Video: Fedor Has No Regrets About Not Fighting in the UFC Before He Retired

September 15, 2014
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Legendary heavyweight fighter Fedor Emelianenko said in a recent interview with AXS TV that he has not regrets about not fighting in the UFC before he retired.

(The full “The Voice Versus Fedor” interview airs Friday on AXS TV)

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  • mmapressure

    What he said was true. He fought and beat the best in his time. Nobody can say anything bad about him. He held that top spot his entire career. Not just hw but in the p4p rankings. When Andrei Arlovski was ranked #2 he fought and beat him.

    Times have changed of course and he is retired. But what I find hilarious is that people say he fought cans his whole career but at the time they were all ranked in the top 10 AT THE TIME.

    Can’t wait til 5 years from now when cain velasquez opponents become “cans” when he loses a couple times.Then they lose.

    I love new mma fans.