UFC’s Greatest Knockouts: Where Do You Rank Dan Henderson’s KO of Michael Bisping?

May 12, 2014
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(Video courtesy of UFC.com)

The UFC has compiled its Ultimate 100 Knockouts, and lists Dan Henderson‘s blistering KO of Michael Bisping at No. 4. Where do you rank the Henderson vs. Bisping knockout?

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  • Jason

    Nowhere. Anyone who was using steroids or TRT doesn’t belong on the list.

    • Chicago

      It was legal at the time. Enough said.

      • Maddawgmar

        You win the internet…

    • Austin, TX

      So do you think his ko of wanderlei was any different when he wasn’t using trt? He only started at age 37 when his levels began to drop below average for a man his age. He only used it under Dr’s orders to make his levels normal for a man his age’s natural trt count. He never failed any sort of test for anything whatsoever. Unlike other people, not mentioning any names. His greatest days were all pre trt actually in Pride. Make sense now?

      • c mac

        Well when you use Steroids in your younger years, your levels will drop.
        I know i have and mine did and i am on TRT now.
        Byte way how do w know wa his evls a or sould be, has anyone seen Drs view ofis levels?

    • Filip

      u rly think trt gives u something in the f–king fight? wtf man??? it’s so obvious u never was into sports… all u can do is comment to the net from ur basement

      • toom

        It does it raises your testosterone making you bigger and strongernot to mention it gives you a mental edge that being said I think think Dans knockout is number 1

        • Filip

          but so what man? being stronger for 5-10% doesn’t mean u win the fight for sure. it’s far more of use for fighters that have ground game as their backgrounds, this was a standup battle and TRT gives u nothing for standup, maybe ur punch is like few % stronger but if u can’t place it right then u are nothing… TRT guy vs without trt guy is like 102% vs 100% fighter, for standup, maybe it is little more when it comes to ground game because it needs a lot more streinght and power

          • c mac

            So what you are saying is there is an advantage? When we are tlking professional athletes 102% vs 100% is a HUGE difference
            Also it helps you train to get to 100% for the fight, it helps your speed, it certainly helps your power,
            yes it doesnt help yu place the hit, but we can go back to Barry Bonds for proof. He was a great hitter before steroids and was unstoppable once he started taking steroids,
            With more power, your placement of the punch does nt have to be perfect to knock a gu out.
            But i agree this is the best knockout in the UFC, maybe just because of who he knocked out.

          • Filip

            damn man… u’re right.

          • toom

            gives you a mental edge as well

  • Maddawgmar

    I agree with number 4. You got to put Uriah Hall’s KO at 3, and Edson Barboza’s KO at number 2. Number 1 is Chris Weidman over Anderson Silva at number 1. IMO

  • Austin, TX

    For sheer beauty and brutality and with the fists (which is more of something somehow than leg ko’s) I think Hendo’s is the best of all time. One punch fist ko is more impressive (powerwise) than a leg kick. Fists have less power, there fore a one punch ko from a fist is more impressive somehow.

    That said, Weidmans ko of SIlva is certainly one of the most amazing things of all time somehow as well.

    • Dragon Kid

      Weidman’s KO of Silva is the silliest knockout I’ve ever seen. Anybody can get knocked out by purposely dropping their hands. However it is funny to watch.

      • BigGame Chiller

        you didn’t see R.Evans fight?!

        • Dragon Kid

          Loved his KO of Chuck Liddell.

  • TRT-rex

    #1. Kongo ko’s Pat Berry. Pat hasn’t been the same since.

    • Dragon Kid

      I dunno about that, it was a good win for Kongo but Barry did come back and KO Christian Morecraft & Shane del Rosario. His losses to Lavar Johnson and Soa Palelei didn’t do him any favors.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Any time Bisping gets knocked out, it’s the best ever!

  • Planterz

    My favorite KO of all time. Bisping was hit so hard that he forgot what month it was.

  • brad king

    barboza wheel kick KO was sensational! Terry was never the same again. Where is that Etim guy now that i think of it

  • Bob Sacamanto

    As far as “true” one shot ko. Should be third behind barboza , and machida kick to randy. Silva kick to vitor was not a ko

    • BigMike

      Carwin against Gonzaga,

  • Jonathan Goh

    Given the history between these two and all the trash Bisping talked for weeks on TUF, without a doubt, this is the greatest KO in MMA history for me. One brutal punch followed by another while he’s on the ground to “shut him up.” Never been happier to see a guy KO’d in my life.

    • Joe Dog


      • earlsimmons

        Thats debatable

  • Wes Mantooth

    Hendo’s knockout of Bisping may not be the greatest, but it’s the most beloved.

  • jeff

    Big country KO over Noguira has to be up there top 3

    • Joe Dog


  • John Buchanan

    Hendo is the MAN. Can’t wait to see him go at it with Wanderlei Silva.

    • Joe Dog


    • BigMike

      Hendo Knocked Wandy out while Wandy was still in his prime in Pride..

  • Joe Dog

    By his own admission, Henderson said the second punch when Bisping was down was unnecessary. Given any opponent other than the well-hated Bisping, this KO would have been viewed as very unsportsmanlike. Therefore, I don’t give a high ranking. Henderson should have been reprimanded.

    • Devon_Nullman

      Given any opponent other than the well-hated Bisping, he probably would have not thrown the punch.

  • disqus_TfNievNKqx

    I would have it 1 or 2 along with Rashad doing the stinky leg

  • Devon_Nullman

    Rich Franklin KO of Nate Quarry. He rewired Nate’s nervous system .

  • Martin Smith

    GO, HONDO!!

  • Joe Dog

    Lawler vs Manhoef. Watch it!


    Pretty work there Dan. You have been a favorite many years now.

  • Gary Wells

    flipped his switch,lights out!!

  • kudos

    would’a been nice if not for the second punch. What a pussy, fight was over. Hendo did the same thing against Silva

  • natterin nabob

    Tank knocking out Nelmark was the greatest – after that, nelmark was a verb, as in “Bisping was nelmarked by Hendo”.

    I will add that the greatest KO in MMA history was Vovchanchin KTFOing Bueno in Pride.

  • Mihael Hajdin

    I wish someone would K.O. jon jones like that!