VIDEO: Holly Holm Weighs Ronda Rousey’s ‘I’m Still Undefeated’ Statement

February 24, 2016
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UFC champ Holly Holm addresses Ronda Rousey‘s comment saying that she still sees herself as undefeated, despite losing to Holm via head kick at UFC 193. Holm’s response might surprise you!

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  • Austin, TX

    Damn. Maybe I should watch it again. I could have sworn Holm knocked her out. Hang on, let me watch it again, maybe Ronda’s still undefeated…..I had a lot to drink, hang on…..maybe it was Holm that got knocked out, let me check…

  • Triggerman99

    God…..It’s so refreshing hearing Holm answer questions like this after Rousey’s reign of mean-mugging and aggressively answering every reporters question as if said reporter just challenged her to a fight.

  • Sir_Roy

    Denial is not a river in Egypt. It’s a strange and exotic place somewhere inside RR’s brainscape.

  • Mark Adams

    Ronda is a tool. She not only got knocked out, but was getting destroyed the entire fight.

  • RondaisHideous!

    Yep RR is undefeated in the way she landed and the denial side effects her still discombobulated brain has. No one has ever been in so much denial as her! Gees what a retard RR is! You want your fame back RR? Go make a porn with your cave man and have his babies and do a reality show when you get beat up by him hahaha hahaha hahaha because it will happen!

  • gaspergoo

    Did she actually say that she was undefeated. What an idiot….man I hope she doesn’t win the rematch cuz she is so yesterday with her annoying attitude…..”I can beat Cain Velasquez” dumbass crap talk….

  • cudgel

    Poor Holly, how about not ask her about RR for once.

  • DirtyLary


  • Pistol_Pablo

    All you Rousey haters are being suckered by Rousey. She’s playing mind games and she’s getting to you.

    • farticus

      are you a delusional quack too?

      • Pistol_Pablo

        With a nickname like Farticus you’re asking me if I’m delusional??

        You need to take a remedial reading course in college b/c I didn’t say I agree with Rousey. I said she’s playing mind games and it’s getting to you Rousey haters.

        Holm should have responded by saying “I don’t care what Rousey says or thinks about her record. I have the belt. She doesn’t.”

        End of story.

    • Checkers Lane

      you are a fool

    • Dee JayHouse

      UFC suckered you long ago… it’s no mind game on how bad she got her but kick and why is hate when people speak the truth about Rousey as if she’s above facing the truth.

      • Pistol_Pablo

        I agree that Rousey got her butt kicked and good. Where did I say she didn’t? Rousey knows she’s defeated but she made that statement about being undefeated to get under her haters’ skin. And it worked.

  • Steve Soto

    Hillary Clinton thinks she doesn’t lie so they both probably have the same type of psychosis but at least RR got hit in the head so she has an excuse.

    • gee kay

      Yeah but to ‘Hill the Pill’ lying is morally & fully justified progressive self-aggrandizement! Key strategy for the enlightened liberal (bowl) movement!

  • Olde Rose

    Does anyone out there think that, after losing to Smokin’ Joe, Kenny Norton, and Leon Spinks, Muhammad Ali kept telling himself, “I am the 4th-Greatest of all time!”? Reveille. Holly nailed it: “In this job, you had BETTER believe that you are the best.”

    • Dee JayHouse

      Olde Rose get your facts straight… She didn’t say she was the best she said undefeated, which Ali was at one point and always clearly admitted a lose and commended his opponent for a good fight. Now what Ali would say is I’ll be back Champion again.

      • Silvestro Crino

        She meant metaphorically…she meant spiritually… she knows she lost the fight….she talked about that during the same interview you idiots are freaking out about…but if she doesn’t think she could kick Holly’s ass the next time they meet…then she shouldn’t fight again….

        • Dee JayHouse

          First of all none of us are freaking out over a chick who wanted to kill herself over one lose. Second your the only idiot for still believing her hype which she doesn’t even believe anymore. You should check out all her movies since you already love her acting.

        • gee kay

          No her purpose was to solely discredit & disrespect others while strengthening & emboldening her own delicate & fragile confidence! Textbook Paper Champ!

    • gee kay

      Yeah they probably kept it to themselves after the got beat up!

