Video of Thiago Silva Being Taken Into Custody Following Standoff with Miami Police

February 8, 2014
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(Courtesy of NBC Miami)

Watch the video of UFC fighter Thiago Silva being taken into custody following an armed standoff with Miami police on Thursday evening.

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  • NYClater

    What is in the water in Miami?

    • RoMuL007


      • Dovette


  • Joey Bee

    Wife wants all his earnings…that’s never happened before

    • fuckingjungleniggers

      i’d kill the bitch too

  • Juan Rampage

    Damm this is my favorite Fighter! Smh

  • Louise Gadoury

    Great fighter. And his MMA isn’t too bad either.

  • Mixed Martial Jitsu

    …”where his wife, also an MMJ fighter trains.”

  • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

    Wheres the video?

    • Conner

      Takes little bit to load and show up.

      • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

        How long do you have to wait? It’s been 10 minutes already…

      • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

        I’m still waiting…..

  • Jay Tripple


  • otto

    He got a gun and yet he still loses………..

    • kenski

      well at first he won, but the decision was overturned by the athletic commission after a failed drug test.

      it turns out the dog he gets his urine from came back positive for marijuana.

  • lizzypooh24

    OMFG!!! I LOVE HIM!!! He’s one of my FAV fighters too!!! WTF was he thinking??? He is supposed to be fighting next month here in Texas…we were supposed to go!!!! FUUUUUCK THIAGO!!!! SMDH…:/

    • Brian Hawkins

      Wow! What’s he ever done?

      • lizzypooh24

        y’all sound like a bunch of freakin HATERS!!! Quit HATING on my Thiago!!! I love him cuz he’s soooo HOTT!!!! Geeeez! LOL! He’s a GREAT fighter! Idk what y’all rambling about…move on with all that “what has he done bullcrap”..BYE FELICIA!!!!

    • jsutti

      how is Thiago a lovable fighter? he hasn’t done anything in the UFC

      • lizzypooh24

        How do you figure??? Woooow!

      • The Best Eva

        Who’s up voting this shite. Thiago is a good fighter that puts on great fights.

        You need to understand people have personal shit that burdens them for a long time.

  • The Dude

    Bad title. This isn’t in Miami. This is in Broward County where even crazier people live.

  • ASMR Bully

    I hope this thug is off the streets for good. He’s always been a poor sport with a cockyness that makes want to punch his teeth thru the back of his Neanderthal skull

    • tko

      He was a special forces police officer in Brazil, not a thug. What do you do. PC warrior


        ……who just threatened the lives of several people in an MMA gym. Please. Enlighten us how being a “special forces police officer” shines Silva in a better light. PC philosopher.

        • Guest

          he wasn’t special forces at all. you’re thinking Paulo Thiago.

      • ASMR Bully

        Brazil has one of the moment infamously corrupt governments in the world and you think he’s some kind of hero? I’m not surprised you’re another ignorant meat head. And I’m studying to be a research scientist in astro physics..

        • romeedee

          Studying in Astro Physics? It’s spelled: astrophysics, Einstein. One word. If you were truly studying such a complex subject, I think that you would know that. Me thinks that you are full of it.

          • Stephen Quadros

            Haha caught in a lie

          • Mike mckinney

            I think the auto correct might have got him… He meant he was a research subject. Not scientist.

          • ASMR Bully

            Oh, guys. Please stop. You’re hurting my feelings. Seriously

          • ASMR Bully

            I study under Deb Newberry former senior nuclear physicist at NASA and Steve Campbell director of nanoelectronics at the u of m, MIT and one of silicon valleys elite researchers. Now I assume you’ll say how different astro and nano and nuclear are. Do I have to explain that too?

          • romeedee

            I’m really sure of that, Oppenheimer. Did you take a break from writing your paper on quantum-encryption, just to troll the forums? Who did you study English 1101 from? You need to learn how to use a comma. And you’ve explained nothing, except for the fact that you are troll that knows how to use Google.

          • ASMR Bully

            I’m not able to take anymore credits until I complete my internship so no, I was not taking a break from quantum physics papers. And f*** your commas you just last ditch grammar Nazi’d.

