VIDEO: Dana White Intervenes as Conor McGregor Loses His Cool in Jose Aldo Staredown

March 26, 2015
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Conor McGregor Loses Cool in Staredown

It didn’t devolve to the point of the Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier media day brawl (Watch the Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Brawl Video), but Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo’s staredown in Boston likely would have had UFC president Dana White not been eating his Wheaties this morning.

McGregor has a knack for pushing his opponents’ buttons, but with Aldo, is it just us or is the brash Irishman coming closer and closer to losing his cool.


Just what does that say about the fight between Aldo and McGregor?

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  • asdfggg

    Kind of.

  • William Skrainski

    Conor’s starting to look like a stooge

    • peralez2383

      it started in 1988

  • wisc 715

    Jose so kick his ass

  • mokseng

    He didn’t lose his cool. That’s his usual self.

  • Shian

    If you look closely, Jose has absolutely no reaction to Conor’s quick physical attack taunts. Whatever Conor is doing, it’s either working perfectly, or not at all.

    • mike

      Lol so basically you don’t have a clue if its working or not nor whose going to win…

      • Shian

        Pretty much. This should be the fight of the year, fingers crossed it actually happens and the ref doesn’t f— it up with an early stoppage.

        • mike

          Fight of the year? I’m thinking Jones vs Johnson, vitor vs Weidman, and later down the road dos anjos vs khabib plus some other unexpected fights will certainly top this one. Ufc is over hyping it which has never lead to a fight of the year only a disspointment.

  • Gifny Richata

    Conor is using arm drag to move Dana out of his way LOL

  • wer

    I wish White had slapped Conor in the face telling him to calm the f… down. This is so childish and annoying. Makes the whole MMA look silly.

    • Josean Rodriguez

      dude really?this all for show is all fake they are just putting on a act for the hype

      • earlsimmons

        you know what other event is all fake and they put on an act for hype. WWE….

    • Paul Smith

      What does boxing look like when it does the same thing, all the time?

  • peralez2383

    LMFAO, Conor is such a terrible actor

  • Dave

    Another loud mouthed colorful character… Its funny how they all come and go in the UFC, its almost like they’re terrified so they have to overcompensate like they’re crazy… This type of sh*t is why the UFC will never reach a respectable status because at the end of the day its just Dana maneuvering a bunch of meat-heads for money. Very few are exceptional fighters, most are just… Cannon fodder. Promoting a lame fight sure to come with “Beef” just to get people interested in it smh.

    • Israel Ruelas

      Exactly!!!! I just said the same thing but in a different tone

    • Paul Smith

      Boxing has been that way for decades… the UFC is hardly alone. The best combat sport competition I can think of was K1 in its glory days. You had a good number of guys at the top who could beat anyone else on a given day, and lots of great wars and style matchups.

  • norcaljohnny

    When I first heard of Connor he seemed pretty interesting, I have only watched youtube clips of him but quickly it became obvious, that he is an obnoxious ass. His claim now is, he can beat God and Jose has fear of him. I would like to see Jose give him a good ole fashion beat down and shut this fool up!

    • Michael Ho

      unfortunately it’s going to be the other way around, Jose will gets killed.

      • mike

        Lmao nice to be a new fan to the ufc and fall for the hype.

    • amb1982

      Don’t be so quick to judge my friend, its all pantomime. I highly recommend you watch the documentary Notorious following Conors rise in the UFC. Not only is it one of the best UFC documentary’s going it also showcases what a genuine decent guy he is. Make no mistake he respects Jose and he will be fully prepared for him.

      • mike

        Dude that doesn’t change the fact that he’s an obnoxious ass… He’s got skill but I don’t think he’s prepared for a guy like aldo. Connor has look great so far but hasn’t fought anyone close to Aldo’s level. Aldo’s looked great too but only hasn’t finished guys because they’ve all been world class competitors such as mendes, Faber, llamas, and Edgar.

        • amb1982

          Your right it doesn’t excuse his behaviour for sure and i appreciate how he comes across. But i still urge you to watch his documentary as you will understand him alot better. It makes him highly entertaining to watch, i cant recall i fight i wanted to see more in fact. Also its unheard of for someone to get a title shot so quickly, that couldn’t have been achieved if he was meek and quite after each fight. Its his personality which makes him such a huge draw for the UFC.
          He will be well prepared for Aldo but im unsure on the outcome, Conors issue may arise from his stance, his front leg is ready for leg kicks all day and I believe that will feature strongly in Aldos game plan. Remove his movement and power and its game over, but on the same note Conor will be fully aware of that also so id imagine hes training for that very thing.

