Urijah Faber Talks TUF on Dominick Cruz (Video)

March 9, 2012
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Urijah FaberUrijah Faber has been in a lot of tough fights in his career, numerous “pressure cookers.” But he’s now headed for 12 weeks coaching opposite possibly the one true enemy he has in the sport of mixed martial arts. He’ll coach across from UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz for the duration of season 15 of The Ultimate Fighter.

“I like to have an enemy. What a great guy to be an enemy with,” Faber told MMAWeekly.com’s Damon Martin in an exclusive interview as the season draws near.

As always, he handles the pressure with aplomb, not dreading it, but looking forward to the opportunities it presents, not only for himself, but for all his fellow lighter weight class fighters.

“This is gonna be a move in the right direction in getting the lighter weight fighters the recognition they deserve,” said Faber.

But, of course, he’s also looking forward to taking all the years of hard work that he’s put into the sport and play the situation in his personal favor as well.

“I’m reaching my best years and it’s off the back of a lot of hard work,” Faber said.

“At this point, I’m at my most competitive weight and ready to take advantage of that.”

Faber had all this and much more to say in his exclusive interview with MMAWeekly.com. Check it out…

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  • alhmiel

    Has faber ever won a fight of importance. Faber seems like a born loser. all talk all hype little to back it up. Just a shrimp without any big wins.

    • afk

      you’re ignorant. do us all a favour and talk less for the rest of your life.


    • You must be new to the sport.

      Lurk more, post less.

      • opposition13

        No, I agree with the fact that Faber has no big wins…but thats because his weight class had no talent except him…..once Brown kicked his ass TWICE he found a reality check…and then Aldo made him look like a kicking pad….I dont like Cruz either, but Faber really needs to gooooo…at least to the women category…so he can blend in with the whinning category…

  • alhmiel

    Faber is a midget half man short stick. All hype little action and a born loser. Faber cannot win a big fight and his career meager as it was is about over thank goodness.

  • believethat

    Urijah has had a great career, only great fighters have great careers. STOP HATIN

    • opposition13

      agreat career with no big challenges, once Brown and Aldo became his challenge look what happened,…he cut weight…WOW!

  • natpaukar7

    I will say that Faber didn’t step up against Aldo or Brown like I would have liked…but I would say…quite the contrary…he has had some really big wins in his day and most of which were impressive performances of extreme athleticism and great strength for his size…I think he is more than competitive at this weight class or at 145…I think his last fight with Bowles he looked unbelievable…keep in mind this is a guy that handed Miguel Torres his first loss in a LONG time and has been on a tear and Faber just easily put him away…if Faber doesn’t win I still know he will be a great competitor.

  • alhmiel

    in big fights Faber drops out. Faber is an over-hyped average little guy who cannot win a big fight. Big talking little action to back his talk up. Basically the wee one is on his last legs career wise.

    • Faber beat cruz in their second fight. you’re just a cruz nut hugger. at least faber finishes fights whereas cruz hops around like a retard for 25 minutes and talks like he actually has knockout power, which he doesn’t.

      • opposition13

        i say they are both retards and I agree about faber winning no big fights….once Brown stepped in and knocked him out he was pretty much useless. And Im glad Aldo kicked his ass to for being such a cocky crap! Aldo chased him for 5 rounds and still managed to land effective hits. Maybe u are the nut hugger

  • alhmiel

    the Wee midget faber is a loser all hype no action. Might be the most overrated fighter ever in MMA. Chris Cyborg could beat the tiny wimp faber. Shrimp can’t win a big fight career over little man.

  • opposition13

    Faber needs to move to the women category, he has better chances there..

  • alhmiel

    Faber could not beat Cris Cyborg and faber and Rousey is a toss up. Faber beats meisha tate I think. The tiny white elf mini kid Faber is all hype and terrible.

  • adam1848

    Faber has several fight of the night and submission of the night bonuses in the last couple years. He showed huge heart fighting Brown with a broken hand, and lost to Aldo and Cruz, both of whom could make an argument for being top 10 pound for pound fighters. He is dynamic and well rounded. I think the fact that the middle school kids on here have nothing better to criticize him for than being short or saying he should fight women (which is only an insult to a narrow minded tween) says something. I don’t even like Faber, but if you are going to hate on him, at least have something intelligent to say.