Video: Johny Hendricks Puts Dana White on the Spot Over Superfight with Chris Weidman

June 23, 2014
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(Video courtesy of AXS TV)

UFC president Dana White was the subject of an in-depth interview with Bas Rutten on Inside MMA on Friday night. White and Rutten addressed numerous topics facing the UFC head honcho, including Jon Jones saying he was pressed into accepting the rematch with Alexander Gustafsson, the issues the UFC is having with fighters and performance enhancing drugs, and the recent shake-up at Bellator.

UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks was also in the AXS TV studios on Friday night, where he was allowed to question his boss about a future fight with Chris Weidman, a sueprfight if you will.

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  • Guest

    How about you defend your title in your weight class first?

    • Gilbert West

      Great idea! The welter-weight division is full of tough dudes, i.e., Lawler, Brown, MacDonald, Condit, to name a few… Hendricks has got his work cut out for him. If he can hang beyond the next couple of title defenses, he could make the money he is now reaching for.

      • kingjappyjoe

        But those fights are hardly worth paying 60$ for the pay per views…Weidman/johnny would get close to a million….

        • Switzerland

          I agree. When you got champs vs champs it will always sell more.

  • BobGyro

    lol …………. i give Hendricks 2 fights and his championship reign is over, let alone a superfight..

    • Joe Matzaratz

      I agree. This guy isn’t half as good as he thinks he is. He’s still whining about the St. Pierre fight which ho clearly lost. He beat Lawler, but not impressively. Lawler gets better conditioning it will be a great rematch.

  • mesir

    Superfigth, no sueprfight if you will.

    Bad typo jeje

    • mesir

      Haha superfight

  • robc

    Weidman would obliterate Hendricks… Nice of him to dream big though

  • Denny Swain

    Weidman trained with gsp and gsp was convinced that weidman would destroy silva.reading between the lines, i believe weidman was destroying gsp in sparring. Hendricks lost to gsp. Hendricks would be thoroughly dominated by weidman and would probably be gun shy after weidman beats him.

    • Jametown

      Come on man, you honestly believe GSP beat Hendricks? It was close, and close probably goes to the champ, but Hendricks put in some work in that fight.

      • Joe Matzaratz

        I do believe GSP beat Hendricks. Judges scored exactly as I did watching the fight live. That being said, it was close. But you lose a close fight in the hands of the judges should you really whine like a b*tch? Take your loss, learn from it, move on. Stop telling everyone you won the fight.

        • TrentSki

          Did you even see the fight?

          • Joe Matzaratz

            I put in my original message “judges scored exactly as I did watching the fight live.” Yes, I saw the fight. The only round that could have gone either way was the first. I went back and rewatched that round and still gave GSP a slight edge. But if the judges had given the first to Hendricks I wouldn’t have argued that either. Very close first round, the rest were clear.

  • TheCerealKiller

    A “super fight” is between long time champs, not some guy with a title because GSP semi-retired. Right now, there are no super fights in the UFC.

    • BigMike

      actually Aldo and Petis would be a good fight, mainly because this fight was supposed to already have happened

      • Jametown

        Aldo Pettis would be fantastic, but I agree a super fight is something between guys who have cleaned out their division.

      • TheCerealKiller

        You said it, a great fight. But not a Super Fight! Ew, I hate that fcuking term.

    • Gilbert West

      I’d like to see Jon Jones go heavy-weight, provided he can get past Cormier. Jon Jones v. Big-Foot Silva in preparation for a show down with Cain Velazquez.

      • TrentSki

        Jon Jones is the new Tito of the LHW division, likes to bully people smaller than him and has issues with people the same size, eg the fight he should have lost against Gus, but ended up winning due to incompetent judges

  • Octagon Control

    Super Fight?? Hendricks is going to lose the second he fights MacDonald.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I kind of agree with you. McDoald is GSP’s padawon and a little touch of crazy.

      • TrentSki

        Pretty sure hes gay, and not crazy, maybe a crazy wannabe, like Sanchez

    • brad king

      so true! Rory is a different type of animal

  • bezane

    I still think Robbie Lawler was walking through him.

  • Chuck Hawes

    That fight against Weidman is not a fight worth paying to see at all. Weidman will destroy him. Didn’t he get it when he lost to Lollar ? Yes he lost that fight. I was there!

    • UndeadZero

      if you were there then you should at least know how to spell LAWLER correctly.

