UFC Women’s Champ Ronda Rousey is Willing to Die to Win (Video)

July 21, 2013
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157 Pre 10UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey says she will not tap out to a choke and is willing to die to win.

Rousey’s rise through Strikeforce Challengers to UFC titleholder has been captivating.  An athlete doesn’t achieve the level of UFC champion and Olympic medalist without being driven and fueled by an unwavering determination.

When things get tough, like they did in the opening round of her UFC debut when Liz Carmouche took her back and applied a neck crank, Rousey thinks about priorities.

“I’m going to find a way out of this or die trying,” she said during the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas.

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  • Maddawgmar

    Begin hater comments now…

    P.S. Am I the only one getting these Burst Sidewalk ads everytime I click onto an article?

    • julian moran


  • drkdisciple

    Title should be ”
    UFC Women’s Champ Ronda Rousey is not Willing to fight Cyborg in order not to lose”

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      It should read but not against a man!

  • Tony

    Pretty stupid title…….meh?? I think most fighters feel this way, must not be much going on right now.
    Send out the bones signal….JBJ , we need you! Go party down all night, & wreck your Bentley or something. Or DC, have your little sister draw up some more contracts, know she’s like 13 and all, but tell her to write more clearly, looks like a 5yr old wrote the one for Nelson. I tell ya what, we REALLY need Rashad to regain his inner passion for the sport, nothing spells excitement like a middle aged gate keeper (at best) running out of money living the high life and “having to fight/work” to make ends meet. And please remind us again, CV will never fight DC due to the power of friendship, or GSP an RM, and countless other fights fans want to see. And last but not least, if BJ and TO want to come back from retirement, they should have to fight each other 1st to see if the fire has in fact “really returned”, can’t trust TO, he’ll say ANYTHING to stay relevant. OK I’m done now

  • El Gvapo

    Just a thought, but if you die in the cage, chances are you haven’t won the fight right?

    • Raymond Gonzalez

      you could still win a decision, the way judges have been.

      • deepgrim


  • JustAJourney

    Anybody else roll their eyes every time a fighter mentions death in the ring? Give me a break.

  • Manuel Lopez

    This chick is losing it. The more she talks the less I like her. Once again another fighter starts believing her own UFC hype train.

    • Supaman

      i don’t think it’s that she’s losing it… she’s ALWAYS been that way. But yes, she’s probably better off speaking less…. After all, God didn’t give give women mouths so they could talk…

      But Ronda’s always had that mentality, if you’ve heard her talk in her Olympics interviews before she ever even did MMA, she was pretty much like this (sometimes sounding more arrogant than extremely confident – but likely comes from a lifetime of hardcore martial arts training, her mom was a former world champ judoka and groomed Ronda as a kid to be more cold)

      • Mike McK

        After all, God didn’t give give women mouths so they could talk…

        That’s so wrong… One of these days you’ll learn that women are suppose to have a voice.
        They need to be able to ask us what we want for dinner, and how the house should be cleaned. A few more years under your belt, and you’ll understand the importance of these things.

        However, I will grant you it’s gotten way out of control. We’d probably be willing to dine out, and pay a maid if they’d just shut up all together… The good ole days are certainly gone… That is unless your willing to walk around with a towel wrapped around your head. 😉

    • Werdoomb

      She WASN’T always this way. She lost it when she got SF belt.

      Before than she was this really down to earth girl.

      She said Fedor is her favorite fighter. Well Ronda, it’s nice that you are trying to emulate his style in the ring but try to do the same outside the ring as well.

      Jeez, she is beginning to sound like Tito/Mir/typical TUF fighter. “Yeah, I train soooo hard. Yeah…you don’t know how hard I train. I get better each and every time when I step in the cage. You just watch. My goal is to constantly improve myself and even though i won today I am gonna get better. I gave my tear, sweat and blood to this. I am a winner. I take every one of my fights seriously. bla bla” YEAH YEAH YEAH..don’t we all?

