Video – Chael’s Corner Debuts on UFC Tonight

January 3, 2012
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Always outspoken, never apologetic Chael Sonnen will now get his own voice on a new segment on the new show ‘UFC Tonight’ on Fuel TV.

Check out the first segment from Chael Sonnen where he goes after Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva and has a special mention to Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones.

  • KBEsq

    If I worked at a pharmaceutical company that sold anti-psychotics, I would recommend a few advertising dollars aimed at a commercial spot during Chael’s Corner.

  • Iamrozylo

    Of this guy faces anderson again he will be KO’d in the first round

    • RonnieV

      You obviously didn’t watch the first fight.

      • KBEsq

        He did watch the first fight – Anderson won. Guess you missed it.

        I really don’t think it such a stretch to predict that Silva is going to kick the crap out of Sonnen when they fight again. Sonnen’s stand-up is just not that good comparatively.

        Therefore, it’s not a stretch to think that one of the following happened, or all: (1) Chael got lucky with an early punch, which framed the rest of the fight; (2) Anderson was injured; (3)Chael had so much synthetic man juice running through his blood because his balls don’t produce it, that he was able to feel like a complete animal in the cage.

  • whiteman17

    Anderson’s wrestling is about as good as brocks standup

  • maddawgmar

    Chael dominated Silva. Stand up and ground. He made a stupid mistake by not listening to his corner and went after Anderson in the fifth and got caught in a submission. Hats off to Silva for enduring, but when the rematch happens I kinda see it going the same way but Chael may be a little more aware on the ground. I can’t wait for this fight. Fight of the year 2012 jus watch.

  • maddawgmar

    P.S. I think Chael is hilarious. Often an A-hole, but hilarious non the less. My favorite comment from him, “I never lie on my back with a man between my legs, I’m a republican.” Lol

  • mikemma123

    Yeah that’s why his testosterone/epitestosterone level was 17 times higher than a normal man when he fought silva. God, give him a rematch so silva can put this guy in his place.

  • demetrio1109

    Come on!! Did any of yall see the doctors reports 2 days prior to the fight? they clearly say that he has a severe rib injury and that it would be in best interest to pull away from the bout with sonnen. Even sonnen said after the fight that there no doubt in his mind that something was wrong with silva because there was very little resistance when he attempted to take him down. And he still won the bout plus that chump tested positive. Come on sonnen fight silva 100% and without drugs and see what happens to you.