          • Prae

            Its funny how McGruber just skipped over fighting Edgar, Mendez, even heck Faber and gets the champ. He should have fought the #1-4 contenders.

      • Israel Ruelas

        What rise?? Everyone can knock out a nobody! I can get knocked out by amateur boxer easily but it doesnt mean he’s any good.
        This dumb ass lacks control and if you lack that, you lack discipline!
        You need discipline to beat Aldo!

      • Brandon

        Man, in one staredown he told Aldo in spanish, “You’re going to die.” What are you talking about with decency?

  • Todd that dude!

    Connor is a Straight up Douche.

  • majinfeyd

    DAMN! Conor just gave away the fight! Just because he can’t rattle the guys cage he’s going to throw a sissy fit and show the world he really is a tool??? Thanks Mr. Mcgregor for saving me $55 bucks and the disappointment of seeing you get submitted in 30 seconds. It looks like Dana White still has a thing or two to teach his fighters, especially on to sell a fight a hype up the media!

  • Langpuur Felix

    cant wait for this epic fight.Connor all the way

  • Gary Duveyoung

    Muckgregor should find a new tailor. His coat jacket sleeves look way too short.

    • UFC_FAN

      Jose is definitely the better dressed man. McGregor sleeves are flooding.. LOL

  • Wack73

    I hope Conner back all this up. He will look like a fool if he gets demolished.

    • mari

      i was thinking same thing! he talks good.. hope his game is as good as his talk

      • Wack73

        He will be an instant hero if he beats Aldo but the way he is acting and if he loses it could ruin his career.

  • Twizza12

    I’m a big mcgregor fan….But I think this fight has been rushed, no clue how mcgregor really is on the ground, but I got eyes and as you can see Connor will be the bigger fighter and everyone he hits goes to sleep …Aldo has been in some wars and this sport is taxing on the body , if Connor defends the takedowns he wins, and wins early…my opinion …

  • Dennis Hampt

    Aldo is like a thoroughbred that has won 10 Grade 1 stake races. The Irish kid hasn’t won a single one. Normally, I like betting live long shots but in this case I’m sticking with the fav. Mac is dead as a door nail!

    • SixToedPete

      @Dennis Hampt Well said.

  • Bjmcvan

    It’s all part of the hype to sell PPV and tickets, although it will be a good fight.

    • true

      agreed. All of it to build a fight that wont happen in July because one of them will either get injured, or fail a drug test

    • Kev Truong

      It’s all part to sell tickets but when they get a fight like what we saw of Cormier/Jones, we were all disappointed that Cormier didn’t make the fight even closer.

  • MPA2000

    Well McGregor better show up after all of these antics. Daniel Cormier let us down after nearly a year of s— talking, only to not show up to fight.

  • Einstein

    Great hype by McGregor, but I hope he can step up his game against a very dangerous Aldo. At the very least it should be a good fight…….hopefully.

  • Sir_Roy

    Conor’s going a little overboard. Needs to use his calmer narcissistic undertones & oozing self aggrandizing confidence cuz, while it might not the most endearing, at least his charisma still shines through. Needs to leave the purported battlerager persona at home. I know Easter is around the corner, but he starts coming off a bit too much of a douche hopping around all wide eyed like that.

  • chris clements

    Aldo said ” Your nothing but a number ” or the next one to lose..

    • Sincero100mpre

      Very well said!

  • Israel Ruelas

    Im starting to dislike the UFC more and more each time I see it.
    Glad we have some great boxing matches coming up.

    • Pat Mulligan

      HAHA!!!! Buddy if Mayweather and Pacquio weren’t happening, boxing would have NOTHING to look forward to. Don’t be such a hater. Boxing obviously sucks enough for you to come over to the dark side since it appears you’ve been watching…

    • Jared Stasch

      You have to be kidding me. THey don’t have Antics in boxing? hahahaha…. this must be one of those sarcastic comments.

  • Sincero100mpre

    Conor is a nasty loser! I hope Aldo hit him so bad, so he leave humiliated. The guy is a douchebag. The nasty mor0n has no class.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Oh looky………it’s Connor McGregor telling us all for the 4,000 time what a badass he thinks he is.

    He’d better stop the media tour and get to his training camp to prepare for the asskicking that Aldo is going to give him.

    • Frshoffdaboat

      The irishmen will destroy josie!!!!

    • Steve Wilson

      He looks plenty prepared. Both men look awful healthy.

