Video: Dana White Says Anderson Silva’s Doctor is Optimistic About 2014 Return

February 23, 2014
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Anderson Silva’s doctor has given an optimistic prognosis for Anderson Silva, and it brings a smile to Dana White’s face.

Silva returned to training recently, and White said the fighter wants to compete again by the end of the year. Watch the video above as the UFC boss discusses Silva’s future with the organization.

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  • carl jeffery

    is it true? I hope so…hes the best there ever was…better than gsp…better thans bones jones….better than Weidman ever was

    • carl jeffery

      if you say not…ask Weidman to beat the fighters hes beaten…id bet Weidman wouldn’t beat half of them

      • joe

        Who did Silva beat that was spectacular? Most of his fights were against just ok fighters like Travis Lutter, Marquart, Leites, Cote..Etc. The Belfort fight was impressive and him beating Hendo was impressive, and Franklin at the time. I give him those, but many of those other fights aren’t impressive by any means. Even at 205 he beat forrest and bonnar but come on, realistically those 2 guys are like punching bags.

      • Manuel Lopez

        You you go ahead and bet, only keep your mouth shut until Weidman does get a chance to build a legacy. He already has a good start, he whooped the supposed greatest TWICE!

    • joe

      Good but not the best. GSP and Jones have faced way better talent, and although Weidman is sorta new, he spanked Silva twice.

  • uncle

    please No more videos until he is ready to compete
    or running up a flight of stairs

  • carl jeffery

    Weidman vs Belfort…haha Belfort gonna tear him a new one…two new ones even…