UFC Women’s Champ Ronda Rousey Believes Fallox Fox Has Unfair Advantage

April 13, 2013
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157 prepress AIt seems nearly everyone inside – and outside – the mixed martial arts world has weighed in on the Fallon Fox transgender issue.

Fox was a man for the first three decades of her life, but then underwent surgical procedures and other treatments to become a transgendered woman. The controversy erupted over whether or not that gives Fox an unfair advantage since she now competes against women in MMA bouts.

Fox has secured finishes in winning all three of her MMA bouts. She won her first fight by submission, the next two by knockout.

Many people talking about the issue have gone off the deep end, ranting and raving about Fox, but UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey held back on giving her opinion until she educated herself on the issue to some degree.

Rousey came to the conclusion that Fox undergoing the transgender procedure in her adult years gives her an unfair advantage when it comes to fight time.

“In Fallon Fox’s case, she went through puberty as a man. Though I do believe her identity is that of a woman, at this point in her life, it’s just not scientifically possible to make her body exactly equal to that of a woman,” explained Rousey in a recent interview with Inside MMA on AXS TV.

“Transgender fighters should be taken on a case-by-case basis, and if you already developed through puberty as a man, you shouldn’t be allowed to fight as a woman.”

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    Just because she don’t have a penus doesn’t mean he don’t hit like a man!


    Agreed 1000%


    Born like a man hits like a man

  • Angel

    This is great! The Athlectic commision’s job should be to protect people, not play politics. Unless it has done unquestionable research and can say without a doubt that there is not an advantage then they should not gamble with the safety of a person. You can’t gamble on a person’s life to satisfy the public.

    • Raphael Mastro

      Im glad other people see this too.

  • Lawdog1521

    Rousey is afraid of any woman that is manish, that’s why she has dodged Cyborg.

    • The Rated Republican Superstar

      She may have also dodged Chyna as well.

    • Chris M

      first of all get your s*** right she didnt dodge anyone cyborg is the one who didnt want to make that weight!!

      • jeremy

        yup and cyborg also requested her release from the UFC , so now there is no way she has a chance to fight ronda. Cyborg ran from her.

    • Nick James

      dats cause your a transgender like fallon oop more like a sweet transvestite. and jealous of Rhonda. who btw is and will be one of the all time greats.

  • Halfbakedhawk


  • Reign

    just because he went under the knife doesnt change the fact his a MAN!

    • Chris M

      thank you i dont know why people are sticking up for this non sense!

  • Thank you Rhonda, finally someone making some f****** sense on the matter, hopefully the UFC sees this and makes everything right that has been wronged, especially getting Mitrione’s suspension lifted ( even tho i do believe he chose his words very poorly).


    Fallon Fox is a fricking freak who lost his shaft and thinks he is now a woman. amazing and disgusting makes me want to vomit.

  • gnodeb

    She is talking about puberty… since you can not sell a beer to the minor, can you really cut his manhood for money? That would be hilarious…

  • Shred Man

    I can’t believe how many people, especially in the media who think its ok for that man, (Fallon Fox) to fight a woman and try to justify it just to be politically correct. For the UFC to suspend Matt Mitrione for speaking his mind is BS. It’s his first amendment right!!! And what he said is correct!!! Ronda basically said the same thing, but in a much nicer politically correct way. Fox was and still is a man, shaft or not.

    • Truth

      Nothing as bad as an American who doesn’t understand their own constitution.

      If you can’t see that there is a difference between Rousey’s and Mitrione’s statements then you really have an intellect/maturity issue.

    • Milosc

      Hear, hear

      I wonder what they will do to Ronda, now that she got all uppity and spoke her mind and stuff..

  • Joy

    I agree she has lost some muscle mass from the hormone therapy but not enough to make it fair.

    • GeoInSD

      And as Ms. Rousy points out, there is the issue of bone density as well, and is also important. I had not thought of that before.

  • Cereal Killer

    Either suspend Rousey right now, or reinstate Matt! You can’t pick your favorites Dana. They both just said the same thing!

    • Truth

      Not even close.

  • Guest

    How are estrogen supplements and cosmetic surgery different from testosterone supplements? They both have the ability to alter the natural processes of the body. How can one be okay and the other be banned? It’s not fair that Fox a natural born man can be allowed to compete against any natural born women.

    • Truth

      Have you ever heard of TRT?

  • Johnny

    Athletic commisions should fix up 1 arm fighters n 1 leg fighters… its an unfair advantage too, im very sorry for there situation n hope it happens to no1… but when someone doe have an arm or a leg they make up in muscle mass… like that college wrestler with one leg… he was 20 lbs heavier then his opponent… same thing wit 1 arm fighters.. they come in with 15-20 lbs more muscle mass…. thats 30% stronger then there opponent in the clinch, …. its science… weigh yourself… subtract by 25 pounds, and thats your weight class in the same physical form your in now… but w 1 leg

    • El Gvapo

      You’re arguing the advantage a 1-armed fighter has over a fighter with 2? Wtf?!? A dude with 1 arm has an advantage? How do you work that out? Just incredible, surely the fact someone lacks a limb far outweighs any weight advantage? Would you rather fight a 2 armed 2 legged WW or a 1armed MW?

  • Thank you Ronda for an intelligent, well reasoned
    argument. Common sense and safety should be the default position, not political correctness.

  • jdmma

    Men have denser bone structure and naturally more muscle mass

  • pork

    kenny rice is a liar


    let cyborg and Fallon fight it out as both are men.

  • Guest

    This isn’t pro “wrasling” man fighting in a woman’s class is ridiculous. Even if she recognizes herself as a woman, she has the muscle and body structure of a man.

  • Jacksonatlaw

    Other than absurdity, what keeps a lack-luster male MMA fighter from saying “screw this, I’m cutting my wiener off and fighting women”. Dude is a biological male – Xy, period.

  • Alex Anderson

    So many stupid, insensitive people who think they know better than experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, medicine… and they also express their opinions in such unnecessarily hateful terms… Yeah I’m not 100% comfortable being around transgendered people, and you don’t have to automatically accept everything that they say about their identities, maybe they’re wrong in some ways… The consensus among experts is far from infallible as well… Hatred breeds retaliation. If you want to make a reasonable criticism of transgender identities, like Rousey has regarding the specific fairness of participation in women’s pro sports, then you should make your arguments in a way that people are likely to actually listen to. Transgendered people are less likely to listen to criticism when people say such unfounded and hateful things, and more likely to find ways of retaliating that you won’t like. The LGBT lobby has real power. If you think they’re unreasonable, it’s probably largely because people like you provoke them to be unreasonable.

  • The only thing I will say is that the experts in their profession are experts for a reason.

  • Kaliber

    I don’t give a sh!t what procedure he underwent or what he calls himself, he still has XY chromosomes!