Urijah Faber Says He Fought at UFC 169 with Torn Hamstring, Bruised Patella Tendon

February 2, 2014
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Urijah Faber - UFC 139Urijah Faber disputed the stoppage of his UFC 169 loss to Renan Barao, but one thing he won’t dispute is how lousy his camp was for the fight.

Faber said at the post-fight press conference that he tore his hamstring leading into UFC 169, but followed through with the fight because he felt he had to take advantage of the opportunity.

“Eight days into this camp I tore my hamstring [and] bruised my patella tendon,” Faber revealed. “I was doing hyperbaric chamber, everything I could to heal up and I felt great.”

Faber said he was able to do mitt work to prepare for a striking exchange with Barao, but sparring wasn’t in the books for the former WEC featherweight champion. Faber said his injury allowed him to spar only one time in the lead-up to Saturday’s pay-per-view.

Despite the injury and lack of sparring time, Faber said he still felt great in the fight.

“It was just a minor tear of my hamstring and a deep bruise of my patella tendon,” he said. “I was doing mitt work like twice a day. I wasn’t able to spar. I only sparred once for this camp, but honestly today I felt great coming into the fight. I was worried about that coming in, but things just healed in time.”

Faber took the Barao fight on short notice after former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz was forced off the card with an injury. “The California Kid” said he would have preferred a longer camp to prepare for a fight with someone like Barao, but added that he’s a believer of taking advantage of any opportunity he gets, no matter the circumstances.

“I would have liked a longer training camp, of course, but this isn’t a world where you get to chose your opportunities and you have to take advantage of the ones you get – I’m a believer in that,” he said. “You look for opportunities, not guarantees. Today I thought I was going to win the fight, 100 percent. That’s why I took it.”

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  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    and casual neocons believes him!
    Dana White too that is ready to give him another title shot.

  • drkdisciple

    Stop it with the excuses! This guy is turning into a Tito Ortiz JR !!

  • horace

    Now that elf dwarf midget Faber is making the excuses. Has this shrimp faber ever won a huge fight??? terrible fighter is Faber and a baby making excuses. Man up shrimp and give credit to your opponent.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Oh so that’s why Barao kicked your butt. Give the man his 15th title shot Dana!

  • Big Tuna

    C’mon that didn’t have anything to do with the outcome of this fight. Unless your had a neck injury that prevented you from moving that giant head keep quite. keep your thumbs down and fight back then you won’t have to whine after

  • Dude

    Just don’t kick him in his chin – your foot may get stuck

  • scott

    what a bunch of c*nts you people are, faber cleaned out the division and took a huge tittle fight on short notice. Yet you cellar dwellers see fit to bash him? Grow up.

    • Manuel Lopez

      No one put a gun to his head to take that fight on short notice. Barao is a monster and YOU DONT take a fight against him without the proper preparation. So if that is your excuse it is a weak one. This guy is full of excuses, and that’s it, enough is enough with the title fights. He couldn’t beat Brown, Cruz or Barao. He is not on that level. All you Faber nut huggers have got to let go man. Yes he is a fierce competitor but NOT in Barao’s level at all. Accept it, deal with it!

      • Twizz Nizzle

        A 3rd match with with Cruz is needed..Cruz never dominated in his victory over Faber like Faber did Cruz in wec…..n i think Faber Beat Cruz…..

    • Big Tuna

      Go suck his chin then.

  • annoyed

    Fabers a beast. The guy RAN 145 until the likes of mike brown and jose aldo came around. Yes, barao beat him twice, yes, hes had titleshots with losing outcomes, but he earns his shots everytime, the only times he got mauled were against aldo and barao the first time, hes held the belt for years, and took this fight on short notice. Think hes such a shrimp and failure? Do some research, open your eyes, and keep quiet until you know enough to speak.

    That is all.

    • brad king

      Yea Im sure Faber woulda halted that 30 fight win streak. If it were to take place on MARS or some other parellel universe. He looked dead in the water. How Herb coulda spotted his thumb he would have had to have xray vision.

      • annoyed

        Im not saying he wouldve won, im saying people are quick to throw hate around without knowing their subject. He may not win a belt again, but its not like he hasnt done things, prove people wrong, and reigned dominantly. Also, even if hes at the end of his run, hes far from an easy fight for anyone at 125, 135, or 145.

        • Big Tuna

          He hasn’t done anything in the UFC and that’s where it counts

    • Big Tuna

      You are referring to his WEC days which are long gone, he is a mediocre UFC talent

      • rodrigofl100 .

        Wait, isn’t Aldo also from the WEC days which are long gone?

  • Shred Man

    Herb Dean is a horrible ref and that was a terrible stoppage. Uriah was intelligently defending himself, covering up and gives a thumbs up while Barao was hitting Uriah’s arm with weak baby hammer fists that wouldn’t hurt a fly and Herb retard stops it. Its the friggin main event and a title fight!!! What an idiot!!!

    • Big Tuna

      Wobbling legs with a thumb up is not intelligent or defense.

      • Shred Man

        Smelly Tuna, you are retarded aren’t you? When you are on the ground, covering up and blocking baby hammer fists with your left arm, that IS called intelligently defending yourself. And when you put your thumb up to the ref, that means, hey ref, I’m ok and these baby hammer fists don’t hurt, so don’t stop the fight. Dumbass.

