TUF 12 Finale Play-by-Play: Michael Johnson vs. Jonathan Brookins

December 3, 2010
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Michael Johnson vs. Jonathan Brookins

Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson at the TUF 12 Finale

Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson

Round 1: A ton of energy as the round starts, from both fighters.  Brookins is looking to establish some range but Johnson is having none of it, he is rushing in and lands a few hard shots from the inside to Brookin’s face.  Brookins gets hit a few more times and shoots for a takedown, but is it’s being stuffed by Johnson.  They separate and Brookins just misses an uppercut.  They come together again with both landing combos, and they separate again.  As they come together on the next flurry, Johnson lands a real hard right that drops Brookins to the floor.  Somehow he recovers and they are back on their feet, during the melee Johnson lands a brutal left hook that lands flush on Brookins chin.  Wow, Michael Johnson looks impressive coming off the break from the show.  More brutal shots from Johnson back Brookins into the cage and they clinch.  Johnson is landing peppering knees to Brookins’ thigh.  Brookins shoots and Johnson just tosses him off and throws a punch on his chin for good measure.  Another straight right from Johnson tags Brookins.  Johnson shoots now and Brookins comes up with a nice sprawl as the round is nearing an end.  MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Johnson.

Michael Johnson and Jonathan Brookins TUF 12 Finale

Michael Johnson and Jonathan Brookins

Round 2: Once again a blistering flurry from both fighters as the round starts.  Brookins shoots and Johnson turns into him, trying to use his hip to toss him to the floor, but Brookins uses that momentum and instead takes Johnson down! Brookins is now in side control and is landing shots, all the while remaining patient looking for his chance to improve.  Johnson is using wrist control trying to not allow Brookins to posture but Brookins is staying too active.  Brookins transfers to Johnson’s left side and is landing elbows now.  He has his Johnson’s left arm trapped under his shin and he is doing some major damage with his elbows.  Johnson is now covering up and trying to get to his feet but Brookins does a great job of keeping Johnson pineed against the cage.  Johnson manages to post and cage walk, and they are now on their feet with Brookins holdig onto a leg as Johnson throws down some elbows.   Johnson tries a Urijah Faber jumping knee from the single leg, but Brookins telegraphs it and slams the prone Johnson to the ground with authority.  The horn sounds. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-9 for Brookins.

Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson TUF 12 Finale

Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson

Round 3: A brief exchange to open the round and Brookins shoots a single and is currently being denied by Johnson.  Brookins does a good job at controlling Johnson’s hips and brings him to the canvas against the cage.  Brookins is just holding Johnson against the cage now, on the floor, trying to control the action as the crowd cheers his name.  Johnson does an outstanding switch and flips Brookins over, they scramble and are back to the feet.  Johnson shoots in and Brookins uses a slick whizzer and flings him to the canvas and is now in his half guard.  Short elbows from Brookins have the crowd erupting as the final minute approachs.  This is certainly a pro-Brookins crowd.  Brookins goes body-body-head on Johnson as he continues to control.  Brookins mom and girlfriend and encouraging the crowd to cheer, I suppose I would too. Brookins postures and looks to pass.  He does and is now in side control landing punches as the final horn sounds. MMAWeekly.com scores round three 10-9 and the fight 29-28 for Brookins.

Jonathan Brookins def. Michael Johnson by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27), R3

Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Live Results Home Page

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