Video: Did Johnson Rumble His Way to a Title Shot with a Headbutt?

January 26, 2015
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Johnson vs Gustafsson Head or Fist 750

No one is doubting Anthony Johnson‘s power, it’s truly incredible the punch he packs in his fists. But there is video floating around the internet ether that makes it look like a Johnson headbutt may be what sent Alexander Gustafsson crashing to the canvas at UFC on FOX 14 on Saturday night in Sweden.

Check out the first video to see what we’re jabbering about.

Gus, however, said at the post fight press conference that he didn’t notice a headbutt.

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It also appears that angle is everything, because when you put your eyeballs on the official FOX Sports replay of the knockdown, it certainly looks much more like the thunder in Rumble’s fist is what shook Gus’s world, which was then followed by a grazing of Johnson’s noggin… see video #2.

What say ye? Was it the headbutt or the hammer?

Fan Video Showing Headbutt


FOX Video Showing the Hammer Drop

(Video courtesy of FOX Sports | May not be available in all locations)

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  • TheCerealKiller

    They did collide heads, but his legs were already buckling from the punch when you see their heads meet. Something from nothing here.

  • Jarrod G.

    I believe that it was a UNINTENTIONAL head-butt that was AFTER the right hand landed. It was a good and deserving win for Anthony ” Rumble ” Johnson!

  • Chicago

    Both men coming forward. Gus coming forward trying to plant his foot, ARJ coming forward trying to land the strike.

  • anamonarchy

    From the top view you can tell how devastating that punch was.

  • Seth

    So…first video shows s#%t. Second one was blocked everywhere outside USA (and maybe Canada). So, yeah. Way to spark a talk…I guess you don’t have to spread the news outside USA, right? -.- FOX deal strikes again…

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Unintentional but still lead to the victory, should be addressed as so. You cant make a no headbutting rule then keep shrugging it off as “he was gonna lose anyway”

    • taylor2008

      Totally agree and I am a fan of Johnson.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      The good news is both of these guys will have ample opportunity to fight Jones in the near future. If anything, this headbutt diminishes Gus’ loss and will put him in title contention sooner rather than later. Who else is left to fight Jones anyways? Rumble, Gus, and Evans; and Gus’ is more deserving than Evans based on their previous fights with Jones. I wouldn’t doubt Gus gets set back to a title shot with only one more fight. Hopefully, it’s against DC or Evans or Bader.

  • SexyHyde

    In the first video you can see once it’s slowed right down that Rumble connects with his fist first by quite a margin, Rumbles head is on/near Gus’s forearm (I got it paused perfectly @ 0.16). Gus’s head appears to rebound off Rumbles bicep (0.18). If the heads clash I think it was minimal, more of a grazing than anything as you can see Rumble moving his head back and up AWAY from Gus’s head. In real time it looks like a pretty devestating headbutt though.

    • taylor2008

      watch it again. rumbles right hand doesnt land flush then the headbutt really got him. Gus’s hair goes flying up when Johnsons head hits him.

      • SexyHyde

        I watched it about 20 times, went through it frame by frame a few times, one time focusing on Gus, one time Rumble. Gus’s head coming off the bicep makes it look like a headbutt but at the moment the heads are closest Gus is on his way down and his head doesn’t go back, the hair moves because it’s light and Gus is falling, you would expect more of a whiplash like movement from the hair from a headbutt with any serious impact.

        Rumble also doesn’t flinch/react as though a headbutt occured. The main impact that causes Gus’s head movement is the collision with Rumbles bicep which looks like a headbutt. The best section to use is 0.15-0.19 an go frame by frame.

      • urdad

        U gay

    • Nico

      Perfect analysis. I was wondering until I read your comment.

    • Eqinsuocha

      Lol i dont have the patience to time it all out like you but I think youre right on the money. If anything the punch a “headbutt” hit at the same time (top vid shows the punch first) but also nobody seems to mention after the kick that Gus is moving forward towards Rumble so its deff accidental

  • Maxwell Emeka Ogujiuba

    Hahahaha as unintentional as Gus’ eyepoke. This really doesn’t matter Alex shoud have moved his head. This is combat and these things happen, I had money on Gus to win, but I can’t say Johnson didn’t deserve to win, the headbutt is a lame excuse.

  • BoogieIsMe

    This is reduce loud for anyone really trying to claim this damage from a headbutt. That shot was clean to the back of the jaw/neck. I’d like to see anyone else take that shot too. Fighters know when they’ve been head butt it’s a completely different feeling. Gus said he didn’t feel a headbutt. He’s a fighter that man up. But it’s the people that want to make excuses for him. Please don’t.

    • George Sperry

      What is reduce loud?

  • BoogieIsMe


  • tcat19861 .

    just a funny angle that was a clean punch

    • goodpup420

      A clean punch that lands on his shoulder? I think he was aim i ng for the face so no not a clean punch

      • TheMod

        It hits his jaw before his shoulder. So yeah. Clean.

  • eqinsuocha

    Come on really? They were both going towards eachother – Rumble was putting more power behind his shot and they accidentally knocked heads. I guarantee if you ask Gus if he felt it was intentional he would say hell no. Just a way to make a lil controversy and whatever. I respect Brian Stann but to commentate on it and call it a headbutt is just f’d up

  • Austin, TX

    The hand actually misses. It’s the head that connects which causes Gus’s head to fly back. Unfortunate for Gus. The headbutt is actually what set things into motion. Miss there by the ref.

    • TheMod

      You see his jaw react to being hit by the hand. What do you mean it misses? Are you sure you actually watched the clip?

  • The Hooded Vigilante

    Who trains to fight with their head down? Nobody, that’s who. Head-to-Head contact is inevitable to a degree but Gus hasn’t stated anywhere that a headbutt is what did him in. At the end of the day it’s simple.. Rumble hits like a fastball full of nickels.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Too close to be definitive either way, punch or headbutt. Jones will have to fight Gus eventually anyways.

  • Rudeboy403

    You can see the punch land then the head makes accidental contact on the follow through unfortunate for Gus but Rumble was not to be denied that night.

  • Sherman Shermanov

    It’s clearly the punch… In fact, it’s the force from the punch that forces Gus’s head into Johnson’s. It’s as clear as day on slow-mo.