Video: Gina Carano to Meet with Dana White Next Week About Possible Return to Fighting

April 4, 2014
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Gina Carano appeared on The Arsenio Hall show on Tuesday and revealed that she’s meeting with UFC president Dana White next week to discuss a possible return to fighting.

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  • DamianCross

    We have Holly Holm’s management to thank for this

  • DamianCross

    Get it through your head Brazil, nobody cares about your sweaty stinky ape woman. We want beautiful angels who rely on their natural gifts to win, not your filthy jungle roids.

  • ray

    This is what they look like not steroids….

  • Ednar

    WOW! Brains, brawn & beauty all-in-one-package!

  • Congo likes Candy !

    I’m not a Big Carano fan, She’s alright,
    But CyBorg has been busted for Juicing .

    A single loss to a cheater shouldn’t cloud anybodies image of her.

    Sometimes weight cuts, bad camps & Personal issues prevent the ability to showcase your full potential. Just look at GSP’s Mind Chatter ! He had to carry a brick with him for years after his loss to Serra.

  • Me

    Fighting Cyborg when Gina Carano fought Cyborg was like fighting a Man. Cyborg was caught RED HANDED being juiced right after that fight. Put Gina against her under better controlled conditions in The UFC and I think Carano wins. I also believe Carano has what takes to beat Rhonda Roussey and I personally can’t wait to see the a*% whoopin Gina is going to hand out in her return to the cage.!! GO GINA!

  • Gina’s Slave

    I would love to be dominated by Gina. She looks like she would teach me a lesson. I’d love for her to beat me up, then make me worship her feet. So hot.

  • Pat Mcrotch

    I would love 2 b the ref between Gina & Rhonda,I would have 2 pass on that dude byborg

  • Pat Mcrotch

    please Dana make this match happen(Carano vs Rousey)as 4 Byborg match him up with Dennis Rodman or Rupaul

  • Mike B

    Cyborg was juicing, Gina was not. Cyborg just got destroyed – so I have a feeling take away Cyborg’s juice, Gina will make her look like a lil’ baybay. Waaaahhhh….

  • Filip

    stfu u stupid dumbass, her natural weight is 140, she had trouble for 145 only because she was in the A. GLADIATORS where she had to go for 155-160 just like rest of the team of american gladiators, HOW CAN U BE THAT STUPID U CYBERFREAK?!?!?1