  • WaterboardingBud

    That beating Ronda took took more out of her than I thought. If she hasn’t internalized what happened to her by now she should retire. She can go through the rest of her life thinking she never got beat and tha’s ok too. But if she’s going to just block out all memories of the beating she took she’s going to take another one just as bad. Time for Dana to step in like he’s done with other UFC chanpions and tell her it’s time to hang um up for good. Ronda was a very easy fight for Holly and Holly exposed a huge weakness in Ronda’s stand up and strike ability. Ronda can’t catch up to that level in any sex months or even a year. She will get punched out real bad against a boxer with hard punches and champion boxing level experience. Ronda’s UFC career is over. She could retire now with her amazing career or she can come back and be a punching bag for the great strikers that have come into UFC now…. I’d like to see her just retire instead of getting demolished again. Even Freddy Roach has said she can’t catch up her boxing skills in any 3 or 4 fights with great strikers. We’re talking about years of top level experience that she down’t have time to get….. It’s over Ronda, go make some movies….

  • gee kay

    I guess makes Holm 9-1 rather then 10-0!?

  • gee kay

    What Holly is really thing: ‘Not this b*itch again!?’

  • Robert Johnson

    Its DENIAL!!!!!!!!!!

  • farticus

    Holly is such a great Champion. I couldn’t believe rousey CRYING on Allen Degenerates show. WTF?
    What a Freaking baby.
    “I am still undefeated”
    No you were beaten like a bad dog and and you were DEFEATED!

  • gee kay

    This inflated fraud makes matters worse for her ‘immortal’ self every time she opens her broken mouth! Her irrational ramblings have gone from overt self promotional entertainment into the realm of delusional and pathetic self-aggrandizing nonsense!

  • farticus

    Again, the difference between Holly and rousey is stark. Holly is intelligent, and certainly respectful. She was asked a question that she could have responded with a wise ass take down of the DEFEATED classless ex champ, but instead, gave a really thought provoking answer.
    I really believe this is the type of Champ the sport needs. Not some belligerent
    idiot who actually believed all the hype about herself.
    I still watch the kick to the head she received in November, and it is clear that she is still suffering the after affects.

    • MadMen254

      Ronda is far more intelligent than Holly. Holly is gracious and says what makes you feel good.

      • gee kay

        Delusional is more appropriate than intelligent! Holm says what makes sense! Not a ‘go-to’ in Ronda’s world!

  • steve

    I think Ronda’s statement ” Im still undefeated’ was a bit deeper meaning she still has the positive attitude to be a champion and to move forward although she was deeply hurt and depressed by her loss of the fight.

    • Livingston Hampton

      Yeah, but the problem steve is that everything’s still about Ronda. She has yet to give any credit to Holly Holm or even acknowledge that Holm was the better fighter. Until she does then people will continue to see her as an arrogant, egotistical, disrespectful b@#$!

      • steve

        Guess you missed it. She has already done that on Saturday Night Live. She credited Holly for winning that fight. Nothing wrong with Ronda concentrating on Ronda and the Ronda brand since it is a business and she does it very well. The arrgaonce and playing the bad guy is part of her image that she wants to project. She has said it many times she likes to play the protagonist.

        • Daniel Carbray

          Wouldn’t that make her the antagonist?

          • steve

            Yes, she likes to play the bad guy, the “antogonist”, my error.

        • gee kay

          If she’s already acknowledged & credited the beating she endured why come back with the limp and false undefeated bravado? I’d say that was a sign of mental weakness and profound instability!

          • lauren

            Yup, and it was written in the monologue. Doesn’t count. It was part of her performance.

          • steve

            In Ronda’s world as most extreme athletes they are always positive, never in defeat, always moving foward even though they may fall along the way. Its nothing unsusal. You are entitled to your opinion but I believe that is what makes a strong competitor.

      • Silvestro Crino

        if she ever acknowledges that Holly is a better fighter, then she may as well give up fighting. She lost, she acknowledged that. But she wants a rematch…and so must feel deep down she is the better fighter…that’s ok…she should feel that way… Any fighter who doesn’t feel they can win every fight they enter, probably shouldn’t be fighting.

        • gee kay

          If she continues to ‘disrespect’ her opponents she may as well give up fighting! Deep down she’s done!

        • lauren

          It’s not that RR needs to acknowledge HH is a better fighter, but she should have given her some credit. Many fighter’s who came out on the losing end of their fight have given credit to their opponent and said, “he was the better fighter tonight.” RR never gave HH any credit and that SNL written skit DOES NOT count.

    • gee kay

      Yeah sure! And all the girls Rowdy beat think their undefeated as well!

