VIDEO: 68-Year-Old Woman Competes in MMA, Gets Knocked Out

February 24, 2016
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OK, we get that she signed a contract. We get that she has a competitive spirit. And yes, she can probably beat up our entire staff.


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Ann Perez entered the cage at a local show and wanted to prove age was just a number. She left the cage after her opponent, Laura Dettman, scored a knockout finish from full mount in what is a disturbing display of sport. We’re always for expressing your warrior spirit, but whoever sanctioned this should take look in the mirror, rethink their life choices and give themselves a strong slap in the face.

To the footage!

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  • no name

    Hahahahaha, this dried up sea hag got Menopause knocked out of her…………………..

  • no name

    Hahahahaha this dried up sea hag got the Menopause knocked out of her…………………..

    • Jason Darrah

      Dude, menopause passed her by 20 years ago.

      • no name

        Too bad your mother clearly had you after menopause you retard

        • Jason Darrah

          You mad bro?

  • Steve Soto

    That was a TKO NOT a KO. I also feel the promoter should be investigated.

    • That old bag signed a contract. Investigated for what? This ain’t a Douglas Dedge situation pal!

      • Floyd Wilson

        For exploiting a fighter.

      • Steve Soto

        Some of you ungrateful, inconsiderate and disrespectful punks need a lesson in respect for your elders and especially one that has the courage to face off against a much younger opponent.This was a clear mismatch you cognitively vacuous dweeb..

        • You vacuous swine!

          • dgs

            LOL! While I agree 100% with Steve Soto, this reply had me busting out loud, a rarity on this site.

            This is disturbing video. I’m 47 years old (male) and regularly beat the crap out of kids half my age in my gym (and am in better shape than most of them too), but… I’ve also been training in martial arts of one kind or another for over 25 years. I do think however maybe there should be a senior class available to anyone over 55 who would like to compete.

  • I want to ask Ann Perez… what was it like to live when Dinosaurs roamed the earth?

  • Raheem Washington

    She did better than Ken Shamrock….they had to dig him out of a grave and un-mummify him to fight and hes way younger than her.

    • Dave O

      Shamrock is the only fighter to wear leather in the ring. Makes me want to tan even more than I do now.

  • Richard Johnson

    This fight was way better to watch than that Kimbo Slice vs Dada 5000 fiasco. At least Perez was able to throw some punches and
    didn’t need to be taken out on a stretcher.

  • Rodney Elkins


    • Mikel Wuulf

      she.s gonna need a new heart now…

      • Rodney Elkins


    • Mike Jackson

      She had a damn good chin… well considering.

  • lostinsnow

    Kudos for Ann Perez for stepping in the octagon and we should all be as lucky to be that active when we’re 68. However age is not just a number and all those involved in putting this fight should be ashamed… Especially her coach, team, gym, and her opponent for even taking this fight! Sad to see how proud a fighter is for beating up an ole’ lady and felt the need to flex afterwards.

    • Mikel Wuulf

      u sound lostinstupidity. perez is the only one to blame. in mma, once u kick somebody’s ass, you flex. it’s a rule fucktard

  • Paul

    I feel pity for Perez cause you see clearly…Although I must admitt I respect Perez her courageous act…”Age ain’t just a number”. After 40 years of age…Your reaction speed clearly drops. And THAT’S Obvious Perez her disadvantage at MMA

  • bullcity Mac

    that was hard to watch

    • Nancy Bond

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  • mJS

    must feel great about that win…..

  • quiet4us2

    I agree, age is just a number. And yours was up a Loooong time ago. But there is a “silver” lining to this fight, she landed softly because of her Depends. LOL……and BTW , who was the blonde ring girl carrying the Round 1 sign ? Damn !

  • Capt Crackalackin

    It would have been funny if the interviewer asked her what sandwiches were like before sliced bread.

  • taton

    Why competes at this age??? I have no pride for fighting old people

    • Jeffrey

      the same reason the Texas flag flies at the same height as the American flag: because she can

      • anticerealkillerlol


  • bob3554

    pathetic ! stupid ! her age had nothing to do with it; she’s just not a good fighter.

  • Mikel Wuulf

    how many of us would love to LEGALLY kick some old white farts ass??!!! Dettman, i.m jealous!!!

    • Jeffrey


    • Webe Weldin

      In this case she would probably kick your sorry ass.

  • Jeffrey

    fight went about 20 seconds too long, but she wasn’t KO’d

  • ajpatriot

    I bet Laura was feeling bad about whoopin’ up on that old girl… but I bet she also thought, “There’s no way in Hell I’m going to get my a** whipped by a senior citizen!” and then proceeded to take her out the box.

  • kachuks

    There are 68 year old fighters and there are 68 yr. olds who want to fight. She is the latter. She can train and spar all she wants, but has no business getting in the cage at all.

  • pssportscards

    Absolutely deplorable. It was clear from just seeing her walk into the ring that she didn’t belong there. She is elderly.. walked elderly.. moved elderly.. punched elderly. Whoever sanctioned this should be thrown in prison, and while I can understand the other girl doing what she had to in order to win once the bell rang, the fact that she even agreed to this is just as disgusting. To me, that is equivalent to her being tossed in the ring with a man and getting her ass kicked. I hope her next opponent beats her to a bloody pulp.

  • Jim

    That feeling of being wrong hitting a girl, it’s even worse for beating on people over 60 years old. No doubt some of them are tough. Some people stay fit better than others, but over 60? Even near 70? Peoples bones are deteriorating at that age, how can you go and fight someone who is 70? Look it’s cool they are doing this, but I don’t know how you go into a fight and think … I’m going to give everything I have to beat on this person who is nearly 70 years old.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    This is nuts!

