“Unless Something Crazy Happens,” Vitor Belfort Gets Winner of Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva

November 10, 2013
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Vitor Belfort UFC 156On Saturday night at the Goiania Arena in Goiania, Brazil, Vitor Belfort managed to do what no other fighter has ever done before: he knocked out MMA legend Dan Henderson.

It took just 78 seconds, and it came via a brutal left high kick to the face of the aging 43-year-old legend.  The devastating kick was preceded by a crushing Belfort left uppercut that sent his opponent crumbling to the mat in the main event of UFC Fight Night 32.

With the win over the former Olympian and fan-favorite, Belfort now finds himself on an impressive three-fight winning streak.  Having defeated contenders Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold, and Henderson, “The Phenom” is on the cusp of UFC gold once again.

A former UFC champion in his first run with the company in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the thought of Belfort returning to championship status was once unfathomable.  Many thought Belfort was finished as a contender after a brutal 2-5 run from August 2004 to October 2006, beginning with a devastating three-fight losing streak to Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, and Alistair Overeem, respectively.

With UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman defending his belt against Anderson Silva in a rematch on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas at UFC 168, the division is on hold.

However, as UFC president Dana White said at the UFC Fight Night 32 post-fight press conference, the company has already found its next contender for the 185-pound strap.

“Big things for Vitor Belfort. Big things,” said White. “He did something no one in 39 fights was able to do; he stopped Dan Henderson.

“Vitor is a completely different fighter than when he was younger. He’s mentally there. He’s physically there. He’s more well-rounded than he’s ever been. I’m blown away by tonight’s performance.”

He continued, “Anderson’s gonna fight Dec. 28 in Las Vegas and it’s going to be the biggest fight we’ve ever done. The gate is already at $5.6 million and the pay-per-view is going to be huge. It’s going to be a massive event.

“And, yes, whoever wins will face Vitor Belfort. Unless something crazy happens and somebody gets hurt.”

Things haven’t always been sunshine and rainbows between the two.  Just this past July after Weidman upset Silva at UFC 162, Belfort was texting White non-stop for a shot at the new champion.  At the time, White made it abundantly clear that Belfort would have no chance at fighting for UFC gold.

Three consecutive stunning knockouts, however, changes things a bit.

“Vitor gets crazy sometimes. He gets his head a little over the skis,” he said about his prior run-ins with Belfort. “So we end up butting heads a little bit here and there. But I like Vitor. I respect Vitor. It’s tough to not respect the fighter he’s become. I think he’s a thousand times the fighter he used to be. Not only physically, but mentally.

“Mentally, Vitor used to have some issues where, you know, he wasn’t as confident in his abilities. He used to fight very one-dimensional. He would always try to use his hands and get the big knockout.  And now you see this guy is kicking, punching… did you see the way he came into the Octagon tonight? He ran into the Octagon. The new Vitor Belfort is (expletive) awesome. I love it.”

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  • Johnny Eagle

    Belfort’s mental issues were solved through a syringe…

    • jdjqp

      Well he does have low testosterone as did randy cotoure, when he was fighting. If that was the factor for him being victorious then bonner should’ve murdered anderson silva.

      • mmaFan

        Yeah, and hendo does TRT too. It was an even playing field.

        • Johnny Eagle

          Hendo’s levels allow him to fight in the USA, we have no idea what Belfort’s doing.

          • The Best Eva

            Not true you are so stupid, Hendo doesn’t use it in certain states. Why do you post if you know nothing.

      • Johnny Eagle

        Difference is, Vitor’s not licensed to fight in the USA, with his testosterone (a synthetic steroid, basically) levels.

        There’s not a doubt in even Dana White’s mind that a US-licensed Belfort would be a different man, perhaps a bout that will turn into a NC and embarrass the UFC to no end. Can you imagine Belfort beating Silva/Weidman winner, winning belt and then having result overturned? Or, even worse, “running away with it” to Brazil?

        • Dragon Kid

          Well it’s similar to when Sonnen almost beat Silva. Had Chael won he would’ve been stripped of the belt & suspended or possibly fired even.

          • Johnny Eagle

            Feels like a huge risk to the authenticity of the “sports” thing they’re going for. You can’t let a fighter that’s unlicensed in the USA keep on making you money in Brazil and then say: “He deserves a title shot”. He doesn’t. He’s been on steroids, now he’s back on them. Let’s make Brazil the home of Alistair Overeem as well. Let’s send all our steroid-abusing fighters to Brazil in a great “Neverland” of fighters who will never return to the USA to fight.

