UFC Working on Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman for July Card

February 21, 2013
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Courtesy of Damon Martin and official MMAWeekly.com content partner Bleacher Report.

Anderson Silva at UFC 117Chris Weidman’s wish may finally be coming true in July.

UFC president Dana White revealed on Thursday, when speaking to reporters following the end of the UFC 157 pre-fight press conference, that the promotion has started preliminary talks to pit Weidman against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in July.

Now it has to be noted that the deal is not done, and nothing is signed at this stage of negotiations, but UFC officials have begun discussions between Silva and Weidman to hopefully put the fight together for later this year.

“That’s what we want, but no we don’t have it yet,” White told reporters on Thursday about ongoing negotiations for Silva vs. Weidman. “We’ve been talking to (Anderson Silva).  It’s not done, we’ll get it done.”

Chris Weidman has made a grand amount of noise over the last eight months about getting his shot at Anderson Silva and the middleweight title.  Following his blistering win over Mark Munoz last July, Weidman seemed poised as the next contender at 185 pounds, but at the time, Silva’s camp showed little interest in him because of the extreme difference in experience between the newcomer and the incumbent champion.

Still, as other middleweight contenders fell by the wayside, Weidman’s name stayed right in the dead center of relevancy, and he was poised to jump on the opportunity to face Silva should it arise.

Currently, Weidman is still nursing his injured shoulder that required surgery, forcing him out of his last scheduled fight against Tim Boetsch in December 2012.

It appears, however, with his shoulder on the mend and rehabilitation underway, the UFC is willing to start putting together the framework for Weidman to receive his shot at Anderson Silva in July.

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  • Tiddy28

    I think this is the right fight for Silva next, so I’m certainly looking forward to this, assuming the fight is made.

    • me too, nothing means anything until its signed though. If anyone can persuade dana to get out of a fight and not get cut it’s Silva

      • dan

        Did you eat paint chips as a kid or something? You are by far the worst troller ever. So who’s sack will you be gripping after Silva paints the mat red with Weidmans blood

  • dan

    I just feel bad for Silva. Unless they stack the hell outta this card, PPV numbers are gonna be really low since no one cares or doesnt even know who Weidman is.

  • adam1848

    I’m interested in this fight. Weidman brings strong wrestling and a powerful right hand to the table. I think ideally he should have one more fight before being given a title shot, but the fact is, they don’t have anyone else to feed to Silva at the moment, except maybe Belfort, but he had his shot and wasted it circling. The MW division is full of guys who are either relatively inexperienced or can’t string together more than a couple wins. I think Anderson will win this fight because he is simply that good, but Weidman is a worthy contender, especially after seeing how good Damien Maia was against Fitch. Weidman is next in line, and low PPV numbers or not, I think everyone just needs to accept that.

  • 777

    WOW years from now people will be looking back at fights like these and say “Why was this fight done”??? We have the greatest fighter ever wasting his prime years on lower tier talent like this…SAD. Why not give him a big name at 205 or a catchweight with a big name.

  • Franca Condo

    I wish BELFONT had another shot at SILVA.

    he made a mistake and got tagged.
    i still think he can beat SILVA
    we didnt get to see any wrestling or anything.
    REMATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!