VIDEO: Full Jon Jones Hit-and-Run Court Appearance

April 29, 2015
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(Video courtesy of Albuquerque Journal)

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones appeared before Judge Maria Dominguez in an Albuquerque court on Tuesday. He was instructed not to use alcohol or drugs, but was free to travel. Jones was allegedly involved in a felony hit-and-run on Sunday that resulted in injuries to a pregnant motorist. He was stripped of his UFC title on Tuesday and suspended indefinitely by the fight promotion.

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  • Darin

    What’s with the bald lawyer? He’s all shifty and nervous like a noob.

    • jason1000

      dude relax.. he’s probably a decent guy.

  • ThinkClear

    so much for the judge not restricting travel he had it all and lost it all in a day suspended and title taken

  • Walt Martin

    The first step toward rehabilitating himself is firing that lawyer. He’s looked like a clown every time I’ve seen him. And his first public comment after Jones was arrested was, “he’s a great guy.”

  • Ken

    No booze

  • Jcballer

    Haha Jon jones’s lawyer is like “f— I didn’t sign up for this”

  • taylor2008

    Jones isnt sorry for hitting and running. He is just sorry he got caught.

    • OM

      You Speak the Truth Sir…………… He left a pregnant INJURED woman. He is a sorry …cough cough MAN???

      • A Cohen

        Good point, now that you mention that, I didn’t think it was possible but any respect I had left for this fool is gone and now I just feel contempt.

  • Derrick

    This is part of the build for a rematch with Rampage. Anything Jackson can do, Jones can do better!

  • Sofa Soldier

    Did Jones really just show up to court on cocaine? The constant licking of the lips is a sure sign of a coke user!

    • ronnie b

      Black people in general lick their lips silly.

  • Jon Holden

    LOL, doesn’t need those travel restrictions lifted anymore…

  • ronnie b

    He looked as skeered as the day he thought he might have to face Gus again!!

  • Jet Davis

    doesnt matter if his travel is restricted now because stupid fool got kicked to the curb and no longer has a job

  • Mikesbikes

    lol he is seriously in some s—, he’s going to be needing that fighting skills in prison, cuz this is wicked serious, .. they think with his priors he may get like 3 years ..