VIDEO: Paige VanZant Got Her Groove Back on FOX Sports

May 3, 2015
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How Paige got her groove back 750

(Video courtesy of FOX Sports | May not be viewable in all locations due to broadcasting rights restrictions)

The UFC’s fastest rising new star, Paige VanZant, used to be a dancer. We’ve got the footage of her proving it to FOX Sports.

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  • John Youwer

    I can think of better dance moves for her to do. Yummy.

  • walterbrob

    Let the hype commence. Looks like the UFC is going to promote the hell out of the “cute” female fighters

    • Johnny

      Rhonda was the model; now, she’s EVERYWHERE…

  • Roid Rogers

    No doubt, she’s a big ticket item for the UFC so hype is ok . But if they match her up with “The Tiny Tornado Tecia Torres again, she’ll lose again. She’s undefeated in the UFC, but Tecia beat her over a year ago

    • Sarge

      her stand up has improved since that fight two years ago. it’ll be different if they fought again, i doubt it’ll be another one sided drubbing.

      • Roid Rogers

        Agree, but I still think Tecia beats her

        • Sarge

          it could go either way. whatsername trains at team alpha male. she has the tools to go a very long way.

          • Roid Rogers

            yep, and I like her aside from the hype. She’s a damn good fighter and I like her ALMOST as much as Torres