Urijah Faber Says Dominck Cruz Injury ‘Sucks’; Now in for a More Dangerous Fight

June 10, 2012
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Urijah Faber at UFC 139Urijah Faber, after months of preparing for a rubber match with UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, is instead making final preparations for a fight with fellow contender Renan Barão.

Cruz had to pull out of the fight when he injured his ACL during training while he and Faber were coaching opposite each other on The Ultimate Fighter Live.

It’s well know that there is no love lost between Faber and Cruz, but that doesn’t mean that the California Kid was happy about the change in plans.

“I was very disappointed,” Faber stated recently.

“I feel for the guy. As much as we get on each other’s nerves there is a mutual respect there. We spent a lot of time together. We were so looking forward to ripping each other’s heads off; mostly me ripping his head off and him doing his thing.”

Faber, and now Cruz, have worked long and hard to help establish the 135-pound class in the UFC, finally giving lighter weight fighters a place to ply their trade at their natural weight instead of constantly having to compete in a higher weight class.

And Cruz vs. Faber III was poised to be the biggest little-man fight in the promotion’s history.

“It sucks for him, it sucks for me, because that’s a big fight,” said Faber.

“The bright side is, we’re gonna do it at some other point.”

Moving on to Barão in a battle for the interim bantamweight championship at UFC 149, however, Faber knows better than to expect a walkover.

Barão is 28-1, having lost only the first bout of his professional career. He’s undefeated in five fights under the Zuffa banner – counting both WEC and UFC bouts – defeating top contenders like Brad Pickett and Scott Jorgensen.

“This is the most dangerous fight in the UFC 135-pound division right now,” said Faber, believing that Barão, despite Faber’s loss to Cruz, is the much tougher style match-up.

We’ll find out come July 21 in Calgary, and then possibly, several months down the line, we’ll finally see Cruz vs. Faber III.

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  • Faber, you need to be the “comeback kid” I believe you are one that has changed the sport into a lot more freestyle diversity and speed while inventing moves during the process. I see more newer fighters utilyzing simular techniques with success


    Faber sux ! so does all that divison . BORING FIGHTS ! havnt seen a good one yet! Light , Welter, and Middle got the best fights and fighters. UFC could do away with all thse light ass flybantam bs fights. Nothing gets me more pumped up than ppv batamweights YAYY !!!! BLOW!!!!!

    • Drock420

      I totally disagree about all of the lighter weight classes being boring fights! Did you see The Korean Zombie vs Dustin Poirier? That was one of the best fights I’ve seen in a long time!!!

    • JesseShredderMalloy

      boring fights? you mean guys throwing punches/kicks/nonstop movement isn’t entertainment? I hated on the bantamweight division…before I ever saw a fight from there, now its one of my favorites to watch.

  • erwinrommel

    Well, maybe the absence of knockout power on most fighters of this category make the fights boring. But Faber x Barão will give us a lot o movement and technique, on the ground or standing. I’m sure this is going to be a huge main event.


    My bad DROCK ! I was thinkn Chan Sung Jung “KOREAN ZOMBIE” was light weight . That was a great fight 2nd all year besides Ellenberger Sanchez but I seen more boring fights than good ones and i kind of forgot about featherweights ZOM s pretty good and exciting. i just get pissed at those little shrimp toast main event 3 rd meaningless to 75% of the fans fights “LAST FX CARD” I meen would of you paid 4 that sh%& !!!! HEAVY BLOWS TOO !! I meen feb 2013 dos santos vs cain 4 “BAD BLOOD” with stephan struve big country rematch weak!!!!!!

  • Drock420

    It’s cool OMAHAK1LLA, I will not be buying this PPV, it’s a total **** card I agree. Anyone that buys this PPV is an idiot, no offense to anyone. This card should be free!! I’ll probably watch it online though. An I am tired of all the rematches too, it’s getting annoying!!


    urija faber shud drink mountain dew and go surfing !