Video: Randy Couture Chokes Out Criss Angel

November 24, 2013
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Randy Couture chokes out Chris AngelWorld-famous magician Criss Angel has defied odds and wowed crowds time and time again. His ability to escape the inescapable is just one of the things he’s used to make a name for himself.

But then he ran into Randy Couture.

Couture helped Angel train for a stunt involving hanging upside-down with a weight around his neck by putting the magician in a rear-naked choke.

(Image via Spike TV)

  • Usmc8408

    Jim Carrey plays a better Criss Angel than Criss Angel, haha

  • treesabiatch

    didn’t even choke him “out”

  • Dreward Jackson

    Need escapologist trick… hehe…

  • Eric Tackaberry

    Does that count as violence against a woman or gay bashing?

    • BillyMadison

      Chris Angel is a millionaire, google what his Girlfriend looks like…stop being jealous

    • themindseye

      Only if joking you out would count as violence towards the mentally handicapped.

  • jake snod

    Is criss angel a girl? can’t be a guy too feminine.

  • Brandon Kohn

    should have held it for 38 more seconds.