    • Chuck Hawes

      Oops you’re right I did spell it wrong. But you’re wrong about the decision !

  • FedorTheGreat!

    Dana White says he has 500 fighters under contract. That’s at least 300 too many. UFC is watered down. They have too many events, with too many fighter and there are too many mediocre events.

    I liked the UFC better when they had 10 or so great cards a year. Now they have 20 or so boring cards a year. Cut a bunch of guys and let them go to Bellator & WSOF.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Disagree. They put on a lot of free cards with guys up and coming. Bellator sucks. WSoF is actually good and more global. You need to look at only PPV events, all the rest are the farm cards…. which is good!

    • Gilbert West

      Dana White and the UFC put on a very mediocre fight card this last time out, UFC 174. That having been said, I think the main reason is the fact that so many fighters are under suspension for drug abuse, i.e., Vitor Belfort, W. Silva, and Chael Sonnen, all three of whom are competitive and entertaining fighters. This crippled the UFC production with just days to go for the event. So they had to scrape together what they could.

    • AlphaOmega

      UFC is watered down because they have to many cards , yet Bellator ‘had’ a card every Friday and aren’t watered down?

      • TrentSki

        Wow, I never realized Bellator was on the same level as the UFC
        You really know your s–t

    • Maven

      Have to agree with you that the schedule is too heavy and watered down. It feels like there’s a card every weekend. Maybe they should have 25 or 30 guys max per weight class and have a stacked card at least 3 times per year. The GSP Hendricks card was in my opinion the last “stacked” card that the UFC delivered (with several other high caliber fights with possible title implications). Though it’s good for fighters to stay active, I think it may hurt the sport in terms of marketing and sales in the long run.

  • skulldruggery

    how is this a super fight when hendricks never beat the champ for the title and hasnt held the belt for what a couple months ? lol sheesh already……..hendricks we understand you want money but get a clue!


    Johny Hendricks barely beat Lawler,,, meh …. he want super fight with Weidman???

    • kimo-sauve

      Barely s–t ? A win is a win ?? 3 rounds too 2 makes johny the winner .

  • Chuck Hawes

    Hendricks is getting a little arrogant here?? I don’t understand how as he got his ass kicked by Lawler. I was at that fight in Dallas with my niece. I saw a incorrect decision not as bad as the Sanchez – Ross fight but clearly Lawler beat Johnny that night. Hendricks
    was rocked several times and Hendricks punches seemed to have no effect on Lawler.

    • Jametown

      Nope. Hendricks won 3 rounds. I agree he’s getting a little big for britches asking for a superfight, but he won the Lawler fight.

    • Gilbert West

      I agree with your assessment of the Hendricks – Lawler fight… However… An argument could be made that Lawler lost that fight in the last two or three minutes of the 5th round. When Lawler got taken down, you could see his facial expression change, like “Oh shit!” He knew the judging would be close and getting taken down in the final moments of the fight would make a lazy judge’s job that much easier.

      • Chuck Hawes

        I think we can all agree he doesn’t deserve a fight with Weidman especially since there’s so many talented welterweight contenders he hasn’t and in some cases probably won’t beat such as McDonald. And for that matter a rematch with Lawler.

        • Raphael Mastro

          Yea, and i wanna see that rematch ASAP. Why isn’t he getting that rematch as his next fight? Refresh my memory. Did Robbie lose his last night?

      • Raphael Mastro

        I agree.

      • TakedownD

        Hendricks is the biggest whiner and most overrated fighter there is out there. This guy has won how many bs decisions and he throws a temper tantrum when he loses the one to GSP that was close despite what Dana idiotic White says.

        White is also giving him a pass by letting him fight the winner of Brown vs. Lawler because MacDonald will beat Hendricks easily. Regardless though, it won’t take long for Hendricks to lose the title.

    • kimo-sauve

      I saw it too Great fight but robbie did get beat !

  • Rivers

    Why is DoloWhite going out of his way to slander V.Silva? Why doesn’t he promote Aldo when has these interviews like does the “big names”?

    • Jon Holden

      Because Jose Aldo doesn’t speak english.

    • Evan Levenseller

      V.Silva? You mean W.Silva?

    • nuudle

      Honestly, I think he is saying those things is because he doesn’t want him back. I think he wants the commission to obliterate Silva..

  • Seth

    You don’t get superfight after you won the belt…sorry to say Johnny, but you are just a champion – not SUPER star yet. Pretty much same goes for Weidman…

    • Raphael Mastro

      Plus don’t you have to be a “Superstar” to get a super fight.