            Heck, wouldn’t you buy a PPV with Belfort VS. Overeem?

          • Rp1al

            You r an idiot. first I am Brazilian, second yes i am a fan of Vitor Belfort, but not that much. Anyway, UFC would never let him or any fighter fight with high testosterone levels not in USA, not in Brazil not in China or anywhere. We also have a commission here, which is controlling vitor’s TRT use. I think the reason Nevada’s commission dont let him use this therapy is because he was busted with testosterone high levels before, but this makes no sense, cuz Sonnen was also busted after Anderson’s fight, and still is allowed to use TRT, Overeem too.

            My opinion is they should allow Belfort’s TRT, and do test with him all the time to see if he is cheating.

            You have no ideia how is done in Brazil, so you shouldn’t criticize, go read before having a stupid opinion, try get to know a few things that you are commenting of.

            I read mmaweekly for years, and i dont have login because i dont think its necessary, its the first commentary i thought it was necessary to reply

          • Johnny Eagle

            What does being Brazilian have to do with it?

            UFC would not only let him fight, but they are actually setting him up to fight for a belt, when he’s unlicensed to fight outside of Brazil.

            Brazilian commission is certainly “there”, but it’s much more relaxed, from the looks of things. Facts are – a USA commission won’t license Belfort, and they licensed Overeem, Sonnen, etc.

            I agree with you that other fighters use TRT. Look at Overeem, look at Sonnen not on steroids, they aren’t shining through. Are you really finding it hard to believe that with age, fighters lose muscle mass, agility? There’s no reversal of aging and we’re fine with it – it’s the natural order of things. To have Vitor Belfort on steroids, stronger at 36 than he was his entire life, isn’t exactly doing MMA as a “sport”, any favours.

            My opinion is – if you have to use TRT, you CAN and SHOULD (if you’re willing to accept the consequences to your health, which there are – you’re using steroids).

            What you shouldn’t be able to do – is fight other fighters that aren’t using it. Plain and simple. To fight isn’t a right, it’s a privilege and I, personally, don’t care to see a TRT-taking fighter win a belt.

          • Lucas Freire

            ” I think the reason Nevada’s commission dont let him use this therapy is because he was busted with testosterone high levels before, but this makes no sense”
            And with that, we come to the conclusion that your opinion makes no sense.
            Let’s not be naive. Vitor may be on TRT, but he’s also on something else. He didn’t look this bulked up since he was 18. lol
            Of course Vitor isn’t only on TRT, and it makes sense on how many other steroid abusing are now on right terms with the Nevada comission and Vitor only fight in Brazil.

            On the other hand, I think his technical evolution is astounding, and his success should not be discredited by whatever he’s taking, but it’s 100% that he’s using something.

          • juniorbra

            Bro you are so stupid !! the guy is leaving the best of his career and you are talking crap!!! How about your boy Sonnen, HENDO does too!!!! plus if you don’t read news about MMA, your uncle DANA sign contract with the Brazilian commission for 8 fights in different places in Brazil and none of those brazilian fighters beside Vitor agree to fight in those small towns.. so stop saying the guy is on TRT because he is and trust me if he was using illegal substances the UFC it won’t let him fight ever!!!!

          • Lucas Freire

            I don’t understand why all the butthurt. Is it really that hard to notice how Vitor is buffed in a moment of one’s life where the body starts to decline instead?
            He looks like he’s a 18y old HW once again.

          • Johnny Eagle

            None of what you said makes any sense.

            Vitor is on steroids that wouldn’t pass a US commission test.

            He’s very talented? Yeah, sure, but why don’t we put everyone on steroids and let them fight it out?

          • The Best Eva

            Not steroids idiot.

          • Johnny Eagle

            Not knowing that synthetic testosterone is a steroid is mistake no. 1

          • The Best Eva

            Yup you are a clown.

          • Johnny Eagle

            Hey, this clown called it 100% right, now Thomson’s out of the bout.

            I don’t know who Pettis will be fighting, let’s hope it’s TJ 🙂

          • The Best Eva

            Everyone disagrees with you, shut up.

