VIDEO: Dana White Announces Jon Jones Stripped of UFC Belt

April 29, 2015
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(Video courtesy of FOX Sports | May not be available in all locations due to broadcast rights restrictions)

UFC president Dana White was on FOX Sports Live on Tuesday night to announce that the promotion had stripped UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones of his title and suspended him indefinitely.

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  • Jcballer

    How many articles are they gonna write on this story?

    • deepgrim

      well i dont know but it is the most sensational story i can ever remember in the ufc

      • Gary Love

        Seriously. This is like the Watergate of mma. This is how broads must feel reading intouch magazine.

    • Derringer Duo

      How many you think they’re going to write? This is like Tom Brady getting busted for snorting Coke. Or Lebron James getting busted buying an underage hooker. Jon Jones is the biggest name in the sport, and he’s just blown his career. It’s going to be on the news cycle constantly.

    • alex

      as long as readers like you click on them, they will write them

  • Seth

    Wow…That came out of nowhere, seriously .-. I didn’t expect UFC to actually do something to him… .-.

    • Gary Love

      In hindsight they had to, felonies are no joke.

      • Seth

        Well, having a guy who uses illegal stuff isn’t good either, right? But yeah, Im glad they finally started to punish top guys too…though they had their back against the wall and didn’t have much choice… :/ But still good call.

  • guest

    Let’s be clear: 2005 zuffa wouldn’t have done s— to Chuck if he had done this. It’s purely to appease fox, their sponsors, and the media. Let the justice system deal with Jones. All the suspension does is put the best LHW away for whatever amount of time. He needs a lot of work as far as being a decent human being, but that’s between him and the courts, not the bitter a-holes who want anyone famous to be stripped of everything they own, or the liberal media.

  • Dana white @ 2:40 “he was blowing me and Lorenzo up” …… So that’s how you get title shots uh DC?

  • cheflacsto

    So if by some chance D.C. wins this fight, are we really gonna get charged $60.00 bucks in the fall to watch Jon dominate him again. Dana is full of crap, Jones will be back by the end of the year. Rooting for Rumble all the way in this one.

    • Joe Matzaratz

      D.C. says “Jon did this to himself; the belt is not his anymore.” D.C. must be so happy, he never liked Jones and would probably have never gotten a rematch due to Jones’ lopsided victory. I think Rumble knocks him out but this is still the best chance Cormier has of ever touching the belt.

    • alex

      how is dana full of crap. tell me what else is he suppose to do? he did what any other sports commissioner would do.

      • cheflacsto

        He is full of it in the sense that they are suspending Jones for any serious length of time. This will probably be pleaded down to a misdemeanor and Jones will be re-instated. If Cormier wins they are going to try and sell us on that fight again, later this year. I am not surprised and I agree they had to do something. Dana talks out both sides of his mouth, we support Jon, we are suspending Jon. Who cares I would of them rather give the title fight to someone that didn’t just get dominated by Jones.

  • Derringer Duo

    As sad as it is, I have to agree with the call. He could’ve killed that woman. And you know he bailed and waited so long because he was high and needed to get it out of his system. Otherwise, why would you run? You only leave the scene if you panic or if you know you’re screwed up and going to get arrested. He clearly didn’t panic, as he remembered to come back for his money and then split TWICE.

    Such a terrible time for MMA. Jon Jones flushes his career down the toilet, Anderson Silva flushes his legacy down the toilet, GSP refuses to come back. Heck even a little excitement with Brock Lesnar was denied as he knew he had no more place in the UFC. Dana is so desperate he signed CM Punk.

    Dana’s going to be riding Conor and Ronda HARD now.

    • capoeiraike .

      Except Silva didn’t “flush his legacy down the toilet”. And I still think it’s a bit early to determine weather Jones will or will not recover from this. But way to stay positive lol.

      • Derringer Duo

        Name me one roider whose legacy is still intact in any sport. Just one who is as respected today as he was before he busted as a cheat. Armstrong? Bonds? Marion Jones? Sosa? Anybody?

        You get a permanent asterisk next to your name when you’re found to be a drug cheat. His legacy is indeed in the toilet.

        I will agree with you that maybe Jones can salvage his career, but he’ll never have the legacy he could’ve had. Simply based upon the fact that he was stripped of his title, so all the records he could’ve made are gone. He, in essence, beat himself. And that’s not even including the fact that people don’t forget when you’re a cokehead the injured a pregnant woman.

        Micheal Irvin STILL hears it for the cocaine. And he never even hurt a woman.

        • capoeiraike .

