VIDEO: Nick Diaz Lays Down in the Middle of Fighting Anderson Silva

February 1, 2015
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  • CBPrinter

    What a joke. This loser has no right to have been in the Octagon with Silva.

    • 123

      this was joke no dissrespect to silva wtf? chill out lol

    • 123

      this was only show to the crowd

    • WHAT !?


      • CBPrinter

        Why Diaz fanboy? Which quality fighters has he beaten in the last three years besides a sloppy old Penn? Him and his brother are jokes, only get fights because they run their mouths.

        • BlowMeCBPrinter

          who has silva beat? Weidman. oops we know that result. Sonnen, oh yeah quality competition there. So who has Anderson beat the past 3 years? The answer is no one. The guy is a roid head cheater, and still can barely beat a guy who hasn’t fought in 2 years and quite a bit smaller.


      He embarrassed Silva and arguably won so he definitely has a right to be in the octagon with him.

    • Austin, TX

      You’re dumb. It was hilarious watching Diaz do to Silva what Silva used to do to other
      people. Silva is an overrated douche. Diaz was a winner somehow…

    • uncle

      If Silva finished him then I can see your point.. Nick went toe to toe
      with a the GOAT all 5 rounds give him some props he last longer
      than Vitor, Griffin , Okami etc Are all those guys losers as well ?

  • scottie Thizzin

    Judges be like “thats a take down, right?” -& give points to silva

  • WHAT !?

    What homie

  • Piotr

    Hey Nick, you don’t want to be a fighter anymore, we get it. Take your clown antics somewhere else. Maybe try to get a gig on dancing with the stars. No one wants to watch you “fight” anymore.

    • AtoZ

      Yet hundreds of thousands did just that. Hmmm, seems like you might be off in your analysis.


    Nick SCHOOLED Silva. He would have finished Silva with no time limit in a real street fight! WAR DIAZ!

  • What a loser

    Too bad the little “homie” can’t win a fight in over 4 years