UFC Welterweight Nick Diaz is Ready to Return

Nick-Diaz-UFC-137-Press-01UFC welterweight Nick Diaz is ready to return to fighting.

The 29-year-old Stockton, Calif., native called UFC president Dana White during the UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman event weekend and asked for a fight.

“He said he broke up with his girlfriend and wants a fight. Dana, get me a fight,” said White following the UFC 162 post-fight press conference.

After his loss to welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 on March 16 – his last outing – Diaz (26-9, 1 no contest) hinted at retirement.

“I have to decide if I even want to do this anymore,” he said. “To be honest, I don’t know if I really got any more.

“I don’t make excuses; I think I’m done with mixed martial arts. I’m tired of getting banged up like this.”

Diaz has decided and his decision is he wants to fight.

Nick Diaz is under contract with the UFC.  Whenever Nick Diaz wants a fight, we’ll be more than happy to get him a fight,” said the UFC president.

White didn’t provide any further details.  It’s unknown when Diaz will be back in action or against whom, but it appears he will be back in the UFC Octagon.

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  1. UFC 166 Houston!

  2. Yesss!! I always look forward to a Diaz fight

    Let the hating begin

    • A fight with Diaz is always an interesting one. I cant wait!

    • I’d like to see him and Rory McD.

      • This would be an interesting match up on several levels. One is how personal this fight would likely be. For one Rory absolutely manhandled Nick’s brother Nate. He’s also GSP’s pet project.so it’d be a way for Nick to get back at GSP for beating him. That said other than the personal drama, I think the match up is interesting as well. I’d expect it to go similar to him vs GSP to be honest.

        • nicks game is a bit better all around than nate and he has what seems to me a lot more strength than nate does as well and i also dont think rory has gsp wrestling and gsp had his toughest grappling session with diaz than anyone i can remember before him so i think nick would do pretty good. depends on if its 3 or 5 rounds though, im a huge diaz fan but if it were a 3 rounder i would be inclined to think rory would take it otherwise id have nick in a 5 rounder.

          • Oh by all means I didn’t mean to sound like Nick Diaz has no chance against Rory. Just that I personally believe Rory is the favorite in that match up. I don’t even like Nick Diaz but I’d still probably cheer for him over Rory, that guy needs a good humbling.

          • hah he does, he needs to hang out with gsp some more or something cuz he comes off like a prick. hopefully ellenberger puts em out.

      • That would be a great fight, especially since I can’t stand Rory

      • Although that sounds like a great fan, it hurts Rory more since Diaz is coming off losses to the current champ and former interim champ.

  3. Crybaby Diaz beggin’ again. Put this wasteoid in Invicta w/the girls (where he belongs!)

    • you sound like a complete moron bud, dont think diaz has to beg white for a fight im sure white will go up over and beyond to get him a fight cuz he knows he makes money off panzies like you that buy his fights regardless of all the bs you talk about em.

      • And you sound like that POS Sean Penn…’bud’. Ain’t bought a Diaz fight yet, but I’ll bet you replay all their shenanigans – over and over.

  4. Weed

    • i’ll light one up for a Diaz fight!!

  5. When will they stop giving in to this cry baby’s urges. You “retire” and start your own promotion which was a flop, then you want to come back to the UFC because you broke up with your girlfriend???

    Someone get this guy a fresh tampon…

    • A flop? He said himself it was a one time deal… He did get a lot of $4.20 donations since it was FREE. How can something that was free be considered a flop? lol

      • if it was soooo successful then tell me…when is the next one?

        • clearly you didn’t read what he just said. the promotion was a one time thing with no plans for another. even with the no cute rule the fights were good and i would hardly call it a flop. clearly you’re just a massive hater and don’t care to see it any other way. this is fine but you don’t need to spew retardation out on the internet about it. it’s full of that kind of stuff already.

    • Mark this is why I like you. Your honest, and you back up why your not happy, your not just calling this guy names and throwing jabs. I like Nick as a fighter because he brings it, minus GSP, but your right. He somewhat retires, starts his own promotion and leaves us wondering what’s next. I’am glad he’s back b/c I want to see him bring it again and hope he has a fight with maybe Thiago Alves since he should be recovered from injury by the time Diaz comes back. IMO.

      • Problem is Nick Diaz wont come back wanting a mid card fight…he’ll get nuts and call out Weidman or something like that. I think Dana should throw him an FX fight against someone like Alves and see if he’s really serious about coming back or if its just ANOTHER mood swing of his. If he just wants to fight it shouldn’t matter when the fight is or who its against.

        • A fight with Alves would be sick. To bad Nick wasn’t able to be his replacement for that Matt Brown fight. If Hendricks losses to GSP I wouldn’t mind Nick and Hendricks going at it since Nick made some comments at the post fight conference.

        • If Dana’s the one who gives him the fight it’s Dana you should be mad at.

    • LMAO!!!

  6. Heck yes!

  7. Big ND fan here but I think he’s done. He can’t fight wrestlers and he whines too much every time he loses, and I can’t stand seeing that anymore.

    • haha i was just about to post a comment asking why the hell being a notre dame fan mattered but i caught myself.

      • Lol

  8. Is Condit fighting Kampmann?!? If not, then that would be a good fight to get Condit back in the W column! Though I wonder about Maia, Sadeffine, Woodley, Shields or Marquardt could be potential fights for Nick!!!

    • Yes, Condit is fighting Kampmann next month. Maia is fighting Koscheck at UFC 163. Shields and Diaz are teammates so they will not fight each other.

    • Diaz versus Maia interests me. I would love to see them roll. Maia doesn’t have to have the very best take downs in MMA to get Diaz to the mat. Could potentially be a great grappling match.

  9. The only way Nick could get any dumber is if he died and
    came back as a turnip. Seriously..

  10. Matt Brown vs Prick Diaz

    He doesn’t deserve a fight any higher than this right now. (I’ll take Matt)

  11. Nick Diaz will a bad ending in life watch.

  12. Nick Diaz vs Damian Maia,Robbie Lawler or Matt Brown would all be good fights.

  13. GOOD! bring Diaz back. GSP fought like a chump anyway. anybody can lay and pray