Video: Referee Mike Beltran Explains DQ’ing Fighter for Not Fighting

June 21, 2014
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(Video courtesy of AXS TV)

This doesn’t happen every day, and we’re not even sure the last time it did happen, but referee Mike Beltran at RFA 15 disqualified Daniel Aguiar due to timidity.

Aguiar throughout the fight flopped to the mat, trying to force Sam Toomer to follow him down and fight on the floor. Toomer would have none of it, but Aguiar would have none of standing up and fighting.

So Beltran followed procedure and disqualified the ground specialist.

Beltran recently joined Inside MMA to break down his process in getting to the point of having to disqualify Aguiar.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    I like Beltran as a ref and I wish he had more title assignments.

    • Gary Fredericks


  • TrentSki

    He really needs to lose the beard, makes him look like white trash, it definitely burns the eyes

    • Gary Fredericks

      Did you mean that it makes him look like “Brown trash”??? I believe Beltran is of Mexican decent.

      • TrentSki

        Yeah he probably has 1/8th Mexican in him
        But obviously has embraced the lifestyle of a redneck

        • Gary Fredericks

          What redneck lifestyle? He is Mexican-American from South California! LOL This dude is repping the Latino culture, not the rednecks! LOL

          Not sure I’ve seen this beard style outside of the dwarf on Lord of the RIngs. Hung out with a lot of Mexicans as well as what you call “Red Necks” and never seen that on a one of them..

          • TrentSki

            Did you watch the video? Do you even know what he looks like?

          • Gary Fredericks

            Ive watched the video and several fights he has reffed. Have you ever heard him talk? You can hear the So-Cal/Mexican accent. I still don’t understand where you came up with the “redneck” correlation though. Redneck’s that I know have long full beards ala Duck Dynasty or 1%’er bikers. The one Beltran is sporting is plain weird.

          • Gary Fredericks

            Did he play the dwarf in Lord of the Rings by chance?

          • TrentSki

            Well I am from Australia, so the accent always sounds the same
            If you saw him on the street and didn’t know his surname, you would think, redneck

  • Chaosed

    Good decision! Plenty of warnings given to a professional fighter should ultimately lead to disqualification.

    I think the beard is awesome!

  • ajd

    if he wanted to go to they ground he should’ve went for a take down or pulled guard.

    • Shamlam

      Should’ve went or should’ve gone? Typical illiterate MMA fan.