          • Johnny Eagle

            Hey, the old “everyone jumps off a bridge”. Who did you ever convince in your life with that point?

          • The Best Eva

            You know nothing buddy, you are really bad at this.

            Pettis is out Thomson wants to fight, learn something about this sport man.

          • Johnny Eagle

            So you still believe that Josh is the best contender?

          • The Best Eva

            Never said best. I was defending the UFC’s decision to put him in there, at the time it fit.

        • bcoy

          So your a medical professional and ufc insider????
          Relax kid and get some facts before you soiyt off Like an expert.
          Obviously all you know is what we’ve all read . Not much.

          • Johnny Eagle

            Apparently, none of the facts are enough for you?

            1. Belfort is on steroids – he admitted as much.
            2. He’s unlicensed in the USA, head of Nevada’s commission said as much.
            3. Even Dana won’t come out and say that Belfort is next in line for the title, he always beats around the bush. Let’s say Weidman wins and the have to license Belfort in the USA. He passes, comes on weaker than in Brazil, loses, the TRT jig is up. Let’s say he passes, comes on strong as ever, wipes floor with Weidman. Why did he need TRT (he claims he wouldn’t be able to fight without it and that it’s necessary for his health). Finally, let’s say he fails the exams pre/post fight – it would be a joke that the UFC let a once failed fighter, fail a steroid test once again, and of all things – in a title match.

      • MaritalArtist

        I didn’t like how Bonnar sort of gave up, even before the knee to the sternum.

        It was almost like he was thinking “I’m on roids anyway, and I’m prolly gonna retire anyway, so screw it, I’m just going to cover up since Anderson will kick my ass anyway sooner or later in this fight. Payday!!!”

    • The Best Eva

      Him and Hendo were on an equal level, shows how much it really helps. give Vitor some props and don’t listen to morons like johnny here.

  • Denny Swain

    Weidman should not face belfort in brazil, where belfort is allowed to cheat with steroids and trt. I will not buy ppv if belfort is granted another fight in brazil and ufc will be more like a step below bellator , ufc will lose all their reputation as a legit sport

    • Lucas Freire

      That’s why he’s praying that Spider gets the belt again.
      If he has to fight in the US, it’ll be harder.

    • shakejunt

      steroids AND trt?

      • MaritalArtist

        I think he was saying maybe Vitor supplements his TRT with additional illegal steroids (undetectable). I doubt it.

        I actually want to see it in Brazil, because I want to see if Weidman can beat him on his own turf.,

  • goatpope

    In…..let me guess………….Brazil!

  • uncle

    When Vitor gets a knock out outside of Brazil he will be
    legit in my eyes, lets say if he did become champ then all of the title fights could be in brazil? then the UFC would looks fishy when is the last time Vitor had a fight besides

    • Dragon Kid

      His KOs over Rich Franklin & Akiyama were in the US. There u go. Legit!!!

      • uncle

        Guys that are not even in the UFC anymore that’s real legit thanks

        • Dragon Kid

          A win in the US is still a win and both of those guys are still with ufc.

      • Lucas Freire

        He meant KOs on this new harder,better,faster,stronger 36y old phase of him

  • robc

    The fact that Belfort cannot get licensed in the US says it all… Henderson and Sonnen, yes both use TRT but are strictly regulated by the US commissions that guarantee their levels are consistent with their build and age. Sonnen, when he got dinged by the commission had a legal, prescribed exemption prior to the fight. Hence the very short suspension while they sorted it out. He freely admitted he was on TRT treatments before and after the fight. The issue there was the Nevada commission not having sufficient notification prior to the fight. Henderson has never had any issues with his treatment and discussed in a recent interview that he is off it as much as he is on it.

    Belfort CANNOT fight in the US, cannot get licensed in the US. This means that his levels are not where they should be but obviously much higher.

    Not accurate to compare him to fighters that are licensed without issue in the states.

    • juniorbra

      I guess you didn’t watch the post fight!!! DANA WHITE WAS VERY CLEAR!!!!!!

      • Austin, TX

        The key word is his “next fight” will be in the U.S. He did not have a exemption license (most recently) to fight in the U.S. based on his current levels of TRT and his past issues. (From the Nevada State Athletic Commission. )Dana is just doing an interview dude. What do you expect him to say? I like Vitor. I think he’s exciting. I think he’s a good fighter. I’m just saying it makes you wonder about him. Maybe he’s clean now.
        He has failed in the past for steroids. Belfort tested positive for 4-hydroxytestosterone. (Defined legally as a steroid. Illegal in baseball, MBA.) in 2006. He said it was because of surgery and was injected by his doctor for knee rehabilitation.

        p.s. you don’t have to use all caps to make your point.