  • John Doe

    UFC needs strong competition from somewhere. Same fighters all the time and these antics it gets to looking like Wrastlin’

    • Jared Stasch

      uhhhhh Mecregor is a new fighter at least in UFC with only 5 fights

  • vaderslith

    normally it’s the scared guys that goes thru all the theatrics ( Coner ).. hopefully Jose demolishes this fraud.. he hasn’t fought anyone of top 5 caliber and they all would kicks his a-ss…Mcgregor is a title contender by mouth not fights..

    • FuhQObozo

      Will you still be here after the fight………..?

      • vaderslith


    • ispitzhotfire

      Calling him a fraud is laughable. Maybe he hasn’t earned the title shot yet, but the dude can fight. If anything Aldo should be thanking him. This will be his biggest payday ever. If it weren’t for McGregor nobody would care about his next fight.

      • Kev Truong

        His next fight would’ve been Edgar which in my eyes was a former champ in the lightweight division and possibly even Urijah Faber, a former WEC champion and still a great fighter. There’s no doubting Conor has talent but his mouth got him the title shot over Edgar.

        • ispitzhotfire

          You’re right, people would have cared cause it would have been a big name. But the PPV numbers are going to shatter what those fights would even be close to. They are all rematches of guys he dominated (Edgar was closer but I don’t think that fight was as close as people make it out to be) This is one of the most hyped fighters in UFC history. It was a business decision and a god one for not just the fighters and the UFC, but for the fans. You put a wrestler agains McGregor and it will be a boring fight. Not saying who will win but they are gonna try and take him down the entire time. This should be a great fight between two really good strikers. And as for the UFC’s plan, will allow McGregor more time to get his wrestling up for when he eventually does have to fight those other guys.

  • Steve Wilson

    You sound like the media and Ted Cruz. Are you afraid of Conor? He looked fine.

    • Nate Walker

      He looked like an idiot. Where as the champ has class.

  • sam

    the notorious is a genius!!! look at how long the comments are below talking about him, they’re doing a embedded series following him just doing a world tour press and s—. say what you will if he wins or loses, but he’s got your attention and soon your cash. he’s very smart and i love it! so much fun!!!

  • RyanJS08 .

    Jose seems so calm and collected. Connor is trying to get under his skin, but I think it’s backfiring because he can’t. Or at least it doesn’t seem like it. Should be a great fight!

  • Eric Camden

    Turning into WWE circus

    • Nate Walker

      Only connor is looking that way. These are not the qualities of a champion.

  • stinkslikefear

    It went from funny shtick to overcompensating for fear real fast. Jose saw right through you son and now that you are starting to crack we are all seeing it too.

  • Mark Mills

    i cant wait to see aldo beat the living s— out of him. just for touching the belt alone without earning it he deserves a classic beatdown.

  • rainbowbudland

    I have watched a few of Connors interviews. At first I was like, OK he is a talker. Then it was, OK he is arrogant. Now, he appears to be an instigator/agitator. If you are going into the octagon to fight someone, there is no need to get in their face. I thought Connor was going to spit on him. So I think Connors pre-fight persona is the equivalent of the school bully that harasses some kid he thinks he is going to be up after school. The only way Connor will lose his disrespect for the sport is for Jose to clock him with a perfect, straight right directly on the bridge of his nose and knock him out cold. Connor needs to be taught respect, he will never learn it.

    • Nate Walker

      Well put. connor is childish, arrogant, disrespectful and painful to watch. All of which are not the qualities of a champion. I hope Jose puts the putts in his place, which is on his back bleeding.

  • Joe Dog

    Well rehearsed. Just plain weird. Dana consulting with Vince?

  • MisterMagoo

    I respect Conor McGregor. He’s mouthy, but he backs it up. But, I look forward to see who drops him and humbles him.

    • Nate Walker

      I havent seen the guy fight anybody that is at the level Jose is at. His “mouthy” nature will only get him so far and I hope Jose put the putts in his place, which is on his back bleeding.

    • Kev Truong

      Who’d he beat that was actually good? Poireir and Siver ain’t even top 5 anymore. Aldo has almost beaten everyone from Chad Mendes (twice), Frankie Edgar, Urijah Faber, Cub Swanson, Ricardo Llamas, Korean Zombie, etc. At least 5 top 5 fighters in the division.

      • Sir_Roy

        Poirier isn’t top 5 (ranked #7 all the same) because Conor knocked his arse out of it.

        • mike

          Just like siver when siver wasn’t ranked but mysteriously moved up to #10 without even fighting to make it seem McGregor was actually fighting a top guy? Lol

          • Sir_Roy

            Only be had by such things if you follow UFC’s own rankings. Which I don’t.

