Video: Joe Riggs Targets December Return, Provides Graphic Look at Gunshot Wound

August 3, 2014
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WARNING: Extremely Graphic Footage

Veteran fighter Joe Riggs was slated to make his return to the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 51 on Sept. 13 in Brazil. As quickly as the fight was made, it went away, courtesy of a bullet from Riggs’ own gun.

While in the midst of cleaning his gun, it went off, exploding through his left hand and then entering and exiting his left thigh. The damage to his hand was devastating; the wound to his leg cringe-worthy.

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Riggs’ hand is now full of hardware. His leg requires frequent dressing changes, courtesy of his wife.

As bad as the accident was, however, Riggs doesn’t plan on letting it be a career-ender. In fact, the Phoenix resident is already targeting his UFC return for the promotion’s debut event in his city on Dec. 13 at UFC on FOX 13.

It’s still extremely early in Riggs’ recovery process, so it is too soon to tell if his sights are on target.

Riggs recently discussed the injury on camera with TMZ Sports, including providing some extremely graphic looks at the wound on his leg. If you’ve got a strong stomach, check it out in the video above.

(Video courtesy of TMZ Sports)

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  • ijustfuckingshotmyself

    shouldnt the exit wound be bigger than the entrance wound?

    • jimmy777

      YES, thats wierd

  • jimmy777

    LOL Yeah Joe, you’ll be back in Dec……. 2015 if your lucky..

  • Phillipky1

    Hmmm, rule number 1 on firearm safety, always keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction even when you “know” the gun is “unloaded”. I’ve been shooting firearms 44 years and on 3 occasions I have fired a gun either by accident or before I intended to. Remembering that rule kept each incident injury-free, with nothing hurt but my pride. No one got hurt because even though my carelessness allowed the accidental discharges to happen I still always had the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, away from others and myself. Please stand up for your firearm rights but ALSO enjoy them responsibly and safely.

  • Scooby Doo

    It’s scary that idiots have access to guns.

  • disqus_M2OtKNOg3E

    well now his opponents have targets to hit and grind down … pure genius


    Ok next time you cleaning a “gun”… FIRST make sure it is NOT loaded !!! #cantfixstupid