VIDEO: Quite Possibly the Worst Off-The-Cage Punch in MMA History

December 1, 2014
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Showtime kick fail

Image via some guy’s YouTube page. Props to you, guy.

I was cageside when Anthony Pettis landed the famous “Showtime kick” on Benson Henderosn at WEC 53 in December 2010. It was the greatest thing I’d seen up to that point, and I recall everyone in press row uttering a collective “holy sh*t” when he landed the kick. We were all just as floored as Bendo was in that moment.

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The video below, coincidentally, had the same effect in terms of leaving the crowd in shock and disbelief. Although it was a bold attempt, the result wasn’t quite the same as Pettis’ efforts. In fact, it is quite possibly the worst attempt at the MMA we’ve ever seen. Yes, we referred to is as “the MMA” because it makes no sense, just like the technique in the video below. Totally going to start using that phrase from now on.

Anyway, to the YouTubeage!

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  • Lance

    The flopping tuxedo.

  • Bababa

    Well one this is that he had gravity against him… Second of all he came from the wrong angle, you need to come abit more straight forward to the fence to do that.

  • asd

    Fat people should go be fat somewhere else, not in a cage.