VIDEO: Is Ronda Rousey Fight in Paige VanZant’s Future?

April 22, 2015
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Rousey vs VanZant No Way

With all the hype surrounding young Paige VanZant, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if her ego got a nice little boost along with her pocketbook. She’s 2-0 in the UFC. She’s one of the lucky fighters to get an individual Reebok sponsorship. And she’s undeniably an internet phenom.

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So why wouldn’t she call out Ronda Rousey in this chat with TMZ Sports? Well, we’ll let Paige tell you…

(Video courtesy of TMZ Sports)

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  • tmz are idiots

    tmz idiots there is a 30lb weight difference.

  • shakejunt

    why is this even being asked?

  • Sir_Roy

    Ronda would murder her. It’s like putting a WW against a LHW.


    • clem wilson

      very dumb as Paige isn’t that talented at all. If paige looked like that man Herrig she beat there would be zero talk.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Slow… clap… for WMMA.

  • clem wilson

    Paige is not that good is was the ugly dude looking Herrig that was that bad. Herrig being terrible made Paige actually look good. Paige never beats that little switchblade mex Carla. Paige isn’t a top 15 straw weight.

  • Ryan Saulus

    115 to 135. Come on you f—ing morons.

  • Joe Dog

    They have one thing in common. In MMA competition the differences would be painfully obvious. One chunky cute girl would annihilate another smaller cute girl.

  • clem wilson

    Paige is very average in ability let’s see her actually fight someone with UFC level talent. Say Mex Carla. Herrig was terrible and had no ability and should be cut from the UFC.

  • clem wilson

    If Paige looked like Sara Kauffman there would be zero coverage of Paige’s fight with the awful guy looking herrig.

  • Dale

    Not even same weight class…..

  • clem wilson

    Paige is fairly pretty not good in MMA. Average maybe.

  • Battaboom

    Give her time, not a fan, but…she got in there with a veteran, fought too much with her pretty face but convincingly won on the ground. I don’t get the hate, let her earn her stripes, hope they don’t rush her