        • JUNIORBRA


          • Austin, TX

            Vitor tested positive for steroids. Again, Sonnen is legal and has an exemption because his levels are ok and it is a different substance. A legal substance. Vitor does not have an exemption because his levels are not ok and not accepted by the Nevada State Athletic Commision to fight in the U.S. Also Vitor tested positive for steroids. An illegal substance. Sonnen did not. Make sense now?

          • MuayThaiFood

            Why do you post when you know nothing of what you are talking about? Vitor and Hendo had exemptions for their fight. Vitor has never been denied a TRT exemption…NEVER. Kieth Kizer made a statement that he probably wouldn’t be but that’s not the same as being denied. Vitor did not take an “illegal substance”. It was sold legally over the counter for a brief period during the time he tested positive for it. It is a mild anabolic and he had “trace” levels in his blood test unlike Chael who was had a much stronger anabolic in synthetic testosterone and a higher T/E ratio than Allistair Overeems when he was popped (which were through the roof btw).
            I can totally undestand why Vitor gets pissed when he’s constantly asked about it. He lost the first fight to Hendo….the one he tested positive for hydroxytestosterone after. They were both on it for this one and Vitor smashes him so it must be the TRT right??

          • Austin, TX

            You’re mistaken. His fights have been in Brazil recently because he does not have an exemption for it currently by the Nevada State Athletic commision. Its as simple as that. Chael, does, Hendo does Based upon levels. Take it up with The Comm and ask them why he didn’t have an exemption. His first statement was that his doctor had given it to him. He’s made different statements. Other people had exemptions because they were legal.
            Its fine, I understand if you like Vitor. He’s a good fighter. He looks and acts like someone half his age is all I’m saying.

          • MuayThaiFood

            You’re putting the cart before the horse. As of yet he hasn’t applied for a TRT exemption in Nevada. I personally don’t think TRT should be allowed for anyone but if you’re going to grant one for Hendo and Chael and all the other fighters that have it then I don’t see how Vitor can be denied. Chael must have some dirt on the NSAC. He not only was over 4 times over the “high normal” limit but he falsified his license application by failing to declare his TRT and didn’t file for an exemption. He “came clean” when he was trapped like a rat in a cage with no way to lie his way out. He had been self injecting since 2008 and there is no reason to believe he wasn’t abusing it at elevated levels the whole time. In fact there are less reasons to believe he wasn’t .
            And just to be clear, the substance that Vitor tested positive for was sold legally over the counter at the time he took it. It was banned under WADA but so was the synthetic testosterone which Chael was self administering. Without a TRT exemption Chael was just as dirty and in fact the T he was taking was far more powerful that what Vitor was popped for. Don’t try to characterize Chael’s cheating as anything but. If you do, you haven’t researched it much.

          • Austin, TX

            Chael is legit based on his current levels. Thats why he has an exemption. Vitor isn’t. That’s why he hasn’t been fighting allowed to, in the U.S. make sense? it’s as simple as that. He hasn’t presently been granted an exemption and hasn’t tried yet probably because they’ve already said the exemption with him isn’t there because of his past issues? It’s simple really. Chael now has legal normal limits for a male his age. that’s why he has an exemption.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Yeah, you keep talking about Vitor’s levels. Cite just one test result that says his T levels were above normal range. If you can say it then you must be able to back it up. The fact is Chael’s condition is most likely the result of past steroid abuse. Doesn’t it strike you as funny that he his T/E ratio was 16.9:1 when he failed his test? That’s not therapy, that’s abusing a steroid and yes, exogenous synthetic T is a steroid.

        • MuayThaiFood

          Not sure where you got your info but this was Vitor’s statement to the commission:

          “In regard of the disciplinary complaint against myself about having violated section 467.850 of the Commission Regulations, all I have to say is that I bought a supplement called ‘Max Tribostak’ at Max Muscle in La Habra, California, which contains 4-Hydroxytestosterone. I had no idea that a supplement bought over the counter at a vitamin store would contain a substance that is illegal in the state of Nevada. This lack of knowledge is costing me a great deal, hurting my image throughout every newspaper in Brazil, which caused me to lose some of my sponsors, and most of all the risk of being suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. I hope you consider my letter before taking any formal disciplinary actions”.

