Urijah Faber Senses Danger in Renan Barão that Dominick Cruz Doesn’t Possess (UFC 149 Video)

July 16, 2012
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Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz spent the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter building up the rubber match in what was expected to be the finale to their trilogy at UFC 148.

That was until Cruz fell out of the bout due to injury, likely being put on the sidelines for the better part of the next year.

Reacting quickly, the UFC enlisted Renan Barão – riding an 18-fight winning streak – to face Faber to declare an interim bantamweight champion. The fight was shortly thereafter moved to this week’s UFC 149 when the Calgary card’s original headliner, Jose Aldo, withdrew due to injury.

While many casual fans may not know much about Barão, Faber is well aware of his new Brazilian foe, declaring that he is a much more explosive and dangerous fight for him than what he would have expected out of Cruz.

“This is the most dangerous fight in the UFC in the 135-pound division right now. You look at Dominick Cruz, he’s a great fighter. He’s not a dangerous fighter,” remarked Faber.

“All of Renan Barão’s fights are memorable. He’s a dangerous fighter. We’re going to go out there and try to rip each others’ heads off. It’s going to be ugly.”

Check out what else Urijah Faber had to say about Renan Barão and Dominick Cruz when he fielded questions from fans. (Note: This video was recorded prior to the event change to UFC 149 in Calgary.)

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  • maddawgmar

    I agree. Dominick doesnt try to win fights, he tries not to lose. It makes for a real boring fighter. Renan is always looking to finish. This is a better match up, two fighters who will bring it, instead of one bringing the heat and the other avoiding anything.

    • atmosphere

      Faber is always active and looking to finish as well, whereas Jackson Alliance product Dominick Guida prefers to bob-and-weave while moonwalking.

  • I cant wait until this one is over because Barao vs Cruz is going to be an amazing fight.

  • bigwurm

    He’s just pissed that Cruz beat him.. he sounds like a little bitch repeating this. I think he forgot that he LOST the last time he fought Cruz lol I agree uncanny390 that is going to be a fun fight to watch.

  • soboc1

    I wont know if Barao Cruz will be a good fight because i refuse to waste another 25 minutes of my life watching a Cruz fight. I’d rather walk in front of a moving bus.

  • KBEsq

    I love fights like this (Faber/Barao), because it’s one of those fight where whoever wins, it’s impressive. Obviously, if Barao beats Faber, that will be a huge statement, but I think the converse is true too.

    I agree with people who think Cruz is boring. I actually like the guy, but I do think he’s the stand-up version of lay-and-pray.

    • Orthodoxxx

      Stick and move?

  • uhumm

    dominick is boring and fights with ugly technique based on speed and reflexes wait until he’s reflexes slow down and he will be done Barao or Aldo if in the same class will smash him and send him to where he belongs the track team