Urijah Faber Turned Down Fight Against TJ Dillashaw, but Would Fight Conor McGregor in Ireland

February 16, 2015
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Former featherweight titleholder and perennial UFC contender Urijah Faber recently turned down an offer to face bantamweight champion and teammate T.J. Dillashaw.

“I had a strange call from Dana [White] that threw out a scenario of fighting for the belt with TJ and I turned it down. I don’t turn down fights, it’s not my thing, but it would be kind of weird if I fought TJ at 135,” Faber told Submission Radio.

“It’s weird. I feel like, I don’t really feel like it was him pitching me. He goes, ‘Look, I know you think you’re fighting [Raphael] Assuncao, but what if I told you you’re going to be fighting TJ for the belt in here?’ And I was like, ‘ah man, that’d be kind of weird. I think I would rather just fight Assuncao.’ That was kind of the conversation. He goes ‘okay’ and then hung up,” explained Faber.

Dillashaw and Faber“It was probably a 24-second conversation. So I feel like he was having a bet on this, like a couple of people in the room. It was after he’d said we’d fight each other, which never really happened. We hadn’t had the conversation at all. So if TJ really wanted that fight and wanted me to fight him because it was going to be a huge pay day, and it was going to be the opportunity that put him over, and it’d be a great benefit to both of us, I would have that conversation, but it’d need to be with TJ kind of bringing that to me,” added “The California Kid.”

Faber is scheduled to face former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar at UFC Fight Night 65 in the Philippines on May 16. Prior to that fight being signed, he was expected to face Raphael Assuncao, but Assuncao was unable to accept the fight due to a slow-healing ankle injury. After his May showdown with Edgar, Faber wouldn’t mind taking on Conor McGregor in Ireland.

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“If I could get another shot at 145 or even I feel like a fight with McGregor is a big fight right now. I’d do that in a heartbeat. If he wants to go to Ireland, I’ll be the heel in Ireland in front of 90,000 folks. Either way I’m good for anything. I’m just going to take it one fight at a time. I have a huge task in front of me. I’m fighting a legend and one of the top fighters pound-for-pound in the world in my opinion, Frankie Edgar, and I’m looking forward to that,” he said.

McGregor faces featherweight champion Jose Aldo in the UFC 189 main event on July 11 in Las Vegas. Since arriving in the organization two years ago, McGregor has risen through the ranks and become a superstar. Along the way, he’s been criticized for his trash talk and called out by every wrestler in the division, but Faber likes the fact that McGregor is just being himself.

“I like it. I like his fighting style. He’s got a great fighting style. We haven’t really seen him, especially with his grappling. His grappling seems pretty good though. I don’t know how he’d deal against a great wrestler, but he definitely has some great movement, some great stand-up, “said Faber.

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“As far as personality goes, I think he’s a good guy. I don’t think he’s being fake, which I like. There’s guys that talk a big talk and are being a character, but they’re not being real, and I feel like that’s really who he is, and I think that’s fine. He believes in himself, he’s got quick wit. I’ll do some dancing with the guy if it ever gets to that, but I enjoy it. I think he’s good.”

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  • RoBEERtoe

    As much as I like Faber, the only way he gets past McGreggor is by biting his ankles.

    • drkdisciple


    • Hassan Jarufu


    • Tim

      Ha-ha!! Funny and true

  • Groinstrike

    Got to be honest. I hope they do fight. Faber would get dropped either by a knee, or kicked in the mouth.. Wrestlers wonder why so many people love Connor. The reason is Connor finishes his fights. Wrestlers some how feel proud of grinding out boring decisions. The only people they put to sleep are the fans. I’m not talking about grappling. I’m talking about holding on to a guy for 3+ minutes in every round. You want to look at successful wrestlers. Look at Cain. This guy makes wrestling exciting.

    • Baller31

      Two things: Faber’s never boring, and mcgregor hasn’t fought anyone top 5 so thus far he’s all hype

      • Seth

        Is he…? How often you see Siver getting break COMPLETLY? When was the last time you saw Porier getting blasted like that, from someone who wasn’t suppose to be THAT good? People should give him credit for what he did, instead of hating on him for no reason at all…

        As far as fight goes – that would be tougher fight for Faber, than fighting Edgar, so I appreciate that there is at least 1 fighter in the UFC who actually would ask for tougher fight, or at least say he would like to take it. Why Connor is harder than Edgar? Its easy.

