UFC’s First Openly Gay Fighter “Never Expected That It Was Gonna Be a Big Deal” (Video)

February 14, 2013
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Liz CarmoucheLiz Carmouche has gained instant notoriety as the woman who stepped up to be UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey‘s first challenge in the Octagon at UFC 157 next week.

She didn’t realize that when she accepted the fight her sexuality would become such a significant interest, as well. Leading the charge, alongside Rousey, for women’s MMA in the Octagon, Carmouche has also become a de factor spokesperson for the gay and lesbian community.

“I’m the first ever openly lesbian UFC fighter and I never expected that it was gonna be a big deal,” Carmouche said during a segment of UFC Ultimate Insider. “It’s just me; I was just trying to be myself and not hide anymore.

“I never thought that I would go from being so sheltered and so closet in the Marine Corps to being the spokesperson for the LGBT community.”

Although she has found this new role in her life, Carmouche’s focus remains on Rousey and what it’s going to take to be the first fighter to defeat her.

Check out Liz Carmouche’s interview from UFC Ultimate Insider on Fuel TV below…

  • who gives a s***?

  • W. Pat

    kick her ‘Hollywood’ ass Carmouche

  • Mike mckinney

    In the world of women’s pro sports isn’t it more surprising when they’re straight?
    I always thought there was an assumption that the female fighters were gay. Oh well, learn something new every day I suppose.

  • Jmend

    I hope Liz wins by arm bar I’m tired of rousey she’s so fake

    • jeremy

      whats fake about her? lol wow what a dumb statement