  • Unlike a lot of other people I can’t find a reason to hate on Ronda. I’m not going to pick at any little comment she makes or I don’t agree with to find a reason to bad mouth her. Even if she seems like she’s believing in her own UFC hype she has earned all of that, the title of olympian and UFC Champion was not given to her. And to clear it up about Cyborg; UFC only has the women at 135 lbs. A fight between them would not be a way to open up the womens division.

    • Mike mckinney

      I’m not a hater, but technically the title of UFC champion was literally given to her… Not that it shouldn’t have been given the circumstance. She earned a strikeforce belt.
      I won’t argue the merit of her getting the belt, but it was given to her. She could have lost her first fight in the UFC, and would have been called a former UFC champ at her 2nd fight.

      • Pretty good point. It must have flew over my head that she was considered the UFC champion; I thought her and Liz were fighting for the title of being the first ever UFC Womens Champion, not Rhonda being given the title of UFC champion and defending the belt. if that was the case every Strikeforce fighter should have came over and defended their belts.

        • Mike mckinney

          They did the same thing when they merged the wec. New weight divisions were just given titles. If strikeforce had that division champ already. Makes sense and I’d probably do the same, but Rhonda did have the UFC title well in advance, and was introduced as champ.

      • Kbroesq

        Wasn’t Aldo given the belt? I don’t think anyone would criticize that decision. It’s possible Rousey could be as dominant a champ as Aldo. I don’t think so, but it’s possible.


    Only women’s MMA fight I’m interested in is Cyborg – Rousy. Until that happens, I’m not tuning in or paying for any card that has a WMMA bout on it.

    • kbroesq

      You’re not going to even pay for a card that has a women’s MMA bout on it? That pretty much means you’re not going to ever watch the UFC again.

      I’m sure they’re in mourning over the loss.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Nah, wmma is here to stay, and UFC can’t go back, and neither can they bank wmma on Ronda alone, that isn’t realistic thinking

  • uberwiz

    Funny how Cyborg asked to leave the UFC and everybody is saying Ronda is scared of her.

    • Manuel Lopez

      She is… their thing goes back to their stay in SF where Ronda called out Cyborg knowing well that she was on suspension at the time. Neither had any idea of ending up in UFC at the time.

    • George Sperry

      Cyborg asked to leave the UFC because

      Dana only wanted a 135 lb woman’s division and Cyborg can’t make 135, thus she had no one to fight in the UFC.

      Rousey IS afraid of Cyborg. Rousey can easily fight at 145 as she has in the past but won’t fight at 145, even 1 time, to fight Cyborg.

      When Rousey shoots her mouth off about Cyborg it just turns my stomach.

    • al57

      Rhonda is very scared of Cyborg ruining her fake career.

  • Marc Livingood

    She is awesome she gives everything she brings heart, technique and killer instinct and never stops being beautiful. She knows and everyone knows Cyborg is a freakn monster. She knows that is her destiny sooner or later also Cat Ziganno is no joke either. All hail Queen Rousey!!! Never disrespect the queen!

  • RockNRollFury

    Rhonda is on a huge ridiculous hype train right now and it seems like the attention has gotten to her head. She does say stupid and arrogant things. And the smack talk about Cyborg smells of fear. Cyborg has always had trouble making weight even at 145. THAT IS WHY SHE WAS CAUGHT USING STEROIDS IT WAS A WEIGHT CUTTING DRUG NOT A PERFORMANCE ENHANCER. If Rhonda really wanted to back up all that talk she could have fought Cyborg at 145 and settled the matter. Neither she nor the UFC want that to happen right now because the Rhonda money train will be derailed if and when she get’s handed her 1st loss. Cyborg at 145 has the best chance to do that of anyone in the world. Rhonda however is an excellent fighter and has a distinct speed advantage over Cyborg. I think she takes it if she can handle Cyborgs punches.

  • al57

    Cyborg will be kept far away from the UFC and ever fighting there again. Which is great news for Rousey who is vastly inferior to the Brazil man made steroid chemically induced lab experiment chris test tube Cyborg