        Edgar thinks. He has a set gameplan which he follows and exectue it perfectly, adapting to what happens in a fight and changing what he needs to change, in order to keep winning. Frankie is tough as hell and posseses amazing skillset, but he thinks about fighting and what he will do.

        On the other hand, you have Connor who will not think about what he will do to you – he will just blast you to the face, untill you break and quit, or ref stops the fight. It’s harder to predict what he will do and its harder to defend – because, lets face it, Connor hits waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay harder than Edgar does. Faber pretty much can take Edgar’s volume strikes all night and keep responding. But can he risk to take a shot from Connor? I doubt it.

        So I hope that Connor wins his title fight, Faber gets past Edgar and then we can put together Faber/McGregor for the title 🙂

        • Tim

          Maybe Faber and his sister Dillashaw can fight Mc Gregor at the same time. He’d still bitch slap them both. Dillashaw is about to lose his title.

          • Seth

            Before or after TJ dominates Barao again, like he did last time?

          • Groinstrike

            Time will tell. Barao isn’t a stupid fighter. After being dominate so long he may have underestimated TJ. Chances are he will have made changes, and be better prepared. Against Barao he looked great. His last fight not so much.

      • Tim

        Poirier was number 5 when they fought. You obviously don’t know crap about MMA. Another Mc Gregor hater, who can’t accept that Mc Gregor is beyond legit – he’s elite amongst elite fighters.

    • deepgrim

      the fight doesnt really make sense tho, mc gregor is in line for the 145 title and then wants to move up where as faber is usually fighting at 135. it would be a big pay day for both tho as they both have a good fan base

  • GuesT

    I’d like To see mcgregor/Faber or mcgregor/Edgar. Neither fight would be boring.

    • AjPr1mo

      I totally agree, both of those fights would be interesting while also providing McGregor a challenge in the form of a wrestler.

  • Tim

    No offense to that whole group at Alpha Fail, but Mc Gregor would slap Faber or Dillashaw around. Let’s be real here. You can’t prepare for a guy like Mc Gregor, he hits so hard from angles you don’t know, hence breaking his opponents apart. Oh yeah – he backs his smack talk up and some. Let’s hope Edgar smashes Faber. Edgar is a great fighter who everybody respects

    • Bigmac

      No offense to CoNner Mc Donalds but just because you are a smack talkin Irish clown doesn’t mean you are worthy of a title shot. ConNer should have to fight a top 3 ranked fighter to get a shot.

      • Tim

        What top three guy did Dillashaw fight before his title shot?? Oh that’s right – none. He was 5-2. You obviously don’t know crap about MMA. Username “Big Mac”. Really??

  • Guest

    Faber needs to get out of the business if he isn’t going to want to win a championship or at least move to featherweight division for the long term rather than knocking off a contender each time.

  • Matte

    I, who have followed McGregor since his first fight in the UFC, know he’s been hated from certain people since even before that fight. He had never fought a UFC caliber fighter, never a this, never a that and so on. The next step would always be the last.

    I don’t even say he will become the greatest ever. I do say he has more than backed up every word so far, he has been nothing of stellar in each and every aspect of the game.

    He has already far surpassed all of the haters expectations, hell he’s fighting for the title next. What else would you have him do?

    Yes, I would love to see him tested vs stellar wrestlers like Edgar (who I respect greatly) and Aldo who’s striking is subpar to none.

    And I know I’m gonna get to do that aswell.

  • Timothy Malone

    Probably giving up his chance to be champion, as I think Faber would beat Dillashaw

  • Tim

    No, I just like fighters that back their word up. What will you say if Mc Gregor beats Aldo?? Mc Gregor is an A-hole and don’t like his personality. But his fighting ability is phenomenal. As for his freakish punch, he rocked Poirier with a left before that. Did you actually see the fight??