Urijah Faber Expected to Rematch Ivan Menjivar at UFC 157 in Anaheim

December 3, 2012
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It’s a rematch almost 7 years in the making but former WEC champion Urijah Faber will look to exact a bit of revenge when he faces Ivan Menjivar at UFC 157 in Anaheim.

Sources close to the fight confirmed to MMAWeekly.com that verbal agreements are in place for the bantamweight showdown set to happen as part of the Feb 23 in Anaheim.

Faber and Menjivar first met in January 2006 in Canada as part of the TKO promotion. Faber won the fight, but it was after an illegal kick to a downed opponent courtesy of Menjivar.

Now with both fighters competing at 135lbs, they will meet again at UFC 157 in Anaheim.

Faber was originally expected to come back a little earlier as part of the UFC 156 card, but with his following in his home state of California, it seems only natural to have him compete in Anaheim instead.

Tatame.com first reported the match-up but MMAWeekly.com later confirmed the bout would take place at UFC 157, not UFC 156.

  • Tasha

    That’s going to be exciting! I always love seeing Faber fight and I always love a good rematch

  • SeanDamnit

    Not sure I understand the home state thing…I mean sure he’s from California, but CA is a pretty big state and Anaheim and Sacramento are very far apart. As far apart as Philly to Charlotte I believe.

    I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t think he has a following in So Cal that’s any bigger than any other state…

    • bajafox

      lol, I think even Vegas is closer to him than Anaheim

      • Daddy

        No It’s not

      • Timothy Malone

        You have it backwards. Anaheim is closer to Vegas than it is to Faber’s base of Sacramento.

  • shakejunt

    great fight. certainly no gimme for faber and a big chance for menjivar to get back in title talks.