Unanimous: Nate Marquardt Uncut (video)

November 11, 2011
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From humble beginnings Nate Marquardt has risen to become one of the most talented Mixed Martial Artists on the planet. In this intimate portait Nate shares his key drivers, motivation and ambitions as he debuts at BAMMA 9 against the feared striker Yoshiyuki Yoshida.

  • okami

    Feared striker and Yoshiyuki Yoshida should not be put into the same sentence.

    • Mario


      I was going to say the same..

    • wonggfan

      I’ve never seen Yoshida fight. Is he any good?

    • Well, they have to whip up some degree of interest, don’t they? I remember some website making a big deal of Yoshida actually having long-term experience of fighting in a cage rather a ring. Didn’t do him much good getting knocked out pretty much every time he fought in the UFC, though.

  • rapaces

    i dont get the relation between marquardt and the blade runner music, even if the softness fits the rythm of his voice