          Lol! Please, Silva fought fighters on PED’s. Legal, and illegally. Is Hendo’s legacy ruined now too because he used TRT? Oh well of course not because that was legal right? SMH. Silva was never busted for PED’s at any juncture in his LONG and stellar career. It wasn’t until he suffered a potentially career ending injury that he got popped. Is it really hard to believe he used just that once in order to offset the effects of that injury? SOOOOO many other fights have been popped throughout their careers, some multiple times yet you really wanna throw an “asterisks” next to Silva because he got popped once at the tail end of his career coming off a horrid injury? Yeah ok, well i’m guessing you probably weren’t a fan anyways. Seems most people talking this “ruined legacy” crap were haters initially anyhow. Most of his fans take a more sensible approach to the situation. Joe Rogan describes it rather perfectly.

          And sure ON PAPER Jon jones ruined his STREAK considering he had to vacate the belt. But everyone STILL KNOWS who the REAL champ is and if he comes back and wins, everyone will STILL KNOW what his streak is. Lol! It’s similar to the Matt Hamil loss. Sure on paper it’s a loss, but everyone knows Jon destroyed him. As long as he doesn’t lose his edge as a fighter, there’s no reason Jon can’t come back from this.

          “And that’s not even including the fact that people don’t forget when you’re a cokehead the injured a pregnant woman.”

          Lol! You’d be surprised what people forget. No one will give two craps about this in a short amount of time, I garauntee it.

          “Micheal Irvin STILL hears it for the cocaine. And he never even hurt a woman.”

          Yeah in passing by butt hurt haters who love to drudge up people’s irrelevant pasts. And notice, he’s also a highly successful commentator who’s benefitted from a lucrative and extensive post Hall of fame football career. Gee that drug addiction sure seemed to keep him down, you’re solo “right”.

  • sanju singh

    What’s Crazy and Ironic about this is that on April 28,1967 Jon Jones’ Idol Muhammad Ali was also stripped of his title, and now this on the same date April 28. The Issues are completely different, but WOW, this is Nuts.;.

  • Brian Mace

    He may be a great fighter, maybe even the best in his class. But, he is a coward, he for sure let his real self be know. Way to go Dana and the UFC. I personally don’t think he should ever be allowed to return. Look what they did to Pete Rose and his offence was not nearly as bad. It is about time someone actually stop thinking about money and made athletes accountable for their actions. I say good bye and good riddance.

  • Neil

    if the UFC really did “feel strongly” about it, they’d fire him. BUT…..

    A suspension is, disappointingly but understandably, a much better call for business. If they fire him, as soon as this issue is resolved (soon or years away) he would go fight for someone else, which they of course don’t want. A suspension isn’t firm enough, but meh.

    • Bo Guss

      Well…when “indefinitely” is added to “suspension”, it’s usually not a good thing. Most times, it means your pretty much fired. It’s up the law now to determine the punishment for Jones. And I really hope they stick to the law and consequence of a felony hit and run. With no preferential treatment of a celebrity.

      • Neil

        That’s my point, for now at least. He’s essentially fired until further notice, but still under contract so he can’t go fight elsewhere.

  • Davey

    What a waste of a great talent. I am pretty sure he would have lost against Rumble anyway because of his striking deficiencies compared to Rumble but he still would have fought like a champ for as long as he lasted. He may go to jail for this but I hope he doesn’t give in to the prison lifestyle and lose any future opportunity to be a champ again, like Tyson. Prediction – Rumble over DC, two rounds max.

    • Jack Raiden

      Rich people don’t go to (real) prison (for long), silly. And neither will Jones, if he obeys and pays his lawyers.

      Jon Jones has always acted oddly childish, but it was forgiven because he’s the champ and was literally unbeatable, year after year. Maybe he can finally mature now that he has “lost”. But it’s hard to even imagine him staying absolutely, impeccably clean for a year or more until his next fight…

      Thank dog for Rumble Johnson, keeping the division very interesting even without Bones.

  • Miguel

    If AJ should win ,will the UFC have a better champion in him than the one they just stripped. Wasn’t AJ involved ( the UFC I believe paid the victim off) in domestic violence not too long a go.?

    • Bo Guss

      True. But that’s ONE strike on AJ versus how many for Jones? Some people do learn from their mistakes. Jones is not one of them. Probably because, he hasn’t been allowed to face true consequence of his actions.

      • Miguel

        True in what you say, just wondering out loud if these guys truly ever learn.

  • When the chips were up, Jon was responsible for the cancellation of UFC
    UFC 151 without a care for how that affected others.
    Today, the chips are down.
    The very guy you stepped on just fired you…and the UFC will move along just fine.

