VIDEO: Al Iaquinta Drops F-Bomb on Booing Fans after UFC Fight Night Win

April 4, 2015
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Damn, Al Iaquinta wasn’t happy fans were booing after he won a split decision over Jorge Masvidal. “Raging” Al was so mad that he dropped an F-bomb on the fans. Props to UFC on FOX for the video.

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  • AtoZ

    he mad.

  • cheflacsto

    While I am no fan of Al, or the Longo, Serra camp, I do love his reaction. He didn’t score the fight for himself. Masvidal did great the first round and went into cruise control the last two. This was no surprise at all. I could see the 29-2 coming from a mile away. How the one judge got 30-27 I don’t know. Masvidal looked like he could finish him and never went for it after round 1. Al was active and moving forward, Masvidal was moving backwards and mostly counter striking. Not surprised at all. Go for the finish, don’t try to win a round decisively and then coast.

    • Darin

      I thought the same thing. I was not surprised the decision went the way it did. The idiots in the crowd need to take a note from the Japanese, shut up and respect the fighters.

      • BlueDuck

        Iaquinta should respect the fans and those corrupt judges should respect the sport.

        • brodog

          No, the fighters bust their asses in camp for weeks or months to put their bodies on the line for the ufc to put on a show, only to get booed for a decision they really had no control over in the first place? Drunken uneducated fans do need to take a note from the Japanese and learn some respect.

          • BlueDuck

            The fighters are there for the entertainment of the fans and for money in their pockets. If the fans don’t like the “show” the fighters wont have to worry about busting their asses and will soon find themselves out of a job. Get it?

          • deepgrim

            and there was me thinking the fighters were there to win their fight, maybe it is just wwe entertainment after all, i didnt know that. im surprised they keep the grapplers still in work as the fans seem to boo straight away when the grappling kicks in- maybe muay thai would suit them better.

          • BlueDuck

            Iaquinta is lucky he wasn’t a gladiator in Ancient Rome. The spectators would not “boo” him but he would be given a thumb across the neck and be nothing but a red stain on the arena ground.

          • tommy thumb

            good analogy. jk.

          • tommy thumb

            The fans can boo sure. But this wasn’t a bad fight. And if they can’t help but be uneducated, retarded fans and have to resort to booing, then boo the guy that took the third round off. Not the guy trying to fight. Point being, they can boo, he can curse at them. Not a big deal.

            It is entertainment, and that fight was entertaining. make sense?

        • tommy thumb

          you mean Judge crosby, the guy who has the personal beef with Longo and notoriously takes it out on his fighters with s— scores?
          Nah. Also why would you respect fans swearing at you after you fight your ass off?
          The general consensus (including the UFC brass) is that was a long time coming. Good for him.

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Iaquinta has a serious case of “roid rage” I guess that must be why they call him “raging Al”

    • JJDNB

      I was afraid he was gonna smack a little girl on this way out

  • The milkman

    It’s the most mentally and physically draining and emotion sport on the biggest stage of them all. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

    • tommy thumb

      agreed, said the same thing. He’s not a judge. lays it all out there for a bunch of dumb hicks to boo.

  • polk14

    He should have been happy with the gift he received from the two idiot judges. The crowd saw the same thing I did. Raging Al lost all three rounds.

  • runner2300

    Typical Long Island d-bag.

    • JJDNB

      You beat me to it lol

    • tommy thumb

      This I disagree with. The Douchebags are the fanboys that boo fighters during interview. The same ones that boo when there’s grappling. Not actual fans but watch, waiting for blood or a flash KO.

      The fighters arent judges and he went after it (whereas JM took most of the 3rd round off). He should be applauded for going after it and working towards a finish. Has zero to do with the final score.

      The same ones that boo’d JDS in his 2nd fight Velasquez. Dude took a beating and refused to go down. Boo’d during interview with Rogan. Disgusting.

      I think this moment was a long time coming.
      What’s with the slur against people that live on LI?

  • snapdad

    i thought the fight was very close. I would probably scored it for masvidal, but I wouldn’t call it a robbery. iaquinta acted like a baby in their, but it was funny and entertaining.

    • tommy thumb

      agreed. Diego Sanchez v Ross Pearson was a robbery. This isn’t even top ten bad decisions for 2015.

      • Sarge

        i think sean sherk vs evan dunham is right up there with pearson vs. sanchez

      • taylor2008

        Did you see the Hamill vs Bisping fight? Hamill had that that fight no problem and they gave to Bisping.

        • JJDNB

          That was horrible and then how classless Bisping was afterwards. More so then usual

        • tommy thumb

          agreed. Pissping has never handled decisions or criticism well. Thin skinned.

          • taylor2008

            That decision was so bad that before they announced who won, I had a $15 bet with my friend and he threw the $15 at me. He even admitted Hamill won before Bispings hand was raised. All of a sudden it was me digging in my pocket.
            When you have someone throwing you money to you before the winner is called you know its a bad call.

  • clem wilson

    just a terrible decision and sad to see it happen.

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Raging Al doesn’t have to worry about keeping his fans happy because he doesn’t have any other than his bigger twin brother Weidman. At least he’s not injured 11 months a year like Weidman

  • taylor2008

    Al didnt win. HE was nothing but classless! Maybe he needs to watch the tape. Only round had him winning was the 3rd.

  • Ruddog34

    I started to follow AL more last few fights. was beginning to like his fights but after this fight won’t pay much attention to his career. He lost 2 out of 3 rounds in my opinion, but more importantly should have handled the crowd better. Even Jorge who I wouldn’t blame if was pissed just smiled and walked away after shaking AL’s hand.