Video: Details Emerge from BJ Penn’s Arrest for Allegedly Beating Up His Friend

January 20, 2015
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Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

Former two-division UFC champion B.J. Penn was arrested late Saturday night following a altercation at the Four Season’s Hotel Maui. He was taken into custody after an incident involving a friend turned physical.

Initial details were few, but the above report from Hawaii News Now reveals more of the details that led to Penn turning on his friend, allegedly punching and kneeing him, fracturing his eye socket.

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The 36-year old Penn retired from mixed martial arts following his third loss to Frankie Edgar at The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale in July 2014. While in his prime, Penn captured both the UFC welterweight and lightweight titles. He coached two season of The Ultimate Fighter. Known for his willingness to fight anyone at any weight, Penn competed in five different weight classes throughout his storied career.

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  • snapdad

    wow. bj actually won a fight.

  • Sir_Roy

    Man … when a professional fighter has beat the sh!t out of someone in a parking lot, you gotta hope said someone slept with his wife, kicked his dog, trashed his car or did all the above.

    Sorry man, all kidding aside, but when you’re among the elite fighters, you only use your fists under extreme duress (drunk or not). Barroom brawling over petty disagreements is for small minded, insecure little egos. Champions don’t beat the crap out of the dude next door. That’s like kicking a toddler.

    I hope there’s a lot more to this tale than what the surface portrays. If not, Penn should reconsider ever taking a sip of alcohol again because he sure as sh!t can’t handle his liquor.

  • George Sperry

    He finally found someone he could dominate.

  • Rump Rider

    Blow Job Pennis should take advantage of all his extra free time and learn to conjugate verbs.

  • shakejunt

    bj da bess

  • Guest

    he was just looking for that win he desperately wanted.

  • james j