Uriah Hall Faces UFC Release if He Loses His Next Fight

October 2, 2013
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Uriah HallThe Ultimate Fighter reality series has produced three champions and a number of contenders since debuting on network television in 2005.  Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans went on to win UFC titles after making their way to the Octagon via the reality show. Matt Serra won his only UFC title after appearing on The Comeback season of the series, which featured a cast consisting of UFC veterans.  Fighters such as Gray Maynard, Nate Diaz, Diego Sanchez, Kenny Florian, Josh Koscheck, Manny Gamburyan and John Dodson have competed in UFC title fights.

But no other fighter coming off the reality show generated more anticipation and hype for his UFC debut than Season 17 finalist Uriah Hall.

Hall delivered one of the most jaw-dropping knockouts in UFC history during the season’s third episode, landing a spinning hook kick to the head of Adam Cella that rendered him unconscious.

Heading in to The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale, Hall was a heavy favorite over finalist Kelvin Gastelum, but lost via split decision after a lackluster performance.

In his next outing, Hall lost another split decision to John Howard in a largely uneventful fight.

The Jamaican native and New Yorker now finds himself on the chopping block if he doesn’t win his next fight.

“I don’t ever think of matches as the loser leaves town unless you’re talking about Uriah Hall’s next fight,” said UFC president Dana White in a recent scrum with reporters in Brazil. “Uriah Hall needs to win a fight or Uriah Hall will be leaving town.”

Hall is expected to face Chris Leben at UFC 168 on Dec. 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and it sounds like he’ll be fighting to keep his job.

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  • uncle

    Leben is getting knocked out

    • Recneps

      Ya got that right!

  • D

    I guess they don’t count Matt Sera’s brief reign as champ.

  • Darin

    What if Leben loses…..AGAIN? Can he please “leave town”?

    • Manuel Lopez

      Good point man.

  • solo

    Uriah is by a mile faster than Leben on the feet, and so much more athletic. I hope he changes his demeanor and becomes a force that he can be. This could be the end of Lebens career unfortunately.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Leben should have left town a while ago. DW is pissed because he hyped Hall up so damn much, heading to TUF. Hall kind of became a victim of such hyperbole.


    WRONG Jeff Cain !!! 3 Champions, Matt Serra, Forest & Rashad

    • JeffCain

      Serra wasn’t a product of TUF. He fought in the UFC 8 times before going on the show.

  • JeffCain

    I didn’t feel Serra was a product of TUF since he fought in the UFC 8 times before appearing on the “Comeback” season.

    Jeff Cain

    • shakejunt

      this is true, but before winning tuf 4 to get his shot at upsetting gsp his most famous moment was getting spinning back fist ko’d by shonie carter.

  • Mark McDowall

    This guy belongs on the biggest flops in UFC history list. The most over hyped fighter going in to TUF…couple highligh reel knockouts on the show and then…………exactly NADA!!!! I think Halls problem is his mind…he isn’t mentally strong enough to compete in the UFC. I think he needs to win this fight in VERY impressive fashion to not be cut…I don’t think a decision win is going to cut it!

  • TKDGuy

    Both of Hall’s last two opponents came at him aggressively, and he just could not handle it. Hall needs to get his head straight and stop reading his own hype.

  • james j

    Hall beat a bunch of tomato cans on TUF and Chael deemed him a contender for the belt. It was good for the finale. Guy will be gone soon.

  • Darnell

    If Chris Leben can tax Uriah Halls strength for a round and half he will win this fight .

  • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

    Pretty certain Manny Gamburyan never has (nor will) fight for a UFC title.

    • Pete

      You’re right. It was a WEC title fight.

      • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

        That I can believe.

        • J

          why do you say that. the guys that came over from the WEC are killers!

  • Pete

    NO SH*T

  • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

    Best thing that could happen to Hall is to get cut, move down to the smaller shows, and build himself back up again. I don’t think many of us can imagine what it is like to go from being completely unknown to being on TV commercials and having Dana White and Chael Sonnen telling you that you’re gonna be a superstar. The mental toughness that it takes to perform at the highest levels of any sport is something that doesn’t come over night to most people, and I seriously doubt that we have seen the last of Hall.

  • Gary Fredericks

    As much as I hate to say this, I think Hall would benefit from a change in camps to Greg Jackson. I usually feel Jackson fighters are boring but in this case, given Jackson’s penchant for straightening out the minds of his fighters (GSP) COULD work for him. No doubt Hall has the physical attributes and traits to be great. Heck, he responded to Sonnen’s coaching quite well. Why not try Team Quest.