          Vitor Belfort

          This was sold over the counter in supplements in 2004 and 2005 in so it’s actually quite likely that Vitor was telling the truth.

    • Mark McDowall

      Vitor will get licensed to FIGHT in the US…he will most likely not get his TRT exemption fighting in the US.

      • The Best Eva

        Ya exactly he’s not banned in the U.S he will fight there again.

        • Mark McDowall

          Be interesting to see his performance if he is denied a TRT exemption. If he comes out and performs like he has been his last few fights then no one can say it is the TRT that is making him a beast.

          • The Best Eva

            That would be sweet, I look forward to it.

          • Mark McDowall

            I would look forward to the fight if it was here in the US without Vitor having a TRT exemption.

          • The Best Eva

            Ya same.

          • Mark McDowall

            I’d also like to see him cut that awful looking mullet and not carve things in the side of his head ala Vanilla Ice…its not 1993 Vitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MuayThaiFood

      You have no idea what you are talking about.
      1) Belfort can be licensed in the US
      2) Sonnen had no exemption before the Silva fight.
      3) The issue with Sonnen was twofold. He tested for a high T/E ratio, which is indicative of anabolic steroid use (in his case synthetic testosterone).Second, he didn’t disclose it so couldn’t have been exempted and then lied about it.
      How is Vitor’s case radically different than Chael’s?

      • Austin, TX

        Belfort does NOT currently have an exemption to fight by the Nevada State Athletic Commision for TRT. because of his past issues. He can fight, sure. But he doesn’t have an exemption for TRT, because of his past issues with steroids.
        Maybe soon yes but currently no. That’s why his fights have been taking place in Brazil. He can fight in the U.S. But the exemption for TRT isn’t there yet.

  • Pat Garret

    In all the years, I’ve seen vitor fighting. This present day vitor has the most energy and vitality. He looks like 19 year old Vitor , out there!

  • jewish male

    great fight for vitor. dan looked clumsy, which is uncharacteristic. mazel tov!

  • gnodeb

    Don’t get me wrong, I would like MMA to be legit sport, I really do. I don’t think fighters should use TRT or anything else… not for medical nor for any other reason. It’s like allowing a man without hand to bring a robocop’s hand so he can fight too… Yes, it would be funny to watch but it is not a sport…

    But, since he got title shot at 185 because a fight at 205… I simply don’t care.. it’s not legit sport competition, so who cares about drug usage… just bring it on :(. It’s going to be a great entertainment for sure…

  • solo

    Somewhere along the way, people dont even talk about his victories any more, just about his TRT usage.

  • jeff_figmb

    wow, Johnny Eagle you’re a total idiot. You have no idea what you’re talking about. End of story… Vitor is small compared to his old days. Go look at his body type back then. Totally different type of body, juiced style on heavy steroid cycles! Massive delts, huge traps, huge V’d out lats and wide roid neck etc, he looks nothing like that now. He’s basically on the perfect amount of testosterone (the same as an 18 year old) and he trains 9 hours a day and diets. Stop hating you little bitch and stop talking about s*** about something you have no clue about. You must be a fat kid, mma nerd. haha! Vitor is a legend, a ton of guys in the UFC are on TRT and none of them are doing what vitor is doing. Like I said, go look at past videos of VItor. Totally different body type. He was HUGE back then and now he’s just shredded. You could do that too if you stopped stuffing your fat face and talking s***. You need to learn the difference between steroids and TRT. The proof is in the puding… His body right now looks nothing like a steroid body.

    • Mark McDowall

      He is smaller because back in the day he fought at 205 and he was a good sized LHW for those days.

  • Wolf Ticket

    He’s a thousand times the fighter he used to be – yeas, and he probably has a thousand times the T/E ration he used to have…

  • Dmo

    Anyone who is doing better than a typical person their age should be is a cheater

  • Werblessed Ones

    TRT I thought it brought your test.level up to a younger mans level wuld be. if that’s the case. then how is he a cheat.people are afraid of vitor.fans don’t want to see him kick there fav. fighters asses. and fighters are shitting in there fight shorts don’t be scred hommies.