      • Seth

        By “superstar” I meant someone with GSP’s/Anderson’s status 😉

        • Raphael Mastro

          No exactly! lol i meant the same thing bro! 🙂

  • Tavor Brown

    Lol, johny, johny, johny. First off you lost to Robbie. Second Loyoto Machida is going to destroy chris. Third if you fight Machida he will KO you.

    • Raphael Mastro

      Robbie had his number that night…Shame he didn’t win. Machida vs. Weidman, man thats a hard one to call bc if AS style was getting Chris a little frustrated, Machidas style might just overwhelm him. I think he might take the title.

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        Robbie will win next time.

    • kimo-sauve

      dude your wrong on both counts , first Robbie did get beat , and 2nd Machida Azz much azzz I like will not !! beat Weidman

  • Matt Frith

    I don’t get all the discontent with Dana, but he really did take a small time industry, and make it big time. I love the UFC, and what he’s done with it.

    • Raphael Mastro

      I don’t either…lol The guy is about as open and honest about things as he can be…And he doesn’t have to be that way. So, eh i don’t think i will ever understand why people are such haters of him

    • Michael

      Guys – it was (NOT) Dana White that developed the UFC to its present state. Prior to his role as Pres. he himself as said that “he would be picking up cigarette butts under a Las Vegas bridge” if not for the Fritita Brothers. Dana White is an arrogant narcissistic person. He throws his opinions around as though he has no culpability to fighters and matches, he is the President of the UFC! He is filithy rich from good and bad UFC forums, mostly bad these days. Put some controls in place Dana White and take some ownership with the company you have been asked to “manage”!

      • TakedownD

        Michael, I agree it wasn’t Only Dana, but he played a very instrumental role. He was the one who pitched the idea to the Fertittas. He was the one who worked his ass off non stop. Just to be clear, I think he is as you put it a narcissistic, unprofessional jackass, but he is a major reason why mma is where it is at today.

        The Fertittas were too. They invested in the company, but most importantly, they had the political connections to get it back on cable ppv, plus they financed the ultimate fighter, which was the most instrumental part of them taking off to main stream popularity.

        We also should include the fighters, SEG, etc.

        • kimo-sauve

          dude is a POS

    • TrentSki

      Do some research

  • Jet Davis

    Johnny can barely beat fighters at welterweight and now he wants to fight a higher weight class lol. Stupid idiot youre not that good

    • Durrrr

      I feel Weidman would beat him as well but c’mon, Johnny put up a hell of a fight against GSP

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Lawler will finsh Hendricks next time. I think Lawler may hold onto the strap for a while once it’s around his waist.

  • james j

    JH stay in your lane.

  • dj

    Dana White wants out of his contract with Silva. He is looking for the Nevada athletic commission to throw him a bone and make it easy.

  • brad king

    Wonder if Johnny can pulverize weidman like he done some lower end welterweights

  • Brian Finley

    Come on Big Rig. You just won the title. Let’s wait to see if you can string along enough wins to make your division boring before talking super fight. Right now I think he’d get ground and pounded out by Weidman.

  • $86316826

    How about a superfight between Bas Rutten and Dana White?

    • Marc Aces

      I’d rather it be bas rutten vs joe rogan

      • sharkeye

        Yeah, I wanna see Rogan get his hands dirty!

    • Obi-Wan Granoli

      bas rutten is the s–t!

  • sean

    There are still many people out there that believe Robbie won your first title defense…..Super fight with Weidman?….LMAO..Johnny you will not even make it out of the next 12 months with your belt….sit down shut up and enjoy your 30 seconds of fame

    • Rambo

      Exactly. He barely squeezed by lawler with his last minute takedowns. He hasn’t even defended his belt once and now he’s acting like he’s cleaned out his divisin. What a pos. weidman would finish him under 2 rounds.

  • kimo-sauve

    Dana White is such a POS !!!

  • Justin Murta

    Suepr Fights are a new thing hunh?

  • Scott

    Dana White is def the man! He knows how to run an organization. He’s very present, doesn’t take crap from his guys, yet fair and makes the fights!…unlike boxing, which is also corrupt. Thanks, Dana…keep up the great work!

  • julian moran

    this d’ont matter as Chris w’ont stay champion long.

  • T1000

    There wouldn’t be any aftermath to TRT if the UFC had gotten ahead of it and banned it a long time ago.