          • mike


      • AMPED4MMA

        I agree; that is the vast difference between a proven champion and a loudmouth pompous wannabe who had his road paved by the greed of his employer and thanks to his moderate linguistic skills.

      • MisterMagoo

        I never said he was a better fighter than Aldo. I said I respected him. I honestly hope Aldo knocks him out.

  • Michael Dumancas

    Women fighters acting like men ,,,,lol

    • Jared Stasch


    • Sir_Roy

      Sexist will be sexist. Comment explains the “dum” in the family name I suppose.

      • Michael Dumancas

        Lol .. you know

  • capoeiraike .

    I can only imagine how hard the fall of mcgregor will be lol. Look at him grabbing at Dana to hold him back. Joker

    • SixToedPete

      Capoeiraike’s comment about “…the fall Conor McGregor…” is a good point. If Conor loses to Jose Aldo he will realize that he would be on the brink of losing Uncle Frank’s largess, the preferred treatment, the magnificent hotel suites, the $2,000 suits, the shoes, the rides in Dana’s Ferrari and all the perks he has gained without beating a top 5 featherweight. If he then loses again at featherweight or moves up to lightweight to get his ass kicked…it will all be over. He’ll be a journeyman fighter booked into a Motel 6.

      So far in the build up to his fight with Jose Aldo, Conor has started to crack. I like both these guys but to be fair only McGregor has shown fear. It’s understandable because he’s about to fight a Champion who can do everything Conor can do, only much better. For example, even if Conor strikes from a southpaw stance, Jose Aldo will destroy his body and legs with heavy, lightning fast, powerful kicks. If he wants Aldo can quickly switch back and forth from orthodox to southpaw. As a southpaw (even for a few seconds) Jose can pulverize Conor’s lead leg because he can kick just as hard, fast and effectively with either leg. Think of Urijah Faber’s Aldorized leg then picture McGregor’s skinny chicken legs dealing with that nightmarish pain.

      After Jose chops away at Conor’s foundation, he will close in to knock him out cold or submit him. McGregor is fighting way above his class. It’s that simple. The best advice I can give Conor is to obtain a Motel 6 rewards card.

      • Darin

        Top 5? Hell, he hasn’t beaten a top ten (No, Siever was not really to top tenner). Conor has already spoken about moving to lightweight because he knows he needs a way to keep himself relevant after losing to Aldo.

  • Smirking_Revenge

    I don’t know if this is orchestrated by Dana or PR people to hype up the fight of if Conor is really as childish and emotionally insecure as he seems to be.

  • lonniex

    another ufc does a wwe work to sell product

  • ispitzhotfire

    I like the guy screaming the entire time mispronouncing Jose’s name the entire time.

    • This Guy

      Who cares? Brazilians mispronounce everyone else’s names all the time. Honda Housey, Joe Hogan, etc.

      • ispitzhotfire

        That has nothing to do with this guy doing it.

        • This Guy

          Sho does. He is saying Jose’s name in an American accent, and they say American names with a Brazilian/Portuguese accent.

          • ispitzhotfire

            If he was saying it with an American accent it would be a hard “J” sound and actually be correct. He is saying it with a hispanic accent. Either way… if you are a big enough MMA fan to go to the press conference, and yell his name as if you are a big fan of his… you should say the name correctly. It’s not like he has a name like Khabib Nurmagomedov.

          • This Guy

            No. The pronunciation stands.

            You just keep bowing down to the Brazilian pronunciation the same way McGregor will be bowing to Aldo after this fight.

          • ispitzhotfire

            Bowing down to the pronunciation? Man you really are dumb.

            How about this… I am all for saying his name correctly. It has nothing to do with anything else but saying his f—ing name the way it is supposed to be said. I don’t give a f— if you are Irish, American, or Brazilian… the dude in the video says his name wrong. Not because of his accent, like the Brazilian fighters, but because he is saying it wrong.

          • Darin

            “Jose” is pronounced Ho-zay everywhere in America that I’ve been. Besides, I have no interest in respecting Brazillians and their goofy pronunciations. If you visited Brazil you’d feel the same way. It’s like the worst parts of Detroit or Chicago but more sweaty.

          • Smirking_Revenge

            Hey dummy, there’s a reason why even Americans pronounce it “Joh-zay” instead of “Ho-zay”. It’s because that’s actually how it’s pronounced. Mexico is not the same as Brazil, you idiot.

