Video of Chael Sonnen’s Nevada Athletic Commission Hearing

July 24, 2014
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Watch as former UFC standout Chael Sonnen appears in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Wednesday, July 23, to talk about his two failed drug tests. Sonnen was handed a two-year suspension.

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  • WrestlersRuleMMA

    When did the Nevada Athletic Commission become judges in a courtroom? Screw Athletic Commissions. Fighters are adults. They decide what they put into their bodies. Let the fighters take what they want and on with the fights!

  • Yup

    He was retired at the time of the second failed test. Who cares what he took. Most of the guys I know at the gym take all kinds of stuff and they arent bad people.

  • Emiliano

    Illegal is illegal! So if you are against immigration then you shouldn’t be arguing for this POS if you are an honest person. Stop the white privilege and hypocrysy in America.