          • romeedee

            Yawn. You’re a very boring liar.

          • shakejunt

            you may be intelligent and all, but you obviously have no social skills.

          • ASMR Bully


            I actually like being real on a troll account. You’re lucky I’m not in the bullying mood, BRO.

          • Milosc

            Try jelqing for that, bro

          • ASMR Bully

            What if I don’t want to?

          • Milosc

            Then just be an insecure person

            I actually just scored 180 on an IQ test, yesterday. Now, does that mean I know what I’m talking about, all by itself, or is that just another man who would be king?

          • ASMR Bully

            Idk what that confusing run on was about but good for you on the IQ test! That’s pretty high

          • Milosc

            Rudyard Kipling

            Take the advice. Both

          • marola


        • tko

          You come here to comment on someone you don’t know, in a situation you didn’t witness, and then lie about who you are. What are you even doing on this page.

          • ASMR Bully

            Pipe down you low life sports freak

        • Jay Conley

          Never start a sentence with the word and, smart guy.

      • Kevin B

        He wasn’t special forces at all. maybe you’re thinking Paulo Thiago.

      • brad king

        paulo thiago you uninformed nerd

  • James Tetrick

    Brazillian Born Mixed Martial Arts Champ? What a bunch of lies to make MMA look bad. This dude is NOT the champ nor has he been.

    • goleta83

      Ever think he might have been champ of a different org? I have no clue but he could’ve been.

  • Thiago’sAMoron

    He’s always been trash anyway. I bet his wife was sleeping around with ALL of the guys from the other Academy and that’s why he went and threaten them with a gun since he’s not that good of a fighter. They probably left her pee hole too big and now she doesn’t feel anything when Thiago goes in…LOL…Bastard! I hope they deport his ass back to Brazil. He’s only giving the country a bad reputation. Go back to the gutter where you came from, moron!

    • uranidiot

      We all know who doesn’t get any. Pee whole? Are you a first grader?

    • MartialArtist909

      Not that Good of a Fighter? Yeah buddy good one ,to be in the UFC fighting the best mma fighters in the world is not good enough. Hes a good fighter its just abusing roids overtime causes phsycosis and maniac depression. Look what happend to WWE wrestler Chris Benoit he killed his whole family including himself. The UFC got to stop playing around with this crap , start baning fighters who use. I seriously think they give rats behind as long as the fighters fight hard they still have a job . Smh

  • taylor2008

    Thiago wasnt a MMA champ. And what is an MMJ fighter?

  • Guy Mansterson

    Justin Silva? MMJ fighter? /le sigh

    • JDMMA

      I heard MMJ,, I was what the F is that?

  • Yuli Sergeivich

    that’s too bad i love this guy

    • The Best Eva

      Not at all actually, he’s very entertaining when his heads in the right place.

      • scratchface

        he’s had 21 fights and won 16 of them…a little different than 21-16 …maybe you could say 16/21

        • The Best Eva

          Thanks. No Oswald.

  • Joey

    I believe they are missing the part about when Thiago Silva drove up to the gym and he saw some of the BJJ students working on their cardio. He immediately became enraged and said “Thiago Silva don’t mess with no cardio”.

  • Denilson Germano

    I am Brazilian and I can say that thiago is nothing but a national shame. is true that our leaders are the most corrutos the world. and so the Brazil is full of bums like that thiago silva. but he does not represent the entire Brazilian population. and he was no no cop. the cop B.O.P.E. Paulo Thiago is called. ME SORRY FOR NOT SPEAK WELL ENGLISH LANGUAGE. I’M USING TRANSLATOR.

    • Texas Beast

      Calm down. We don’t know the whole story. A national shame is Maiquel Falcão.

    • Jay Conley

      People are responsible for their own actions, most people realize one person does not represent many.

  • Major Wood

    Roid rage you friggin’ morons

  • Jay Magallon

    Lord, he looks like a bad ass

  • Jaymo_ie

    Sad stuff…guy need some serious help.

  • brad king

    sounds like something horace would do

  • james j

    I always liked watching this guy fight. Like Leben. Came to swing. Uncle Dana might forgive him.