          • ispitzhotfire

            Aldo isn’t from America. We say Ho-zay because that is how you pronounce it in Mexico. We don’t have accents that prevent us from pronouncing the word correctly in this situation. If you don’t like Brazil that’s all good, but I have no problem with the place and just as a decent human want to pronounce a persons name the way it is supposed to be pronounced.

  • ispitzhotfire

    People talk s— about McGregor but the dude is smart. You make more money faster by being the bad guy. He is making more money, getting better fights and attention. It is giving Aldo more attention and more money. It is making the UFC more money. It is a business, and these guys are in it to make money.

  • Dodged A Bullet

    animals watching animals fight in an animal cage. shame on you all.

    • DWill

      It’s a shame that you have such a narrow minded view of what this sport is.

    • chris tran

      go nit a sweater

    • Don’t dodge it next time

  • Nate Walker

    I want to see Jose beat his arss. I just don’t like connor, because he has no class. Jose is humble and a real champ and at the end of the day I hope he puts the putts in his place, which is on his back bleeding.

    • Hep C

      Normally I would agree with you…but Connor has acted the same way with guys he came out and destroyed.

      He might just be crazy. Or he knows how to hype a fight and get fans excited. Either way, it’s working for him.

    • Sir_Roy

      None of these guys are humble. Can’t have a burning desire to “be the best”, prove it to the world, and have authentic humility. He knows how to keep up appearances better than Conor does. I’ll give him that. Thought Conor, in his narcissism, is oddly probably far more authentic than Aldo is in any semblance of genuine “humility”.

  • moparfan54

    I think Conor shows his fear of Aldo, but acting like a low class bully. A person who feels in control and confident of the outcome of a fight he is about to be in, would never act like this, and even f he destroys Also, Aldo is not a fighter to take lightly, he is one of the most skilled fighters I have ever seen, and I believe he will win.

    • Hep C

      Normally I would agree with you…but Connor has acted the same way with guys he came out and destroyed.

      He might just be crazy. Or he knows how to hype a fight and get fans excited. Either way, it’s working for him.

      • Steven

        “Destroyed”? You must mean the TWO non-top-ten ranked idiots? Grow a friggin brain.

        • Hep C

          What the hell does their ranking have to do with it, you retard? If anything, it makes my point. If he acted the same way with guys that were far less dangerous than Aldo, his antics probably aren’t motivated by fear.

          It’s too late for you to do anything about your brain, but at least try to use a little of it sometimes.

          • Steven

            If you a brain you would have responded, but you only responded to some cryptic message on the white background that no one else can see. READ. SLOWLY. NEXT. TIME. The. You. May. Understand. And. Process. What. You. Read. Pat. CLOSE. Attention…READ carefully my firs comment. If you can’t, I’ll understand your naturally-born mental handicap.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I’m not buying this crap.

    • mmafanguy

      Agreed I look too stage and Conor say always the same thing every interview of every fight. But I guess I don’t represent the majority of mma fan since there is more than 130 post for this article…

  • jordan2412

    Can’t wait to stop hearing about conor. Hate his antics. Love watching him fight though. Hope he gets his ass whooped and that humbles him. I want to be a fan, but his mouth gets in the way.

    • Darin

      Agreed. His fights do enough talking (so far). He’d be far more likeable if he just shut up.

  • KoreaWatch

    McGregor will get his ass wiped.

    • Jay Cee

      Whipped or wiped?

      • KoreaWatch


  • Kev Truong

    Aldo reeked of fear in rio? It’s his hometown, if Conor tried to do anything crazy, all these Brazilians in the room would be all over Conor despite the security. Talk is talk, but Aldo doesn’t fear anyone.

    • Steven

      Rondana’s talk is fixed by Dana’s dirty hands. Jones? Yeah, he’s a real martial artist.

  • seymoure

    McGregor–is—Crazy……………and tough! Don’t fool yourself–Aldo KNOWS McGregor is The toughest
    opponent he has EVER faced……………………….McGregor dismantles Aldo in 2 rounds……….Aldo goes
    into Hiding, then everybody is saying: “wheres Waldo?”

    • ejay5

      You’re not very smart, but definitely hopeful. I don’t think it’ll be a knock out, but aldo will dominate all five rounds.

    • Steven

      I’ve read stuff like yours on restaurants kids menus. Please return your brain back to Dollar General.

  • Gio

    Watch Conor lose this one quick…

  • Kev Truong

    For now until, you get beat out into retirement like what Chael Sonnen and Nick Diaz are doing. They are well-known talkers but when they get into the ring, I never seen them coming out of the Octogon with a title. Fans will only take that BS for so long. If Aldo knocks him out, all that Conor hype will be gone.

