Blog Video: Did Jon Jones and Frank Mir Scuffle or Did Their Doppelgangers Do It?

December 11, 2013
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Either Jon Jones and Frank Mir got into a playful scuffle in Russia, or two guys that look like them decided to have a play-fight.

A video showing two guys looking like Jones and Mir made the rounds on the internet on Tuesday, and people started to question whether or not was really them in the footage. The truth is nobody can conclusively show that it was them and nobody close to the fighters is talking about it.

Truthfully, we just don’t know.

So we leave it up to you, our loyal readers, to decide. Is that Frank Mir and Jon Jones in the video? You tell us.

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  • bajafox

    That’s pretty tough to tell, could Mir take down Jones that easily?

    • MPA2000

      Sure. Mir is 60lbls heavier.

  • Jacob K

    Don’t think the “jones” is even black… Mir dude kinda has Mirs build but hard to see hair face… Probs not. Don’t think their coaches would be too happy about that. Also that’s not jones stand up style.

  • ♞ Castle Bravo ♞

    they do both look like trained fighters

    • Stefan Sivcev

      R u f***ing kidding me ? They look like noobies that start at my gym look at those gards ,shame .

      • ♞ Castle Bravo ♞

        My mistake, I forgot about all the tough guys on the internet.

  • Vincent

    If Frank Mir did not get reported found dead lately…they he and Jon Bones did not fight…

    • b-soc

      I think Vincent hit the nail on the head with this comment!! Spot on!!!!

  • Guesst

    If that was really Frank Mir, the slow motion would have shown him as moving backwards through time

  • Chicago

    Drinking Vodka with Russians will do that to you.

  • fsunoles10

    looks exactly like them, i say 90% chance its them but its obvious they are bs’ing. mir would have yanked that arm off with the quickness and drank the rest of his vodkas for the night with jones arm.

    • fsunoles10

      after reviewing the tape a 2nd and 3rd time im gonna have to drop that number to about 55%.

      • bajafox

        I watched it like 7 times, the more I watched it the less I thought it was them…

  • DamianCross

    wow slow news day

    • Mark McDowall

      In other news Dana White Switches to Charmin Ultra.

  • bdon554

    That’s Ken Shamrock and Patrick Smith!!!

  • Lex

    Its them. Right when hen video tarts before the 1 secon mark theres a clear pic of mirs face and RIGHT WHEN jones turns to face mir before the 2 second mark you will pause and clearly see a black man and a clear jones. Right after (shadowing poor imaging) his face reflects aighter shade. Date reads 11-8-2013 so its recent. Keep looking at what im talking about and you will see.

    • HooahJuice

      WHat the hell was that dude? You’re better off replying in your native language

      • HooahsjuicesMom

        This coming from a guy calling himself hooah juice. Such your ungrown ass up and quit crying in life little fella

        • HooahsJuicesMomsPimp

          Such your ungrown ass up?? Next time you try to be clever, don’t suck.

          • Lex

            Hahaha all the responses are pretty much tellin you to shut the f*** up and stay friendless like you are in real life. Hooahjuice? Hahahaha loser…

          • HooahJuice

            Oh you are just ghetto as f***. I see why you type like that

      • dgs

        What, are you saying you’ve never substituted the word “starts” with “tarts?”

        Video looks like Vince Vaughn and Michael Winslow are going at it.

  • TW

    You can clearly see that the guy who is allegedly Frank Mir is still alive and breathing at the end, so there is no way that this could possibly be the real Frank Mir fighting the real Jon Jones.

  • Big Tuna

    Doesn’t look like bones jones and it looks like slap boxing

  • Josh

    If only frank Mir could move that fast in the octagon

  • Brandon Mizar

    If that is them then the girl who walks in at the end must be a 7 footer. That looks nothing like them on top of that.

  • Bouncer

    that doesn’t really look like mir to me. I think it could have been jones but that’s not mir… his movement is uncharacteristic.

  • Rence

    IDK the guy who’s supposed to be Mir looks a little too small to be him IMO, but who knows, its not exactly an HD video

  • MPA2000

    Why would Jon Jones and Frank Mir be in Russia?