V3 Fights Champion Amberlynn Orr Taking it One Step at a Time

January 20, 2015
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Though she only had one fight in 2014, taking time between bouts is what V3 Fights women’s bantamweight champion Amberlynn Orr prefers in order to be the fighter she aspires to be.

“I’m not the kind of person who likes to fight all the time,” Orr told MMAWeekly.com. “I like to be a different style fighter every time I step in there, which requires work in between each fight.

“I definitely got a lot of publicity in 2014 and pushed myself and took some good steps forward.”

While she’s only lost once in her nine amateur bouts so far, Orr’s path has not always been easy, even in victory. In particular, when she defeated Jamie Milanowski in a champion vs. champion bout in 2013, Orr feels she took her biggest step forward.

“That was definitely my most difficult fight to date, but it was also my favorite fight,” said Orr. “I learned a lot in that fight because the first time I ever had to both quit and start over or push through and keep going.

“I overcame and I won and it was a very glorifying fight.”

Orr (8-1) will look to defend her V3 135-pound title this Saturday in Memphis against Alyssa Vasquez (7-4).

“I think a lot of previous opponents have made the mistake of assuming what I’m going to do,” said Orr. “I think my strengths lay in being able to capitalize on my opponent’s mistakes. I take advantage of every opportunity given me.

“Alyssa is a good fighter, she’s tough, and will fight anybody, but I just see myself overcoming any situation.”

Now that she’s established herself as one of the best amateur fighters in women’s MMA, Orr has big plans for herself in 2015 at the pro level.

“Even though my instructor told me last summer that he wants me to have a couple more fights before turning pro, I’ve improved since then in every aspect, so I hope when I dominate and win this fight, I hope it will change his mind a little,” said Orr.

“I don’t want to throw anything out there too soon, but I’m hoping to be with Invicta before year’s end. They definitely know who I am, and they’ll know a lot more after this fight.”

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