Video: Fighter and Referee Argue Whether Opponent is Unconscious

April 11, 2015
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This just in from the world of WTF, Bellator 136‘s Chad George showed off some fairly slick jiu-jitsu skills when he put the Von Flue choke on Mark Vorgeas for the submission win. But the finish unfortunately came a lot later than expected.

George applied the choke and Vorgeas was out cold. When George transitioned to knee-on-belly, he told the ref his opponent was unconscious. The ref then ARGUED WITH HIM, saying, “no, he’s not.” It took George having to stand, throw his hands up and yell “yes, he is” for the ref to realize yeah, the dude is in dream land.

Not the best day for this ref. To the footage!

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  • Darren Serati

    Good sportsmanship. Crappy ref.

  • Pat J

    Shite ref…real fighter.

  • Mark Tregoning

    fair play to the fighter he knew when to stop even if the ref didnt

  • powerplant

    I don’t think so, look at how he squeezed his opponent’s throat using his fingers while yelling at the ref “hes out!”, I think he cheated

    • Bob

      He was unconscious and clearly convulsing. Get some glasses….

    • skulldruggery

      your mom does that during sex

  • skulldruggery

    what a moron of a ref//

  • dslaw19

    and had he rained down a few extra punches he would have been the villian. good thing he has the hunbleness of a true martial artist. had he been a emotionless wrecking machine that could have gotten highlight reel ugly. that ref needs to lay off the good stuff.

  • hurtstowatch

    Yup, anyone whos done jiu jitsu long enough can tell you the exact moment someone goes out from their choke lol I really REALLY hope the fighter or a coach yelled at the ref afterwards, my coach would have lost his shit on this guy for endangering fighter safety like that and being so ignorant of BJJ ugh

  • Terrible reffing

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good enough for the fat drunk fans. Who cares?