    • DRM

      Steve, I think you are correct in that interpretation, but my problem with Rinda is not that remark. The problem is the pathetic mean-mugging, poor sportsmanship, arrogance, righteousness (ie idiotic t-shirts) and childishly petulent behavior that somehow wins her fans. Her behavior is an affront to the respect that used to be an important part of martial arts. It’s sad and honestly Ronda is sad, but there are plenty who love a bully and Ronda benefits mightely for it.

      • steve

        MMA/UFC is entertainment where fans pick a fighter they relate to, enjoy their talent, enjoy their persona and charisma. Ronda is very in tune to the business of MMA where she has admitted she prefers to play the antagonist, the bad guy. She wants a reaction from the wrowd whether cheers or boos as long as their is passion of some sought which demonstrates they are being entertained. Her persona obviousely is wotking because she is so popular since she brings out the passion in people where Holly Holm is boring without any charisma whats so ever although a very talented fighter. If it wasnt for Ronda’s showmanship Miesha Tate wouldnt be remembered at all. Ronda deliberatley created the rivarly to bring attention to the fight. Ronda is very good for MMA and if it wasnt for her brilliant public realtions persona there wouldnt be a women’s division and the UFC wouldnt have been in mainstream media such as Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, Ring Magazine, Late Night talk shows, and other mainstream media outlets. Her performance of being the bad girl is deliberate most of the time where sometimes her true self comes out. ,

  • WIllWild

    It amazes me that some of the peeps that posted comments didn’t bother to see the context that Rousey was speaking in. The person that asked Holm the question really loaded it up nice. I hate this kind of reporting.

    • Doc Bronson

      Typical yellow journalism. Unfortunately they prey on the sheep who eat that kind of trash talk up. They’re looking for Rhonda to act like a badassss to hype the fight. No matter what she does, the media will try to find a way to make it look like she wants revenge. The main reason she became popular, besides being hot, is because of her trash talk and disrespect for her opponents. The tabloids don’t want to lose that. So despite her attempts to lay low and be humble, they will still try to make her out to be a bad girl. Fighters like Ali and Floyd Mayweather made it easy for journalists by trash talking, even during the low points of their careers. Notice Evender Holyfield didn’t get the same kind of attention. He wasn’t a trash talker. He just took care of business. Same with Tyson in the beginning until he started having troubles outside the ring then started losing. Then he let his ego take over. Media likes the loud mouths and big egos and so do the general public.

  • Mike Puckett

    Roused is a poor sport. Bad mouth, treats the other women like crap, and thinks she rises above them all. It was very good for her to get schooled in that fight. She may change her bad girl fake talk. She got just beat hell out of her, and she is now crying over it.

    • gee kay

      A solid thorough beating can have a therapeutic effect!

  • JoeyBones

    Holly is great. Love her gracious responses… no spoiled sport here. A true champ.
    It’s refreshing to watch actually

    • Jason Mays

      She’s a true champ.

  • Richard_Romano

    She deserves to be champ — Rousey is a chump and a sore loser.

  • Dee JayHouse

    Rousey needs to focus more on getting mental help than worrying about the UFC at this point anyone still believes she’s this great champion probably still believes in santa and that wwe is real fighting.

  • Silvestro Crino

    Rousey’s comment was taken out of context…. if came after she had admitted to being so low after the loss that she contemplated suicide. She was explaining how she walked away from those thoughts by thinking of herself positively..and that considering what she has accomplished in her life she still felt that she was on top and had worth as a person. I think it was a positive message and not a knock at Holly. The reporter was just trying to stir controversy…which is all that reports do these days.

    • Choffowitz

      That’s what I think too but you know these media outlets have to create a controversy by making it look like there’s a beef. If I were any of these athletes or celebs, I’d always have my own separate audio/video taping of any interview I do so I can rebut any tabloid journalism made to make me look foolish or arrogant.

  • DRM

    Simply can’t understand from where Rousey gets so many fans. Basically she is a bully, and who likes a bully? Apparently many people do. I am not one of them. Rousey proved herself a nasty jerk on TUF and in so many instances along the way. Holly will school her again, but I doubt Ronda will be back for more. Like a typical bully she will seek those she can abuse. Not impressive so say the least.

    • madeline walker

      We all know what happens to bullies when they run across someone that isn’t afraid of them. She Holly took the high road but it would have been much funnier if she said I must have kicked her harder than I thought.

