“Union Idiots” Are Fighting to Keep UFC and MMA Out of New York

May 5, 2011
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Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta at UFC 129

Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta at UFC 129

The UFC has been trying for years to get mixed martial arts sanctioned in the state of New York. In fact, it is the last bastion in the U.S. to refuse sanctioning.

The promotion has gone on significant PR and educational campaigns in New York, commissioned fiscal impact studies, held press conferences, lobbied politicians; you name it, the UFC has tried just about everything to gain legalization for MMA in the state.

But year after year, sanctioning has failed in the legislative process. Most people believe that it has been politicians scared off by the violence of the sport that is the primary factor causing difficulty in legalization in New York. UFC president Dana White has a different take on the situation.

He says that there are “union idiots” that head organizations such as the Culinary Union that are using their members’ dues to fight the UFC’s attempts in New York. He adds that it’s not because they necessarily oppose MMA, but because they have a beef with UFC co-owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta and the way they run their “other” business, Station Casinos.

  • ShockednAwed

    There’s nothing easier when trying to win an argument than appealing to the mass majority opinion. “Union idiots,” eh?

    Yeah, they’ve gotta be some real morons, those unionized Vegas casino workers (not managers, not anyone making ‘real’ money, just workers). How dumb, to collectively gather together in order to give themselves a meaningful voice in their workplace. Idiots, using the ol’ strength in numbers philosophy to force their greedy management into paying fair wages.

    They’re flexing muscle against the Fertittas the only way they can, and I can only guess Dana’s opening talking about this now because his side’s not going to win.

    Chris, let the workers unionize, and pay them fairly, and you’ll more than make the difference from a couple nights a year in The Big Apple. Only pure greed would even want to argue with that.

  • Yeah and its easy to win an argument using class warfare too.

    Its real fair to punish every MMA organization in the world and every person in New York who wants to see MMA events just because some people serving food in a casino in another state dont think they get paid enough money. If they dont think the job is worth the pay, get another one. With unemployment so bad, there are lots of people who would love to have any kind of job at all without being such a little bitch about it.

  • ShockednAwed

    No MMA organization is being “punished”; it’s always been illegal in New York to promote fights, so nothing gained, nothing lost. And just because they can’t witness a live event right there at MSG doesn’t actually stop anyone in New York from attending a live MMA event. They can jump in their cars and stop being such little bitches about it.

    In all honesty, I don’t think this is about wages at that specific casino. It’s more likely about the whole concept of a non-union entity being a threat to the wellbeing of the union and the establishments they work in. Make no mistake, at this point, the unions will be getting financial backing on this from their employers – they face eventual ruin if every new casino opening down there went non-union.

    Besides all that, it’s not the workers at the Fertitta’s casino that are causing any of the issues – they’re the non-union ones, remember, so they’ve got no influence. So you’re talking down to the wrong guys anyway.

  • SD619

    Very smart Dana, diss the unions. I’ll bet a good portion of UFC fans are blue collar, union members. I’m always defending Dana for his brash comments and all that, but this is one I can’t defend. We all know unions don’t have enough power to deny MMA in any state, so I think he needs to place blame where it belongs and that’s the shady NY politicians

  • TequilaMan2000

    Station Casinos are non-union, but they are also some of the most sought after casino employers in Vegas.

    Basically, the NY Unions are using MMA to counter-argue against the fact that a non-unionizing entity is trying to do business in NY. Therefore, NY Unions are trying to prevent the encroachment of a non-Unionizing business onto their turf.

    It literally has nothing to do with MMA, and everything to do with Station Casinos. It is a shame, because I am sure there are many other legitimate promoters out there that are wanting to put on NY shows, but can’t, because of these “Union Idiots”.

    I’m a Union guy, liberal, and I usually jump on the chance to criticize Dana… but not this time. He is in the right to be upset.

  • josephmsa

    You know what’s really sad is that you are obviously a union propagandist and don’t even realize that unions are a dying breed in this country. And for good reason. Your leadership steals your dues and uses them to try and strong arm companies that are successful. But that doesn’t bother you, does it Comrade?