UFC’s Tom Wright Gives Australia’s Victorian Government 4 to 8 Weeks to Overturn Cage Ban

January 5, 2014
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Tom Wright UFC 115 PreTom Wright, UFC Director of Operations in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, has given an ultimatum to the Victorian Government, saying that if they don’t overturn the cage ban in the next four to eight weeks the UFC will take its show elsewhere.

The goal is for the promotion to hold an event at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, which would bring in up to $50 million in revenue, but they have met resistance from the Napthine Government, who refuses to dump the state wide cage ban.

“If the state of Victoria doesn’t make a decision in the next four to eight weeks, we will have to move on,” Wright told News Ltd.

“It’s a global sport. We could be taking it to 50 other cities around the world. So if we can’t go to Melbourne, we will just have to say sorry and take it to one of the other places lining up.”

Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation in Victoria, John Eren, said that Labor would overturn the ban if they are victorious at the state election, which will be held in November, but that could be too late with a date already booked in Australia’s springtime at Etihad Stadium pending the decision of the Coalition Government.

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  • BobGyro

    LOL stupid Kangaroo’s

    • Wolf Ticket

      Last time I checked, MMA was still not legal in NY 😉 But you’re right, the ban is indeed very very stupid.

      • BobGyro

        Well we all know new yorkers have their heads up their asses

        • Fernando Morales

          We all you know you have a gyro up urs

        • DamianCross

          Sling all the insults you want, just keep your filthy human cockfighting out of my great state you backwoods inbreeders.

          • BobGyro

            Valid point, you seem very edjimicated for a New Yorker

      • Mark McDowall

        As long as there are unions in NY there will never be MMA. Chances of the unions either going away or giving in are slim to none…

        • Rence

          Well, one union anyway.

        • Big Tuna

          Don’t buy that, Zuffa is telling you one side

    • aussieboy

      stupid kangaroo’s? are you one of those dumb americans who have never travelled? can you find australia on a map? and no, its not in europe…we dont have a big history with mma, a lot of people are still coming to terms with it. It will take time but we will get there. Its the same in my home state of western australia, mma is banned in the cage, but allowed in the ring, like i said, it will take time…Australia is the best country in the world! and yes, I have travelled, extensively.

  • julian moran

    What if Australia’s Victorian Government agrees to overturn the cage ban in 3 weeks, will that not do?