    • Hep C

      Diaz isn’t a well-known talker. He’s notoriously bad at pre-fight talk.

      Nick got famous for what he did in the ring/cage – which was fight anyone, anytime, anywhere and make it a serious fight almost every time.

  • Manuel Labor

    Conor is a great fighter… but why does he have to act like a douche bag all the time? All this tough guy talk and stunts he’s pulling is starting to wear thin! I hope he Aldo puts a ass whopping on him maybe that will calm him down.

  • Paul

    Conor, you are obviously just trying to hype the McGregor train.
    Aldo will win but it may not be by knockout.

  • cere tomer

    Someone, please, tell Conor how to dress. Acting lessons wouldn’t hurt, either.


    Aldo will retain his belt, but I really hope he can embarrass McBigMouth and consequently, the hype will die as quickly as it was built.

  • Fredster

    I’d love to see Conor and Bisping in a trash talk competition head to head.

  • markhopkins435

    IMO….McGregor doesn’t have the character qualities it takes to represent the UFC as a champion
    So far, he’s been showing some classless actions of a 5 year old

  • Brian Safprods

    It’s pronounced “joe” not “hoe” moron in the crowd

  • brbroberts

    typical UFC hype, they probably paid McGregor extra for the performance.

  • Kulaid

    Whats funny is that McGregor had a clear chance to do something if he really wanted to when Dana White was grabbing the UFC plate, but instead he waited till Dana was in the middle of the 2 of them. All just hype.

  • Freddy Garcia

    So staged!!!!

  • Ultra Magnus

    I hope Aldo split his head to other white meat

  • Dennis Louie

    I want aldo to whoop his ass something fierce. And where he buy that jacket from looks like the Goodwill.

  • glove1220

    Gotta love Aldo… cool as ice. It seems to be getting under McGregor’s skin. When you talk & talk & talk, but can’t get a reaction, that’s gotta be unnerving. Two great fighters… very intrigued by the matchup of the iron tough veteran against brash young talent

  • Erwin Rommell

    It will be so funny to see McGregor waste the little tomato monkey. hahahaha

    • JerseyShoreGiant

      McGregor is in way over his head in this match. Aldo finishes the 5th ranked McGregor in the 1st.

      • Aaron

        While Aldo will probably win, he will not be finishing McGregor, especially not in the 1st. Aldo does not finish fights, McGregor does. If Aldo wins it will be a point scoring 5 rounder, if McGregor wins it will probably be a finish around round 2 or 3.

        • JerseyShoreGiant

          McNobody doesn’t have a chance. He talked his way into this fight. He hasn’t fought anybody so how is he a finisher????? Swanson was guaranteed this fight if he beat Edgar, which anybody who knew anything knew that wasn’t going to happen. Edgar would also destroy the talker who hasn’t fought anybody. Thankfully we won’t have to see that because that potato picker(I am too) is one and done!!!

        • JerseyShoreGiant

          McGregor is a talker who hasn’t fought anybody and doesn’t even deserve the shot. McGregor will find out pretty quickly he is overmatched.

    • Steven

      Anything can happen, and he may, but then again, any lucky punch from a 30th seeded fighter can win him a title. Otherwise, Aldo will kick his ass.

  • Kevin Stetka

    Conor Sonnen is such a s— talker man. Conor Sonnen is going to get a lot of fights in the UFC because of his mouth alone. I hope Aldo kicks the shit out of Conor Sonnen.

  • John Buchanan

    I can’t believe anyone takes these obvious PR hype stunts seriously. It’s the same thing pro wrestlers have done for 50 years before a “big match.” Entertaining, but fully contrived. Dana White is half-P.T. Barnum.

  • BigMike7302

    SOnnen, I mean COnor, is a hype machine who is going to get stomped…. when someone is acting out like that, That person is the one who is scared…..Conor is a punkass who will get stomped by Aldo

    • Scott


  • Steven

    That punk is trying to get under Aldo’s skin: if it works, Aldo may have a difficult time with that Punk, if it doesn’t, I hope Aldo gives him a GOOD ass whooping. While anything can happen, its unfortunate that they are fighting here in the USA when the fight SHOULD be at the champions home, Brazil, which is the overwhelming usual for these bouts. The reason why Rondana is fighting in Brazil against Bethe is because we know Bethe is not the biggest threat to Rondana and so Dana, being the rat and snake he is, was fine with scheduling this one not in the USA. The next fight(s) for Rondana SHOULD have been rematches, 1 (and first) with Zingano, and the other with Sarah McMann, these two being the real threats (for which evidence [facts] shows no rematches scheduled). If that Punk was a real threat to Aldo, the fight WOULD have been in Brazil, but since he really isn’t, the Punk fights here in the USA and so has a “home court” advantage, which many times is the reason why some win, and may give this Punk an advantage. Cyborg would be a real threat to Rondana, but only at 145 and no less, since Cyborg WOULD be scrawny at 135. These are facts. Logic. The article which said that Rondana is “waiting here” for her, and that “she knows how to get a hold of us”, etc., needs an education on these matters, and he sounded like a brain dead school yard Bully.

