VIDEO: Ronda Rousey Not Sure She Wants the Conor McGregor Live Walkout Treatment

At the record-setting UFC 189, the Ultimate Fighting Championship pulled out all the stops. They even went so far to get Sinead O’Conner and Aaron Lewis to perform Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes’ walkout songs live in the arena.

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So what about Ronda Rousey? The UFC women’s bantamweight champion is arguably the sport’s biggest star, reaching a level of crossover appeal that no fighter before her has. Why doesn’t she get Joan Jett live in the arena to perform her hit “Bad Reputation,” which is Rousey’s entrance music?

It could be a moot point. Even if she could have Jett belting out “Bad Reputation” and laying down her iconic riffs in person, Rousey’s not so sure she would want to go down that road…

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