VIDEO: Robbie Lawler is Finally the Champ, but Already Gearing Up for Trilogy

January 6, 2015
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Robbie Lawler was behind the scenes at UFC 182 to meet with the media, where he talked about what it’s been like since he became champion, and what his plans are now that he his a trilogy on tap with Johny Hendricks.

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  • Joe

    This fight makes zero sense right now. Robbie got the rematch to quickly IMO. Hendricks last three fights were title fights and he lost two of them, but that gives him a fourth title match in a row. Meanwhile the welterweight division is on hold waiting for Hendricks to get the title or GSP to return.

    My thoughts in immediate rematches has changed in light of all the rematches going on lately.

    Make a hard rule if you have had 10+ title defenses you get an immediate rematch, if not you have to win a minimum of three matches to earn your next shot, same thing for challengers at least 3 fights first.

  • cheflacsto

    I agree that this fight makes zero sense but I disagree with making some hard rule. Robbie did go out and beat another top guy in the division, won another fight and lost to Hendricks by split decision. Johnny should have to go back and get a few wins, but they haven’t made the match official yet. I think they are hoping for something else, like possibly GSP returning to face Lawler. At least I hope they come up with something, but it clearly won’t be Rory for some reason. Have they made the trilogy official?