    • gee kay

      ‘Rowdy’ is the poster child of the brash in-your-face new-age neo-progressive pro-active liberal feminist (bowel) movement! They all get positively giddy when she swaggers & indiscriminately mouths off while disrespecting others! Classless behaviour and rank ignorance is a sign of strength & toughness for the pro-active types!

      • lauren

        So well said. I totally agree. This Ronda type of behavior / attitude resonates well with so many people because there is a flagrant disregard for others and total lack of respect. The proof is in comments (be it fb, twitter, instagram, or internet articles).

        • gee kay

          Yeah I don’t get it especially with so many talented, intelligent & well bred women out there! Insecurity thing I guess but it sure gets old, tiresome & tedious quickly! And it certainly makes Holly’s charm, dignity & behaviour resonate even that much more with ‘everyone!’ She is truly special! ‘America’s Girl’ if there ever was one!

  • LEON

    No need to be depressed Ronda! you are much to Beautiful to be fighting anyway. we can’t beat everyone I tried it.

    • Meangreen

      I can ! You’re a likely a scrub LEON and a loser and what do losers do LEON? They LOSE!

  • Silvestro Crino

    She meant metaphorically…she meant spiritually… she knows she lost the fight….she talked about that during the same interview you idiots are freaking out about…but if she didn’t think she could kick Holly’s ass the next time they meet…then she shouldn’t fight again…

    • gee kay

      You can try to get away with the ‘I’m still the champ’ nonsense in a close or controversially judged fight but not in a supreme butt kicking like she got from Holm!

  • Gary

    This clip reveals more about Holly than Rhonda. To me Holly is pure class, not trashing Rhonda or being pulled into something that is silly. She knows who won, however she also understands that it really doesn’t matter what Rhonda says, the results in the ring speak for themselves. Like I said, Holly is a class act that you don’t see in sports too much anymore. The chick is awesome!

    • gee kay

      Agreed! She is way above the UFC & anything they have to offer her! She is a Champion they are very fortunate to have!

  • Jason Mays

    I like Holm. She is unfazed by the amateurish head games that Rousey is trying to deploy. Me thinks another fight between those two will have the same results.

    • gee kay

      It might be worse for Rowdy if she continues to piss off Holm with all her drama and nonsense!

    • Madeline Tougood

      I agree.
      one big reason Holly is unfazed is the fact that she has had 34 more fights than rousey

    • Sean

      Lets be honest… the only way we’ll watch womens UFC is if these two fight.

  • Hellzz yessezz I be knockin any a yall N166azz out foo !!!!!!

  • gee kay

    Agreed! I had Rowdy slightly ahead on my scorecard too!

    • A. Smit

      Maybe next time stop watching cartoon network and turn back to the real fight. Rhonda wasn’t even close to being ahead at all at that point. The closest she came to being ahead wa when she had HH on the ground but she got out of that pretty quickly.

      • gee kay

        Ok how about we call it a draw?

        • MrShamus

          Yeah…I think you’re right. It was a draw. In fact, the whole fight was a draw. Ronda looked pretty good throughout the whole fight – even including that little knockout distraction. Anyone got another beer?

          • gee kay

            I could clearly see the ref struggling to hold down Ronda’s arm while he was lifting Holly’s!

          • MrShamus

            Hey! I saw that too. And did you see the part where Ronda was so confident that she was even texting during rounds?

  • Luisbats

    WOW, holly holms looks very pretty, she hot

  • Terrence M. Shea

    Ms Holm is well aware of why Rhonda said what she said. Taken in context, Rousey was simply reaffirming her belief she is still a great fighter. She would never deny she got beaten, only that it will not stop her. Aside from questionable behavior on and off screen, she was devastated by her loss, and badly shaken. This article is just an attempt to rattle cages. But Holly’s response was very considerate and understanding. She has had losses herself. It is all a learning experience, for both

  • The Bishop

    She’s simply using that statement to pump herself up. She’s knows she got beat. Someone who thinks they’re undefeated doesn’t go into depression contemplating suicide.

  • gee kay

    Note to Ronda: Talkin’ nonsense like this to a true champion is a good way to get yourself knocked out again … but maybe even worse next time!

  • Natalie

    What a classy response. That’s called good sportsmanship.

