Uriah Hall Tells His Side of the Story on Recent Scuffle with Mayhem Miller

October 31, 2013
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05-Uriah-Hall-TUF-17-Finale-w-478x270Thinking that he was just out to show his support for a teammate, UFC fighter Uriah Hall ended up in an unintended scuffle of his own at the Oct. 25 BAMMA USA Beatdown 11 event.

The initial reports were simply that UFC’s Uriah Hall had taken a swing at Jason “Mayhem” Miller, as he taunted Hall while yelling racially laden taunts. Hall, however, told MMAWeekly.com how things occurred from his perspective.

Hall attended the BAMMA USA event to support fellow Reign MMA fighter Rachael Cummins.  He was approached by the promoters to go into the ring and be recognized alongside other celebrities in attendance.  This included Miller.

As he was making his way to the ring, he came up to a group of Reign MMA’s athletes who were huddled around a female.

“It was like they were protecting her,” Hall recalled. Uriah approached to check on the situation, and that is when Mayhem made his presence known.

“Initially, I saw a big bald-headed dude.  Then it hit me that it was Mayhem Miller.  I was a little star struck, at first,” said Hall. “He was yelling at me though, and wanted to talk to the girl. I guess it was his ex. I tried to stay calm and just diffuse things.  I was still kind of shocked that it was all happening.”

The yelling from Miller attracted the attention of several onlookers, including security guards. Hall said that once security got there, Miller’s aggression escalated. As a video put out by MMAInterviews.tv’s Spencer Lazara shows, Mayhem continued to yelling, getting more aggressive in his tone, which led to the eventual swing from Hall.

“I think I just barely clipped him,” he recalled.

Security quickly removed both Hall and Miller from the event floor, but it didn’t end at that point.  Hall admitted to later looking for Miller in the casino, until his anger subsided.  He later apologized to security.  Meanwhile, Miller took to his phone tweeting and texting more racially charged comments to Hall.

“I don’t know how he got my number,” said Hall. “I asked and his response was, ‘I am Mayhem Miller, I know everything.’”

Hall was back in training Saturday morning, and considered the incident to be behind him.  He says genuinely, “I feel sorry for him.  I hope he gets the help that he needs before it gets worse.”

Hall is hopeful that fans and media would shift their focus to his upcoming fight against Chris Leben at UFC 168, and would like to leave this incident in his past.

Thus far, the UFC has taken no action over the incident, and told MMAWeekly.com that they have no comment.

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  • Lawrence Smith

    Doesn’t sound like Uriah Hall to be fighting people outside the ring. He’s a good guy. Hopefully this fighting thing doesn’t change him too much. It don’t matter what dude was saying….should have just walked away. Thats what grown men do.

    • steeltown65

      Really lawrence? I don’t think two grown men fighting is a problem if both of them choose to. Society would be better off if skin on skin throw downs weren’t made out to be something evil. It’s human nature to defend you and yours.

      • Lawrence Smith

        But in the world we live in, there are consequences for acting like that in public. They don’t get paid to fight outside the ring. As a grown man it’s his responsibility to understand that.

        • marcus miles

          The world we live in is manipulated by society. they make you believe your a man if you walk away from a confrontation so men dont feel like pussys.

          • Lawrence Smith

            If you’re saying the LAW is society then yes. There’s so many reasons why he shouldn’t have fought him but I’ll give you one you should understand: MMA is a sport. Like every other sport, the participants do things to get the upper hand. In fighting shite talking is used. Are you telling me that if you had to fight Uriah Hall, you wouldn’t talk shite to him to get him out of his game plan? If you say you wouldn’t, you’re a liar. All around a bad idea to show you can be swayed like that.

  • Lucas Freire

    Douchebag points for Mayhem, being able to get under Hall’s skin is something to be proud of. lol
    I mean, Hall’s just such a good guy that even on the octagon sometimes he seems too respectful.

    • Lawrence Smith

      Not good though. Means Uriah can be manipulated into not focusing.

      • FOHBUS

        and overrun with emotions

      • Mr Pete

        Exactly, the type Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva preys on.

      • Lucas Freire

        Agreed on that. Uriah isn’t that impressive anymore, give the fact that he’s so easily manipulated…not good.

  • drkdisciple

    hopefully this emotion carries over to his next fight against leben and he puts an end to the losing streak,

  • Cameron Merryman

    I think Mayhem took one too many hits to the head in his Pride days. Sad, he used to be such a stand up dude and a good all around fighter. Now hes gone the way of Amanda Bynes

  • Bugster

    I think mayhem probably thought Hall was butting into his business with his ex or whatever. He got piss off and started the name calling doubt he’s a racist.

    • Milosc


      “I think mayhem probably thought Hall was butting into his business with his ex or whatever. He got pissed off and started the name calling [because he also happens to be a racist]”

      There are more than a million words in the English language

      • Bugster

        If you ever saw a “Bully” Mayhem was working with a African American and other different races in the show. He’s been in the MMA business for a long time, he has to have many different training partner.

  • $27054044

    beat leben? i dont think he could beat a lesbian at this point…

  • put me in the sauna coach

    I don’t know if I would say Mayhem is racist…I think that would require a sound mind to carry such a negative opinion of someone based on race. It’s just one cry for help after another. I agree with Uriah..I feel sorry for the guy…he’s lost it.

  • Degenerate Gambler

    Finally nice to see Uriah throw a punch again!

  • Gary Fredericks

    I love the rationale some here use on these boards to determine one’s racism or not. Such logical conclusions! LOL Mayhem tosses racial slurs towards Uriah Hall but he’s not a racist….and neither is the guy with the BROWN PRIDE tattooed across his chest either, as if he meant Mexican Pride but could not afford every letter to spell out Mexican.

    When will people understand that EVERYONE has some form of prejudicial tendency be it racial, social, sexual orientation, sexism ect…in them whether they know it and admit it or not.

  • jt74

    i continually wonder why anyone defends Hall. This is a guy who spent literally every episode of Ultimate FIghter having to apologize because his words and actions were so completely offensive to everyone around him. He showed what a hothead he was constantly. He IS NOT a nice guy as some of you keep insisting. Didnt you read how even though everything was broken up this jerk kept pursuing Mayhem through the casino looking to RESTART THE FIGHT???!!!! Things had been STOPPED at that point. But Hall was looking for a fight. Why does anyone on this planet consider this thug anything other than a thug?