        • deepgrim

          no that wasnt intelligently defending himself. he stayed pure stationairy.. if the shots didnt hurt he could have tried to get to his feet or work a single on that leg that he had hold of. felt if it had have went on for another 20 seconds faber would staill have been taking punches in the same position. its shit that it ended in that grey area but faber should have done something about it. still feel he was getting finished regardless

        • Big Tuna

          That might be how you defend yourself but not at this level he was flopping like a fish accept it. Faber will never be a UFC champ

    • fsunoles10

      to say herb dean is a horrible ref tells me you’re speaking out of extreme anger cuz him and big john are hands down the greatest refs.

  • Racin8de

    Regardless of the horrible stoppage or not, Faber was hurt PERIOD. Even if Dean were to let the fight continue Barao would have finished him and I’m a huge Faber fan. It sucks, no doubt about it, but at the end of the day Faber has his health. Baroa is a good fighter, but he does have “retard strength” and just lands a weird punch. I mean look at the way he acts after he wins a fight.lol Dudes a fcking beast !. He will not hold that belt long, he takes chances, and he is very unorthodox and someone will eventually capitalize on it. I stopped caring about this division with all these different interim titles etc. When and did Cruz fight for the Title? Dominick Cruz is the biggest C*nt the UFC ever signed. I can’t even remember seeing him fight in the UFC, only coaching TUF. Wtf is up with that? The new rules of the UFC Title Matches should be: The fighters will fight until: A.) The Champ or the opponent gets knocked the fck out “or” b.) the Champ or Opponent quits.believe letting the fight come to one of these two conclusions will end all speculation on who did or did not win the fight, the way cage fighting Used to be …..Fcking gladiator style.I

    • Racin8de

      Are you fcking dumb or just a stupid FCKSTAIN? Read what I typed you waste of life ! I will bend you over a FCK you like a red headed step child !

  • iLikeFaber

    Glad to see him get f***ed in his gaping wide ass chin. The biggest choke artist in MMA history. He chokes worse than David Carradine. Woulda been better if he went unconscious, but I guess watching him lose in a totally justified ref stoppage then whine about it afterwards is always satisfying. Can someone please tell him to stop calling himself “Kid” when he’s 34 years old? (Seriously, google it. He’s a 34 year old man calling himself a kid!) It’s creepy as hell. Is it Michael Jackson mentality?

    • shakejunt

      you’re really grasping at straws here in your attempt to talk down on him

    • horace

      Great comment on Faber being a loser as the elf faber is a loser.

  • horace

    Elf Faber is terrible deal with it.

    • brad king

      He is short but not an elf. what the hell is wrong with you horace.

  • Ed5

    2nd, 3rd Best…that’s what Faber is. His days as champion are long gone so stop with the title shot after title shot shenanigans. Fighters have gotten better and more evolved. Yes, so has he, but not like this generation of champions.

    • shakejunt

      would you like to tell us who this mysterious challenger is that deserved the shot over faber?

  • BobGyro

    Retire mr.runner up

  • singledad903

    All these keyboard warriors crack me up. Talking all hard on your mom’s desktop late at night so you can troll ppl and then look up porn. I hope the dial up noise doesn’t wake your mommy. Get a job. Join a gym. Diet. Lose weight. Make something of yourself. Find Jesus. Internet trolling cuz you’re only athletic skill is taking pics of the boys in the locker room after games….you wouldn’t say this to Faber in person. Coward. Troll.

    • put me in the sauna coach

      Yeah cause if you’re the 2nd best 135er in the world then you must be a pathetic loser who needs to retire from a profession you love.

    • John Lee

      Take it easy dude! Being a single dad indicates that you have your shit together, but lets not go attacking everyone else for bringing up legitimate points. The guy lost ANOTHER title fight, his 6th in a row. Instead of coming to the realization that he is no longer championship material, he wants to make excuses (and take away from the other guy’s performance too, BTW).

  • George Sperry

    Waaaaa… Waaaaa.
    If you fight for the title and are injured it’s on you.

  • MikeMcK

    I didn’t read all the comments so others may have brought this up, or I may have completely misunderstood.
    I thought Faber said he obtained those injuries during the camp for the McDonald camp. He was asked about this fight, but mentioned having a horriable camp for the McDonald fight. I recall him implying those injuries impacted this fight as well saying he was only able to spar once. Then he said he felt great going to the cage for this fight.
    I watched the original press conference so I might have just misunderstood, or MMAWeekly might have.
    I’m not a fan of guys pulling a Tito Ortiz, but after all was said and done Faber didn’t seem to come off as making excuses during the conference. This isn’t a situation where I’d knock Faber. (which I kind of like to do.) Faber gave proper respect on this one. If what he says is true than facts are facts. He didn’t come off as implying it caused him to lose in the slightest. There’s nothing wrong with speaking honestly when asked a question.

  • horace

    Faber loses every big fight and is terrible. Looks good for a few minutes then loses. Born loser. Needs to get back to Oz that little munchkin.

  • rapidfire

    what’s new? more excuses when you lose or win.
    when you win:I fought with this and that injury but still won and imply that he hasn’t showed his true potential.
    when you lose: I fought with this and that injury so I couldn’t perform.

  • horace

    Get that midget faber out of the UFC

    • brad king

      get that dwarf midget horace outta mma weekly