  • Bullworth

    Holly is realistic. She’s smart. She looks at each experience and critiques herself thoroughly and learns from her mistakes. Rhonda let her ego take over. Her ego is bigger than her heart. Thats’ why she’s saying these things. That’s why she stalks her opponents at weigh ins and before fights. She needs a psychological edge to win so she can catch fighters off-guard or in a moment of perceived weakness in order to end the fights quickly. Holly didn’t let that happen. She didn’t get flustered by Rhonda’s bully tactics. HH kept her cool and fought a textbook fight putting on a fight clinic. RR fell for it and got laid out.

  • Sean

    Unfortunately, she’s no where near as good looking as Ronda, so no fame for Holly.

    • Rob Sanchez

      Ronda good looking? lol lol Yeah if you like the wife of Shrek. Ronda looks like an ogre.

      • Sean

        In the UFC world I believe she’s good looking lol. Now, Jessica Alba walk by while Rhonda is there, then yeah I see your point.

  • Chris Henry

    Kick her cat out next fight Holly….. Punish that ugly white milk cow again….

    • Arthur O

      Rhonda could maybe be a good looking Guy

  • mjphoto45

    Holly is hotter than Rhonda. Rhonda is NOT undefeated

  • Madeline Tougood

    I’ll bet Rhonda comes up with a phantom training injury when its time to fight again, then take 4 months off then retire.
    and what the heck is Meisha tate thinking, she has a fight coming up and more people are talking about holms last fight than talking about her next one

  • assclip

    Solid as always, great frame of mind from Holly. Some people could learn a thing or two….

  • Robert

    Was the World dreaming as we saw RR stumbling around the Octagon like she had no business being there with HH? Were we dreaming as we saw RR semi conscious and senseless at the feet of a triumhant new champion? I’m pretty sure she LOST…

  • Cracka-lackin

    This woman just OOOOZZZES class,,,,, what a great representative of her sport!,,, Ronda’s such a sniveling little twat

  • gee kay

    It sure didn’t take long for Ronda to go from supreme hyperbole & uber confidence to bottom feeding tedious self pity & tiresome self loathing! Quite a volatile mood swing!
    The 7 minute reality check!

  • markhopkins435

    Ronda…. got knocked the F-out…she lost

  • James Warner

    If RR takes the next fight seriously, she might win. Then she can back up all the talk. But as of now, she was totally embarrassed, and would be wise to be humble. After more talk, if she loses again, her career is over. HH will destroy Tate BTW.

    • Rob Sanchez

      RR can take the next fight seriously as much as she wants to. She will not win. She is not in the same level as HH.

      • Pistol_Pablo

        It’s funny how prior to the fight, most fans thought Holm was the underdog. Very, very few people thought she would win. Holm was ranked #7 prior to the fight.
        But now you all think Rousey’s not in the same class as Holm? That may be but it’s really ironic that fans who didn’t think squat about Holm’s chances before the fight now believe Rousey isn’t on her level. What wishy-washy fans you are.
        What happened to all the Justino fans? When Rousey was the champ, you all were clamoring for that fight. You all claimed Rousey was running. Justino couldn’t shut up either. But now there’s complete silence. What happened??

  • Ryan Itdieztoday

    haha Ronda got defeated by Holly.. im not a fan of either.. i never even watched the full fight… what i saw Ronda clearly was defeated.. and apparently she still is defeated and broken mentally she even admitted it.. shes just talking weirdness now… maybe she took a harder hit than we saw.heard.thought.. poor thing. kinda. i think shes doing all this talking and tv stuff for attention to delay another fight… if she ever decides to really get in the octagon.. again,.. maybe a commenator? a talk show host or something… she was semi legit before the fight now shes just weird.

  • Nate Walker

    Holly is just trying not to stir the pot, but no matter what she says I’m sure Ronda will somehow take it as an insult to justify her being mad. LOL!!! We all know what happened. She got knocked unconscious ok!

  • jim

    The Randy one was winded at the end of round one, refused to touch gloves before the fight, and was probably a mean and nasty bitch during the pre fight conferences with Holly. She got what she deserved, and if she is ever stupid enough to get back in the ring with Holly, she will get pummeled mercilessly again, but do not hold your breath waiting for that to occur.

  • tells it like it is

    Lets go champ!!! Lets go champ!!!

  • deanomh

    Holly is a classy goddess. She’s an impressive athlete with the perfect balance of skill/confidence/humility and smarts. A true role model for the sport. Mwah!

  • Patrick Cieslak

    Still punch drunk .