  • Lamar Scrotum

    Just wrong.

  • mjphoto45

    just a number/ You fought like you were 88

  • mjphoto45

    Had heart but NO brain

  • Id knock dat old white biyatch out too, then take her purse!!

  • Steve Stevens

    So a 20-something beats the snot out of a 68-year-old woman. What exactly did this fight prove?

  • Tragick

    LOL… What were people really expecting from this?

  • Baho Puwetmoh

    that wasn’t a knockout you click-bait peddling idiots

  • Dave O

    There is nothing competitive about this, it is disturbing. Whoever convinced that old lady to try and do this should get into a sales position, they would make much more money. Stupidity knows no age limit I guess…

  • Not2obvious

    I didn’t watch the clip, just had to comment that this is disturbing.

  • coldcuts

    Give the older lady credit, she lasted longer than some others, especially the ones Ronda Rousy fought. Her opponent could have easily won by submission without all the pounding.

  • Jason Johnson

    This organization should never be allowed to put on another event. Good to the lady fro being in great shape and training in the sport, but it was clear from jump that this lady did not have any speed or power and it was inevitable that she was going to take a beating. What was the point of that?

  • Rahsaan Woods

    She 68 years old she shouldn’t be near a ring. What she should have been doing is training her Grandkids!!!! Who the Fck allowed this bullcrap!!

  • Rahsaan Woods

    The sad part about it is that the 20 year old had no sympathy, when a male fighter fights and aging fighter they at least show some compassion. Example Ali vs Larry Holmes!!! the 20 year is afighting like she was in a competitive fight I am sorry but this was a joke and the joke was on you for taking this fight serious

  • Xavierdachosen

    that’s some sad shiiiiiit. But that 68 year old female fighter did fight better then Dada

  • citizen X

    Really a no win for Dettman, beat up a senior citisen or lose to one.

  • Medusa

    How could you want to fight a person that old?? The “win” is nothing to be proud about.

  • George

    The 68 year old was probably over confident due to the fact that she’s been successful beating the tar out of her 76 year old husband for the last 15 years.

  • bob lyons

    IDIOTS! anyone who had anything to do with this, what the hell is the matter with you?!! shamefull…

  • Koob

    I can see why Dettman fights old women–she can’t fight worth a hill of beans.

  • Matthew Harris

    “she can probably beat up our entire staff” Wow, you guys must be huge pussies.

    • Craig James


    • tha1

      For sure, lol!!

    • Darin

      She can probably write much better than them too

  • Craig James

    Why would this Laura moron even take this fight? What’s next for her – bringing the pain to a Bingo hall?

  • ayatollahofrocknrolla

    The old lady should have sent her cats out after Dettman.

  • ayatollahofrocknrolla

    At least there’s no danger of knocking out the old ladies teeth.

  • ayatollahofrocknrolla

    Old lady reached the rank of Silver belt through Moe’s Jiu Jitsu & BBQ.

  • hal_boogie

    Perez got beat down but not KO’ed….I’m proud of her! But I felt bad for Dettman b/c you’re screwed either way like a man fighting a woman…if you win, not a good look …if you lose, not a good look. So don’t do it!

  • Mike Jackson

    The whipper snapper didn’t appear to be able to hurt the her… that many unblocked shots and the silver haired bandit was still game (perfect ref stoppage, but the she was still ready to take more beating). No doubt she lost the fight in every aspect… but she has a better chin than Amir Khan.

  • roginator

    Are still required to wear a mouth guard when you have no teeth?

  • Livingston Hampton

    Goatflap… the problem here is that her opponent who is over forty years her junior already knew she was fighting an old lady that is nearly seventy. Laura Dettman could have backed out but instead she chose to fight. I’m betting her decision to do so was driven by two reasons… attention and the almighty dollar. I guess when that purse being offered is fat enough it’s hard to resist pounding on an opponent that’s old enough to be your grandmother huh? I just hope Dettman doesn’t decide to go on social media and brag about her dominating victory because that would make her truly pathetic.

    • vinceNYC

      36 year her senior and I’m sure the purse was peanuts……………….

  • Ryan Itdieztoday

    and if your gonna give someone like CM punk who has never fought in the UFC before and is a script coward… and stilll has yet to have a fight… why not sign a badass grandma

  • jwayne59

    Look 68 yrs old she lasted way longer than Aldo ,did with conor. she can try fighting da da 5000 next just run around the ring for about a minute or so, with him following , he would be so gassed she could easily knock him out or push him over. maybe be granny hillarys running mate and body guard.

  • Marcus Sellers


    • D. Van Nostrand

      yeah …total click bait. She got right up onto her fight , immediately after the fight was stopped.

  • Michael Michael

    Shame on the organization! Shame on the corner man! Shame on the referee! Shame on her opponent! Shame on the network that aired this! Shame on everyone involved that allowed this fight to happen. Wtf is wrong with people???

  • aNYagenda

    I dont think thats funny at all.
    I guess there’s free will and everything but some things just aint right.

    • GlenMurray Glen Ross (GKG2015)

      yeah – exactly how I feel.. don’t want to make it illegal but sure wish it would never happen again..

      sorry but old folks’ bodies not only don’t heal.. but can create blood clots.. this fight could have killed her.

  • kale

    Dont forget the commission and doctors involved in clearing her to fight.. there a lawsuit there im sure

    • vinceNYC


  • vinceNYC

    Ann Perez , from what I read had much experience in kickboxing…this wasnt an old woman pulled from the stands…So she signed a contract , I assume it was sanctioned but maybe not…….I was just surprised how long it took the ref to stop it

  • Darin

    There was no knock out. The fight should have been stopped (or never started) several shots earlier, but stop lying in your titles mmaweekly.