    • seymoure

      …………………..As a 7 TIME GOLDEN GLOVE BOXING CHAMPION, I think I KNOW what
      Punching Power is—and who looks like they Possess Power. My Opinion is Like anyone
      else’s opinion…..just a guess. Your writings are like a JEALOUS WOMAN. You needed
      to Inherit some common sense, but , it’s too Late. Are you a Fetal Alcohol Syndrom Child?

      • Steven

        LOGIC is obviously not your strength. Here’s just one point:
        Unofficial [St Patricks Day] and the official day, is celebrated by the
        masses here in the…USA. Don’t see a connection to Connors connection
        here? I suggest you return your brain back to Dollar General. Everything
        else I said about anyone is empirical evidence, logic which is easily
        seen by smart people. Facts. Invest in some.

        • seymoure

          ………………..Do you reply the same to each Commenter?
          I think the SNOT you have for brains is from a Syndrome called: Fetal Alcohol.
          You refer to Smart People? My Degree has me working for the Federal Gov’t.
          Your Mouth Knows NO facts, and can only troll & PRETEND you are knowledgeable. My Boxing Awards was while getting through College. YOU?

          • Steven

            Here’s more intellect. Kids must be told many, many times not to play with fire and other things which can be deadly. So, in same manner, it appears I must be redundant with you. A paper does NOT make one smart, the actions chosen and words of choice, regardless if and when others may not approve, do. I have known high schoolers smarter than college students. I have known grade schoolers smarter than high schoolers. What I stated about Connor and Rondana are simply facts, but pop culture stupidity (bias, bigotry, prejudice, etc) is making the world a very, very stupid place, so you wont understand that what I’ve said is nothing less than logic and intellect. Its not pretense but reality. Its all there.

    • TheKlepto90

      Are you smoking? “home court” advantage for McGregor? Since when is Ireland located in Las Vegas, Nevada? If you look back through the history of title fights in the UFC, you’ll notice that you’re dead wrong in your “overwhelming usual” statement. It has become more common in recent history, but just because the champ is Brazilian doesn’t guarantee they get to defend their belt in Brazil. If you think that’s the case, you’re an idiot. Also, I’m not even going to waste my time addressing your “Rondana” points, if you can even call them that.

      • Steven

        LOGIC is obviously not your strength. Here’s just one point: Unofficial [St Patricks Day] and the official day, is celebrated by the masses here in the…USA. Don’t see a connection to Connors connection here? I suggest you return your brain back to Dollar General. Everything else I said about anyone is empirical evidence, logic which is easily seen by smart people. Facts.

  • Rob

    If McGreggor can manage Aldo’s kicks, whether that be through spacing or checking, then I think this is McGreggor’s statement fight.

  • Darin

    This is not comparable to Jones/Cormier. Dana and McIrish were both laughing at the stupidity of the whole thing.


    McPompous pre-fight strategy of talking much trash and/or getting into his opponents heads has worked so far for the few feeble minded opponents he has had to face. However, it will not against a seasoned champion like Aldo, who has fought and defeated the best. Connor’s ‘scare’ tactics are not working for him, and he will need a lot more than a left hook and his mouth to defeat the likes of Aldo. After Aldo puts him in his place, I truly hope McBigMouth does move up to LW or WW, either division, and this way, I can watch him lose some more. IMO, a move to WW would be extremely foolish, as the top-15 would beat the living snot out of him, which I, once more, would enjoy thoroughly.

    • Aaron

      I can understand if you do not like him, but you are talking out of your a$$

      • AMPED4MMA

        I may take your comment more seriously if you elaborated on it. Anyone can state another is talking out of their@$$, but having a point to accompany it brings a comment validity. On that note, I won’t expect a reply from you.

    • Scott

      “he will need a lot more than a left hook”

      ….apparently not.

  • Ee


  • Reid Cockburn

    For a guy who talks about ‘breaking’ and being mentally tough, it sure doesn’t take much to get under his skin.

  • KJK

    This has the makings of the greatest build up to the worst let down in UFC history!

