Video: Jon Jones Suffers Huge Gash Over Eye, Requiring Stitches as UFC 178 Nears

July 31, 2014
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones suffered a cut over his left eye that required several stitches.

The champ posted a video to his Instagram account on Thursday revealing the cut, and showing it being stitched up, although he refrained from explaining how or when the cut occurred.

Jones gave no indication that the cut would affect his availability for his upcoming title defense against Daniel Cormier, which is slated for Sept. 27 at UFC 178 in Las Vegas.

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  • macarrech


    • kenny

      get well soon wonna si this fight

  • peeter mans

    Apparently he was shadowboxing in front of a mirror and “accidentally” gave himself an eye poke…You go Jon!!!

    • Truthcore

      lol, nice

    • macarrech


  • Big A

    It’ll be his excuse when he loses

    • McArthur Brookings

      Lose, are we talking about the same Jon Jones that is about to defend HIS title again(6).

  • Mark Ktizm

    he was tweeting to Dc again come to Daddy. Hahah

  • asd

    He hit the pole again, this time on foot.

  • UFCPolitics

    And now the new main event – “Cowboy Cerroni vs Eddie Alvarez”! Wow, I saw that coming a mile away!

  • shakejunt

    dc, jon’s gonna be disappointed if you don’t target this eye.

    why is everyone here so agitated??

  • terry hendley

    nice way to keep the belt a little longer

  • Mark

    he was posting to instagram and dropped the phone on his eye! his poor little baby face! He’s getting what he wanted which is to not get beat by Cormier!

    • McArthur Brookings

      am I missing something here, because I think the fight is still on, in that case Cormy’s face is in trouble.

  • Kyle Rayner

    DC punched him through Twitter. Hahahaha

    • Azumpire


  • Mark Mills

    get well soon champ

    • Corey Hutton

      Get well soon? It is a tiny cut, not cancer.

      • uncle

        That was funny,people act he is on his
        death bed.

  • Corey Hutton

    What a pussy. Throw some vasoline on it and keep going. I have had bigger cuts in the same spot, never got stitches, just vasolined it up and went on with my evening. Got some nice looks at breakfast the next morning. 🙂

    • munkymyk

      Oooo, aren’t YOU a badazz!

    • Chicago

      As a medical professional at a trauma hospital (paramedic/tech) he kind of needs the stitches to keep the scar tissue down for his fighting career. So…. less of a pussy more of a smart and needed procedure.

  • lonniex

    why would it affect an event that is two months away?.. take an aspirin, put on a bandaid and get back to training..

    • nick will retire for the 100th

      because hes jon jones

      • McArthur Brookings

        The Jon Jones

  • Steve Wilson

    He is never going to act like an adult,just forget trying to get a full and honest account of anything,including the time,from this guy.
    Heal up,Jon. Theres a line forming.

    • Dragon Kid

      You’re jealous because he’s usually honest about things and he’s at the top of his game.

      • gagagagaga

        Not sure that anyone is jealous of MMA fighters. Maybe you nuthug them. But that doesn’t mean that anyone that disagrees with you is “jealous” of the fighter.

        • Dragon Kid

          Fans like you look down on champion fighters or any fighter who are at the top of their game because of dramas that go on in their lives

          • Chuck

            And how does that support your “jealous” comment? It’s a typical fanboy nuthugger retaliation and as we see from your response, when that assertion is challenged you get smoke blown up your ass. Keep it up buddy, it feels good. More smoke. Up our asses. Thanks for the anal stimulation.

          • Dragon Kid

            And yet u revert to homo comebacks. you can keep that to yourself. Doesn’t surprise me that fans hate on the champs these days because they’ve got everything they want and fans like you hate on them because you wish you had what they have and what they’ve accomplished.

          • McArthur Brookings


  • KingSlayer

    The video is mirrored; look at the certificates on the wall. It’s his right eye that’s cut, not his left eye.

  • Mark N Melissa Juarez

    Ha hes gonna us it as excuse not 2 fight dc….fuck it dc vs rumble and cowboy vs eddie alvarez 2 save the card.

  • BobGyro

    he cancels another event they should strip him of his belt

  • Chucky

    He’s scared. He had someone cut him so he can duck DC. He’d have done the same thing for Gus I’m sure.

  • Andy Wesley

    There is more coming.

  • apathy jones

    Prima donna fighter if ever there was one……..

  • McArthur Brookings

    Get well Champ and keep those elbows in Cormy’s face. Besides Gus is scared to death at the prospect of coming back for more of those head kicks. The Champ is here!

  • Dimocratic Voter

    Chicken Bones, go ahead and put your sticher on retainer cause DC will be sending ya there for more!

  • L

    So we are about 8 weeks out. Surely this has no impact!