  • Jon Holden

    LOL, fatso Dana goes right into promotion of the new fight.

  • Jennifer Katona

    Ah, yet another one proving that it doesn’t matter how you dress them up and how much money you throw at them, they remain what they are and always will be.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Stupid racist comment.

      • James Williams

        But with a large grain of truth.

      • Matt Carey

        No, there was no mention of race what she said was referring to people in U.F.C. Stupid race war stirrer.

        • uncle

          Yeah but she didn’t say UFC It’s not a riddle

      • KJK

        There’s no racism in her comment….to imply racism is a reflection of personal belief in circumstance.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Google her and find her other racist comments, then get back to me.

          • Big White Daddy

            So what. This is America, not Russia. If she has opinions you don’t like, move to some communist country.

          • julsman

            Oooooo chat room tough guy. Taking a break from molesting his Wife/Sister/Cousin.

    • ultra magnus

      bitch shut up

      • Big White Daddy

        You shut up, and go pick my cotton

    • uncle

      There’s plenty of black millionaires that don’t do dumb stuff, that is like saying Rothenberger
      from the steelers make white people look bad when it really was his poor choice as an individual.

  • James Williams

    I’d say in the scheme of public relations, he is pretty much hitting every ‘no no’ save pedophilia.

    Cocaine use, drunk driving, hit and run, possession of marijuana, injuring a pregnant woman…

    I mean, that’s not exactly what they want to be advertising.

  • Joe Dog

    Half stepping drunk, blowing out the smoke from a big bong hit, Jones says, “Got a lot of soul searching to do, but first, where the ‘F’ did I put my cocaine and car keys. Jesus help me!”

  • KJK

    If they don’t pay attention to appeasing Fox, the media, and their sponsors they will remain a second tier sport relegated to survival on PPV dollars earned from hardcore fans and sports bars which has pretty much played itself out. For the sport to move forward and become mainstream they need the likes of Fox, the media, and big corporate sponsorship in their corner.

  • Stan Chinus

    What the f— does liberal media have to do with UFC? Jones is black isn’t he? He was afforded every opportunity. He’s 27 with 3 kids and still acts like he’s 16. You’re a dips—.

  • moodyledzep71

    The ufc had no choice but to take the title from jones but for me i would like to see a tournament style for the belt!!!

  • ultra magnus

    Stripping Jones of the tittle is only making him a Martyr

  • Tavor Brown

    Whoa, whoa, whoa…. q. jackson did the almost exact same thing except the woman he hit miscarried her baby. He is still with the ufc. Murder no ban, no suspension. Hit and run suspension.

    • Actually that woman lied……. she was looking for $$$ and lied and didnt get it.

  • guest

    Jon Jones is still the top dog even with a stripped tiitle….whatever that might mean. Every single person who steps into the octagon are tugs, just like the NFL. Jon just happen to make a mistake and fled because he was scared of what just happened. We all make mistakes, look at all the Weak fake Americans who are ruining our country it just doesn’t stop.

  • Big White Daddy

    Cassius Clay…a gutless draft dodger

  • Al

    It would’ve been better to have Anthony Johnson demolish his face first. Wow this POS can care less about other’s lives let alone his own by his self-inflicted destructive behavior. His behavior is so destructive it is hurting and could’ve cost other’s lives, even a mother and her unborn child. This is just as much as the UFC’s fault for not dealing with this behavior sooner. Trust me the only reason why the UFC is doing this is because of the backlash they are receiving from the public. I am glad that the woman and her child were not seriously injured. Yet since the child is still in the womb, there is no certainty that the child will not have issues later on from the accident. Jones isn’t sorry, he sorry that he got caught. There is no remorse for his actions just self pity. If you let someone like that slide like the UFC did, it feeds into Jon’s already arrogance and narcissism, thinking he is untouchable inside and outside the ring. Pretty much 99% sure if this didn’t get the publicity it did, UFC would just give him a slap on the wrist again. UFC needs to do a lot more to gain full trust of their fans. Jon needs this as a wake up call to grow up. Yes, Jon is still THE BEST GRAM FOR GRAM FIGHTER.

  • manuel mackenzie

    Jon Jones didn’t let nobody down! The hell with the people!!! Jon Jone’s let CHRIST a black man down! Did not Christ say, Gal. 5:7 “Be not decieved; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. Talk about soul searching, Then learn your true Identity, you are not a FILTHY AFRICAN nor are you black, thats a color, color does not denote your NATIONALITY! According to the BIBLE you’re a HEBREW ISRAELITE, the greatest nation of people that God has only chosen!! The negroes and latinos of indian descent!! WAKE UP ISRAEL