    • mmafanguy

      Well I think it’s because the rivalries isn’t real like Evans-Jones, Ortiz-Liddell, Rampage-Silva or Cormier-Jones it’s too stage and Conor isn’t very good in interview he always say the same thing every fight.

      • KJK

        You’re right…very inorganic rivalry….especially when Aldo looks like he’s trying not to laugh and Dana and CM are winking at each other…mockery of the sport.

  • Bee Dubyu

    WWE has found it’s way to the UFC! It’s merger time!

  • tire iron

    McGregor needs to shut the f— up and let his octagon skills define him … I have enjoyed as much of the loudmouth little bastage as I can stand.

  • ronnie b

    Just let him go. Its all show. Connie isnt going to do anything. He’s all mouth. What a clown. Aldo would have beat him with his belt in his hands. BTW Peewee Herman called….He wants his clothes back!!

    • Jay Clinard

      Exactly, like he couldnt get through Dana if he wanted too, the UFC may be real but theres some WWE in the pre shows.

  • eddoe

    When this big guys go at is Dana is all serious, but when it’s the little guys he’s laughing it up like “aint they cute!”

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Dana is loving it. Drama = $.

    • Tolstoy901

      Dana was running back and forth holding each fighter back. He virtually pushed everyone off the stage.

  • Joe Dog

    Obviously well rehearsed but not so much that the actors could hold back their smiles as they performed.

  • Rafael

    Aldo, I don’t like you but PLEASE shut that clown up with a serious beat down.

  • we

    The more I see Conor, the more I hate this clown. There’s no need to act like a bully on every press shows he have. I would hate to see him as champ, he would be worser than Jon Jones… Let’s go Aldo.. KO this fool on round 2!!

    • Kris

      yes he would be such a worser champ…….

    • da rubo

      I really think he actually believes his persona. Unlike the greets S$#@! talker that ever was and will ever be Chael.

      • Shian

        Chael is basically a loudmouth who doesn’t back up his talk, even with PEDs. Pretty sorry if you ask me…

        • da rubo

          Yeah, but he makes me laugh, Mc does not.

  • themans

    Its so pathetic you “mma” fans have no idea how to react to an actual fighter. Conor Mgregor is very cleary just enjoying his life because he gets to get paid for fighting. Every second of footage of Mcgregor is him laughing and having a genuine good time. He probably doesn’t even fully understand how scared and nervous aldo is because he assumes hes just a fighter who loves fighting like him. Instead its backstage footage of aldo talking to other people angrily about how hes going to “rip his head off” while in the other room conor is hilariously taking pictures of himself with the belt and laughing.

  • themans

    No one lost their cool its a classic money fight staredown..

  • Asif

    Aldo gonna teach this idiot how to be humble!

  • HurricaneHB

    Aldo is gonna get smashed!

  • Frank

    Connor McGregor is great for the UFC in terms of his ability to market himself and hype up his fights generating more interest and thus more money. Hes a good fighter and marketing himself better than anyone i have seen in UFC. Lets hope this fight lives up to its hype. McGregor is a smart chap and a cash cow for Dana White

    • Wilfire

      Wolf tickets 😉 Aldo domination

  • da rubo

    I think Jose will have his hands full on this one. He looked very concerned on his last fight and if Mc can get to him psychologically, he’ll be the new champ. Aldo is great and has lots of experience, so we’ll see.

  • Tony

    McGregor is just a wannabe Viking or wishes he was one. Creeps like him the world can do without. I hope Aldo takes his head and shoves it up his loudmouth ass!!

  • King

    McGregor hasn’t defeated a top 4 guy and he won’t ever beat Aldo, Mendes, Edgar or Lamas. He’s just a $$$ sign for that POS Dana White.

    • KJK

      Exactly…McGregor is a paper contender playing the role of jester in the latest production from Zuffaville!

      • King

        You are obviously a genius!

        • Scott


  • Shian

    Connor needs to act this way in order to build up his own confidence. Why? Because he too is afraid. If you’re not afraid, nervous, you’re just not human. So the game becomes about overcoming fear and the nerves, and Connor has perfected the art. Jose is clearly rattled, but here’s the thing, he now has tons of time to get over it, and build up his own confidence. If anything this whole ordeal has made him more driven to win now. I actually am rooting for Aldo, just because I want to see how Connor handles the loss. I don’t think anyone will get KO’d though. It will likely be a decision.

  • Scott

    The comments are hilarious in retrospect.

    • King

      At least my Carolina Panther prediction of 14-0 to start the season is correct. Next week, a prediction on cricket.

      • Scott