Video of Vitor Belfort’s Nevada Athletic Commission Hearing

July 24, 2014
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Watch Vitor Belfort‘s appearance in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission at a hearing on July 23 to apply for a fighting license in Las Vegas. The committee voted unanimously in Belfort’s favor.

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  • Mihael Hajdin

    What a joke lol (he even cried, so cheasy..) he popped for roids twice and everyone knows why was he on steroids or trt (however u wanna sugar cote it), Vitor without the juice will be a less than a challenge for Weidman..

  • Everybody ducking cheator

    Oh he took the shot the day b4 the test in that’s why he failed he maybe a cheat but he is honest

  • WrestlersRuleMMA

    When did the Nevada Athletic Commission become judges in a court room? These athletes are adults. They decide what they put into their body. Let the fighters take what they want and on with the fights!