what is given. That’s also why Nate Diaz was ignored by the UFC. Its really simple

        UFC needs you and see money in you = they will do more to keep you, they will pay more and give you better deal.

        UFC doesn’t need you really, but could use you = they will take you crappy deal and you will take it, or leave.

        But its not UFCs fault, that fighters have no laverage to negotiate. People should realize that.

        • Wandywandy

          You sound stupid.

          Yeah, if the UFC sees money in you they won’t exploit you. And if the UFC really sees money in you they will give you a 2% cut of the PPV. And if the UFC really really sees money then 2.5% of the PPV. But there is always a limit as to the cut of the profits, and the UFC will not agree to lower its expected cut just because they see “money” in you.

          The problem I see is mostly with the fighters themselves. Some form of fighter union should be put in place where all of the top MMA guys serve as members.

          But JBJ and Cains of the MMA world are content with their pay (they would of course like to get paid like top boxers but they are nonetheless happy with $1~2 million per fight).

          So instead of complaining to the UFC (which is not going to give a crap about you) you should go after JBJs and Cains of the MMA world. P.S. Retired MMA fighters like Randy Couture don’t count. Even Randy went back to the UFC once more money was put on the table.

  • ScoobyKater

    Wandy’s a retarded ape.

  • SillyWandy

    No credibility here.

    Not really sure what “under paid” means. There is no intrinsic value in fighting. It’s all determined by the market. The market rate for fighting is what you get.

    Had Wandy made these statements back in 2008 when a number of other fighters were organizing WAMMA, I would have taken him more seriously.

    Now he just comes off as a disgruntled ex-employee.

  • Tom McElroy

    The fighters should unionize just like all the other major sports! Then and ONLY then will the balance of power get closer to the middle……BUT I warn you Wanderlei, teh big dogs with the WOW factor (ex. Brock Lesnar) are really not interested in leveling the playing field. They are just as greedy as the owners!
    It is the classic battle of the company would be nothing without the workers VS. You workers would be nothing without this company.
    Both are true which is why power needs to be equalized.

  • mta

    Wand made 2.1 Mil in 5 years with UFC and fought 9 times with 5 losses. This does not include undisclosed pay. Sounds like decent pay to me, Am I missing something.