US Anti-Doping Agency Drug Tests Alexander Gustafsson for UFC Stockholm

January 6, 2015
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UFC light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson on Monday said that the United States Anti-Doping Agency was enlisted to drug test him in the lead-up to his UFC on FOX 14 main event fight with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

The bout is slated for Jan. 24 in Stockholm. As such, it was the Swedish MMA Federation that requested USADA conduct Gustafsson’s testing.

It’s not at all surprising that a UFC main event fighter is undergoing random drug testing, which is usually the case. Gustafssom had no problem with it. In fact, he welcomes more rigid testing. He just hopes that Johnson is undergoing the same random testing that he is.

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Alexander Gustafsson“A request from Sweden has been sent to US Anti Doping commission to come and test me. This is the way it’s done in Sweden, no matter where you are, you are under control, which I really appreciate,” Gustafsson wrote on Facebook after providing samples to a USADA representative.

“I want my sport to be clean so everyone compete under the same terms. Therefore, I would like to request that the same tests applies to my competitor Rumble Johnson. I want us both to show the world that we are clean top athletes competing in the UFC on equal terms.”

At one time, the UFC had been planning to conduct its own out-of-competition, year-round drug testing program on its athletes, but company president Dana White recently said that was no longer the case, that his company had “no business” jumping head first into the regulatory business.

A recent bungled handling of a test applied to Cung Le in Macao, China, was cited as a specific example as to why the promotion shouldn’t be running its own drug testing program.

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“We have no business doing drug testing,” said White last week. “We (expletive) it up, and we will (expletive) it up again. That’s what the commission is there to do.”

The UFC isn’t abandoning its efforts altogether, it just won’t be trying to implement and manage its own program. Instead, White said the company would help fund the efforts of the various regulatory bodies that sanction events around the globe.

“What we’ll do is we’ll help fund it so they can do better drug testing, more drug testing,” he said. “They can handle it. They’re the regulators.”

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  • MPA2000

    Hm no mention on this site about Jon coming up positive for cocaine? Hm.

  • DPG

    mike tyson got a W turned into a NC after a positive cocaine test, wonder what they will do with jj

  • DPG

    normally no win and bonus money, no personal reekbok deal and more importantly no title.
    gustafsson vs rumble for title, and DC in an eliminator bout.. he should get another crack imo (even tough cocaine is no PED, or is it?)

  • DPG